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I am a state registered dietitian and advisor to The IBS Network, the UK charity for people with irritable bowel syndrome. My specialty is dietary treatment of gut disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, coeliac disease, lactose & fructose malabsorption and complex food intolerances. I also have experience in dietetic treatment of people who have bariatric surgery and weight management.

Welsh Rarebit – low fodmap



Welsh rarebit is one of those lunch or supper dishes that is easy to do and as with all cheese dishes, really hits the taste buds to satisfy! How do we make this low fodmap? With a slice of gluten … Continue reading


Turmeric roasted parsnips with fennel leaves – low fodmap.


This recipe is based on mini parsnips – they do taste great roasted, even the well done ends are crisp and add a flavour to the dish. Something to pick up the mood on a wet damp bank holiday weekend. … Continue reading


Chicken, chard and pine nut conchiglie pasta – low fodmap


I adore chard – it is so pretty and very tasty. I have not been able to source a regular supply of it, perhaps because it may be a seasonal leaf. I was surprised and very pleased to find it … Continue reading


Easter chocolate orange cake treat – low fodmap



Ingredients Cake 150g self raising gluten free flour 150g margarine 150g golden castor sugar Grated rind of 1 orange Juice of half an orange 2 eggs 15g cocoa powder (check gluten free if needed) 1 teaspoon of gluten free baking … Continue reading


Salad bowl – low fodmap



The weather this weekend is fabulous for April. We are famous in the UK for discussing the weather – not surprisingly when it can change so frequently. Days when it is unexpectedly fine are few and far between. It makes … Continue reading


Turkey in a mustard and pepper sauce


This is a recipe to make for dinner parties or special occasions it has lots of flavour and doesn’t require any stock as the vegetables and mustard provide the flavour in abundance. Most people with IBS will be fine having … Continue reading


Cod and celeriac risotto


Ingredients 200g Cod 100g ham 200g celeriac 1 glass of wine 10g thyme 2 bay leaves 1 tablespoon of oil 1/2 teaspoon asafoetida 200ml of lactose free milk 2 teaspoons of cream (lactose free if needed) Method Add the cod … Continue reading


Pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday



Here is a savoury choice instead of the sweet varieties of pancake often eaten on Shrove Tuesday. It is a Moroccan themed meal. Ingredients Pancake batter 2 large eggs 150g of plain gluten free flour mix 75g of maize flour … Continue reading


Lactose free soft cheese


This recipe was adapted from Gerard Baker’s ‘How to make soft Cheese’ recipe for Halloumi. Unfortunately I would not describe it as halloumi it is more like a standard soft cheese – but lactose free. It is very easy to … Continue reading


Wilted spinach with pine nuts and sultanas



I love spinach it has a really vibrant colour when just wilted and combined with pine nuts a small amount of kale (purple) and sultanas it makes a really great low fodmap vegetable dish. Ingredients 200g bag of spinach 40g … Continue reading


Tri Colori mini pizza’s – made with verdi, bianca and rosso pesto! Low Fodmap



It was national pizza day last week and I decided to focus on the three colours of the Italian flag and make three colours of pesto and use small gluten free pizza bases – one is just enough for a … Continue reading


Feta, orange and pine nut salad



It’s time to get back to fresh ingredients, I always crave fresh salad after the Christmas excess. This salad is a tasty low Fodmap salad that will fill you up for lunch, it also contains one of your fruit portions. … Continue reading


It’s Seville Orange Season


Seville oranges are oranges that are in season around January and are a taste experience that has both sweet and bitter overtones. They are not oranges for eating but do make an excellent marmalade and this is what most people … Continue reading


Lemon drizzle spiced bundt Christmas cakes – low fodmap



When baking with gluten free flour the recipes are improved by a ‘drizzle’- to add moisture to the cake. Plus, for this special time of year, I have used best butter! Yes – B…U…T…T…E…R you heard that right . Consumed … Continue reading


How to survive the holiday season without too many gut problems


The holiday season means many different things to different people, it is supposed to be a period of joy but often it really doesn’t live up to all those expectations that we often have. The media portray images of idealistic … Continue reading


Chicken liver and rosemary stuffing – low fodmap Christmas recipes



Sage and onion stuffing is a classic accompaniment to Christmas dinner, however for people following a low fodmap diet this is not an option because it does contain lots of onion. Perhaps this recipe might be a good alternative and … Continue reading


Christmas bread & butter pudding low fodmap



Yes it’s still November and thoughts are turning to Christmas. I apologize now for posting this recipe but you do need to be planning and perhaps trialing recipes before the big day so here is one for consideration. Bread and … Continue reading


