rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Jennifer White is a public affairs consultant who specialises in health at Lexington Communications. She has had psoriasis her whole life and is keen to share her experiences with others in the hope it might help them feel better about the condition. She regularly tweets on health policy and can be followed @JOCWhite.

Psoriasis and me


So I haven’t written on this blog for a while and to be honest it’s because my psoriasis has been surprisingly calm for the last few months. Last time I wrote about how I was looking for different ways to … Continue reading


All In My Mind


One of the strangest and perhaps most irritating aspects of psoriasis is the fact that it is so closely linked to how we are feeling. I’ve started a new job and the whole process of interviews, resignation and starting with … Continue reading


I’ll take the high road; you take the low road.


My psoriasis has so far, this winter, stayed in remission and for that I am very grateful. But I have found myself thinking back to the times its been bad and reactions people have had to it. Aside from the … Continue reading


No Light, No Light


For anyone who’s been reading this blog frequently you’ll notice I like putting in references to pop songs or books I’ve been enjoying. Yesterday evening I was on my commute home listening to Florence and the Machine’s latest album (no … Continue reading


The Patient Patient


Last time I wrote on this blog I was in the middle of one of the worst flare ups I’ve had in a decade. I explained that it was largely due to stress and my despair at being unable to … Continue reading


The Enemy Within


I am in the middle of what is probably the worst flare up I’ve had in ten years. I’m getting little patches of it on my hands and feet which I’ve never had before and my skin makes me resemble … Continue reading


Psoriasis and shame


I’ve been mulling this blog post around in my head for quite a long time but an article about one woman’s experiences of psoriasis I read in the Daily Mail online, highlighted by fellow psoriasis blogger Jessica (@jessnpsoriasis) had spurred … Continue reading


Love in the time of psoriasis


There is one aspect of having psoriasis that no one really talks about – the feelings of nervousness and embarrassment it can create when it comes to matters of love. To love and be loved is to expose yourself and … Continue reading


Dying for good hair?


As you can see from my picture I have short blonde hair. I don’t mind confessing, while being naturally fair, that is not my natural hair colour. I noticed on the forum people had been asking for advice about going … Continue reading


My own private Up Helly Aa


This week the Shetland Isles celebrated their fire festival Up Helly Aa. The tradition, which started in the Victorian era, is a reference to the Isles connection to their Scandinavian neighbours. It is also seen as a marker for the … Continue reading


The Skin I Live In


“Is that a birth mark?” This was the comment made to me by the slightly intimidating man who had just asked for the time while I walked towards my local shopping area. I realised his interest in the time was … Continue reading


Silent Night; Itchy Night


Argh! That is the sound that comes out of my mouth at pretty regular intervals as I sit at my desk trying to ignore the itching on my scalp, ears, back, legs and sides. It feels as if little imps … Continue reading


All of the lights!


It’s well known that psoriasis can develop or be exacerbated at times of stress. When I was 17 I was studying for my A Levels like many teenagers. For most this is a very stressful time and I was no … Continue reading


It’s not catching!


I’m 28 years old and I’ve had psoriasis for as long as I can remember. There was never a moment where I saw a red scaly patch and wondered what it was, as I always knew I had this thing … Continue reading