Vegetable tart



This vegetable tart was made using frozen gluten free pastry bought at the Allergy & Free From Show over the weekend. It is a quick and tasty recipe for a weekday evening. Serve with some green salad.I used coloured carrots … Continue reading


Vegetable tart



This vegetable tart was made using frozen gluten free pastry bought at the Allergy & Free From Show over the weekend. It is a quick and tasty recipe for a weekday evening. Serve with some green salad.I used coloured carrots … Continue reading


Hot roasted vegetables



I adore roasted vegetables – I have said this before but I can’t get enough of them at the moment. These choices are low fodmap and packed with fibre, really filling and comforting. The spice mix I chose to use … Continue reading


Hot roasted vegetables



I adore roasted vegetables – I have said this before but I can’t get enough of them at the moment. These choices are low fodmap and packed with fibre, really filling and comforting. The spice mix I chose to use … Continue reading


Pumpkin and chocolate tea loaf



Ingredients 175g of roasted pumpkin 175 muscovado sugar 175g caster sugar 125g of low fat margarine 3 eggs 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 300g plain gluten free flour 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1 tablespoon of baking powder (use gluten free … Continue reading


Pumpkin and chocolate tea loaf



Ingredients 175g of roasted pumpkin 175 muscovado sugar 175g caster sugar 125g of low fat margarine 3 eggs 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 300g plain gluten free flour 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1 tablespoon of baking powder (use gluten free … Continue reading


Thai green chicken curry – scarily low fodmap!



It’s now October – time for the nights to draw in and Halloween is just around the corner. Have you time to cook some dark dishes for All Hallows’ Eve? Would you like a story before we begin out tasty … Continue reading


Thai green chicken curry – scarily low fodmap!



It’s now October – time for the nights to draw in and Halloween is just around the corner. Have you time to cook some dark dishes for All Hallows’ Eve? Would you like a story before we begin out tasty … Continue reading


Pumpkin chicken and pesto pasta



It is my favourite time of year and I do love roasted vegetables. Here is a dish that provides some comfort on cold nights and left overs can be warmed up the next day for lunch. Ingredients 75g of garlic … Continue reading


Pumpkin chicken and pesto pasta



It is my favourite time of year and I do love roasted vegetables. Here is a dish that provides some comfort on cold nights and left overs can be warmed up the next day for lunch. Ingredients 75g of garlic … Continue reading


Tomato, pepper and spaghetti squash soup


This is a lovely flavoured soup and has a very vibrant colour. A great winter soup to warm you up on cold days! Ingredients 800g of plum tomatoes 1 large spaghetti squash 400g tin of roasted red pepper 1 teaspoon … Continue reading


Lamb wrapped in kale



Kale is tough, stringy and overtly pretentious, but it looks really great in photographs – perhaps the reason most ‘wellness’ bloggers overstate it’s usefulness. The real deal with kale is however it is low fodmap and really great for making … Continue reading


Maple Syrup



The Chemistry of maple syrup A great infographic from compound chemistry about maple syrup http://www.compoundchem.com Maple syrup is a sweet tree sap that is high in sucrose and low in other sugars, so it is suitable for the low fodmap … Continue reading


Celeriac Soup – low fodmap



I have half a celeriac left so as promised I have made a soup. This was very easy to do and is based on home made chicken stock and has a topping based on bacon, pecan and sunflower seeds. If … Continue reading


Tuna, courgette and celeriac slaw, Low Fodmap



This recipe can be used as a sandwich filler, topping for jacket potatoes or a salad dressing. Lunch time ideas are very important when following a diet for food intolerances. Being prepared will prevent you needing to buy food that … Continue reading


Moroccan spiced corn couscous – low fodmap



Gluten free couscous made from corn! It is available in the Free From Sections of most large supermarkets and can be purchased online. This dish complements the Moroccan Salmon dish perfectly. The spices have been developed by two dietitians who … Continue reading


Moroccan Salmon – Low Fodmap



At the last Allergy & Free From show I purchased a range of three spice mixes from Fodify Foods, a company started by two dietitians – this is the first of the recipes I have tried for the Moroccan spice … Continue reading


Pecan and raspberry Rocky Road – Low Fodmap



Rocky road is so easy to make and a great looking snack, but not for regular consumption as it is very calorific! This version is not too sweet as dark chocolate is used and the recipe is low fodmap.  I … Continue reading


Coronation chicken – low fodmap



Coronation chicken is a favourite traditional dish in the UK and was first devised for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953 by the Cordon Bleu chef Rosemary Hume and Constance Spry. Rosemary was described by Constance as the ‘brains’ of … Continue reading


The Moorland Wild Bilberry



In the month of August, the moors around Lancashire and Yorkshire provide an abundance of wimberry (more frequently called bilberry). These little berries are delicious but it takes some effort in gathering them, but it is certainly worth that effort. … Continue reading


Can you cook a cucumber? British cucumber week



The humble cucumber – stalwart of the afternoon tea finger sandwich has it’s own week, dedicated its summer fresh light green crispness. I find the cucumber a great salad vegetable and obviously it has been used in sandwiches for afternoon … Continue reading


It’s Not ‘Just’ IBS campaign


Watch the presentation I gave for the IBS Network’s event The Patients Perspective, which is an effort to recognise that it’s not ‘just’ IBS. The petition is still open and you can sign it here if you wish https://www.change.org/p/all-political-parties-and-the-national-medical-director-recognise-it-s-not-just-irritable-bowel-syndrome-ibs Its … Continue reading


Pecan, lime and blueberry bircher low fodmap



What a glorious way to start the day with a yoghurt and oat based creamy breakfast – this recipe contains ground flaxseed to add lots of soluble fibre to your breakfast, a real treat for sluggish bowels! Skyr yoghurt contains … Continue reading


Herding cats – the challenges of probiotic research in IBS.


The dietary guidelines for IBS have been published. It has taken considerable work to produce these guidelines over the last 2 years at least and I was very pleased to be part of the development process with some very experienced … Continue reading


It’s national picnic week – low fodmap picnic loaf



It’s national picnic week – although the weather isn’t that fantastic, but you can use the ideas from this event all through the summer. Here’s hoping for better weather. This recipe used a Warburton’s gluten free seeded sourdough artisan boule … Continue reading


The ‘ravelled sleeve of care; how sleep affects IBS — The Sensitive Gut


See here for a great post from Dr Nick Read about how sleep disturbance affects IBS Sleep disturbance affects about a third of the American population, but is particularly common in patients diagnosed with IBS. As many as 74% of … Continue reading


Quinoa deli filler



This deli filler can be used in gluten free wraps, sandwiches and on the top of jacket potatoes and is a really quick easy recipe to make. It has a very fresh taste and is a great option for summer … Continue reading


Spring vegetable frittata – low fodmap


This frittata can be served as a light lunch with Jersey potatoes and is very pretty! Ingredients 5 eggs Half a sliced courgette 3 Pak Choi 30g of Parmesan cheese Chives Salt to taste Spray oil Method Wash the vegetables … Continue reading


Allergy + Free From Show talk on IBS


Are you going to the Allergy + Free From Show in July? Don’t forget to get your free tickets here http://bit.ly/1Pga0N5 and come and see my talk for the IBS Network on Diet and Constipation – is it just about … Continue reading


Smoked maple chicken – Low fodmap tray bake



One of my favourite recipes is an Ottolenghi dish based on chicken, cinnamon, onion, hazelnuts and honey – a middle eastern baked chicken recipe that I cook for special occasions. Obviously this is certainly not advisable for those people following … Continue reading


Asafoetida – what is it?


The link below is to a great little piece on asafoetida from BBC Good Food, if you are eager to learn more about this spice. I would advise anyone with coeliac disease to check to ensure it has not been … Continue reading


Why your wind smells of roses – The Life of Poo book review


Well now, a book all about poo, why would anyone want to read this you may ask, surely the grim subject of poo is not something to read about – certainly not in public or polite company, I imagine you … Continue reading


It’s National Barbecue Week!



How about trying a vegan low fodmap burger during National Barbecue Week! This is a very tasty vegan burger that is not too hard on the digestive tract for people with IBS. Ingredients 120g of cooked red and white Quinoa … Continue reading


Which path will you choose?


You might consider that this post is not relevant to IBS, but everyone has to make some changes, when diagnosed with a medical condition. Changes perhaps try a new diet, a new medication or treatment, these naturally will require some … Continue reading


Easy like Sunday morning


DSCF3151corala - Copy

Fancy a cooked breakfast occasionally and finding that your IBS symptoms are getting in the way? Then perhaps try this version, which is lower in fat than a ‘good old fry up’ and lower in fodmaps and therefore shouldn’t be … Continue reading


Pickled vegetables – Low Fodmap


DSCF2760 (3)

I am a real fan of Ottolenghi’s work, his recipes are delicious, but unfortunately they do contain lots of ingredients high in Fodmaps, so not that great for people with IBS. This weekend however was a bit different – a … Continue reading


Chocolate, Courgette and Pecan Cake – Low Fodmap, gluten free


DSCF2769 (2)

It’s Bank holiday weekend and as usual the weather is dismal, at least it’s not snowing like last week – time for some baking to lift the mood. How about a cake with some vegetables? Not something you fancy? It … Continue reading


Cod with caper and olive sauce


DSCF2703 (3)

Flavourings such as capers can be included on the Low Fodmap diet and are especially important when onion and garlic are not available in the range of flavours that can be used to develop dishes. Capers are a delicate taste … Continue reading


Rhubarb cordial



Rhubarb is one of my favourite vegetables – yes you heard right – it is a vegetable, a stalk, but with a glorious colour and taste. It marries very well with ginger. Rhubarb has an anecdotal use as a laxative … Continue reading


Ginger, pumpkin and rice noodles Low Fodmap


DSCF2672 (2)

This tasty recipe can be served with fish or chicken but it can be used as a lunch meal – hot or cold by itself, if you don’t eat meat. The noodles were ginger and pumpkin rice noodles – gluten … Continue reading


Minted Boston runner beans



What on earth are Boston beans? I am, as many of you know, a down to earth Lancashire gal and labelling food with a new name to boost sales really doesn’t go down too well with me. Not impressed, however … Continue reading


How does the free from toad get in the hole?



It’s March and it is snowing today! I have been out and I did get soaked to the skin – urgh! It is not nice snow – more the sloppy sort that doesn’t stick around long enough to freeze properly. … Continue reading


Spaghetti Bolognese – Low Fodmap


DSCF2627 (2)

This is a family favourite, a classic dish that is the stalwart of many family meals so we should look at modifying it to make it suitable for ALL the family – even those with IBS. Whilst I would not … Continue reading


Lasagna – low Fodmap


DSCF2615 (4)

This is a recipe for lasagna – many people with IBS find that lasagna is a dish that results in symptoms but this version is low fodmap and not too high in fat levels so should be suitable for most … Continue reading


Grilled salmon with watercress sauce


Ingredients Salmon fillet x 2 1 bag of watercress (or rocket if following a low fodmap diet) 1/2 pint of lactose free milk 2 teaspoons of gluten free flour dissolved in a little water 1 oz margarine salt serve with … Continue reading


Baba Ganoush – Low Fodmap


DSCF2611 (2)

This is a dip recipe that is suitable for the low fodmap diet, many people really struggle to find dips, particularly when many are made with onion or garlic as ingredients. Baba Ganoush is a middle eastern dish made from … Continue reading


Why does asparagus make your wee smell? – Book Review


My husband has received this book as a Christmas present and I am afraid he has not had much chance to read it yet! I am a bibliophile and I also have a passion for graphic design and chemistry (I … Continue reading


Kale and herb frittata with a cheese and pine nut topping – low fodmap


DSCF2586 (2)

Wondering what to have for lunch? A frittata is a great option because not only can you eat it warm, it slices very well and can be eaten cold with a fresh green salad or even used as a sandwich … Continue reading


Christmas carols and canapes


DSCF2582 (2)

It’s that time of year again – although it’s unusually warm outside this year! I purchased some gluten free frozen puff pastry and it is also Low Fodmap so here are some canapes to have with Christmas carols and shots … Continue reading


Chapati and low fodmap curry – yum!


DSCF2555 (2)

Chapati 150 g of gluten free plain flour 1 teaspoon of garlic infused oil 1/2 teaspoon of Xanthan gum 20 g of well chopped coriander Salt to taste Water to form a dough Method Weigh out the flour in a … Continue reading


Cinnamon and lemon thyme roast chicken


DSCF1795 (3)

It is the first cold snap of the season today and what better to warm the cockles than a roast chicken? This is a very simple roast, sprinkled with cinnamon and thyme. Ingredients 1/2 roast chicken 2 teaspoons cinnamon 5-6 … Continue reading


Lemon mustard roasted winter vegetables and chicken


DSCF2491 (2)

Roasted vegetables are one of my favourite winter recipes and I have cooked them before for this blog. It is Halloween tonight and what better to come home from trick or treating to a warm filling meal? I have never … Continue reading


Coriander carrots



My love of the carrot is growing – it really is a very versatile vegetable and the colour it provides to dishes adds a bit of warmth during the winter. Carrots partner very well with coriander and I have decided … Continue reading


Stuffed Aubergine


DSCF2468 (2)

Aubergines are my favourite vegetable and suitable for a Low Fodmap diet. Aubergines have been stated to be the vegetable to use if you wish to replace meat in a dish as they have a good texture and is satisfying … Continue reading


Pumpkin soup – gluten free, wheat free, milk free, Low Fodmap


DSCF2435 (3)

During the 1970’s when I was growing up – (you now have some idea of my age!) a pumpkin in the UK was a rare thing! We usually used swede to make our Halloween lanterns and cooking with pumpkins was … Continue reading


Cheese Souffle low lactose, gluten and wheat free (low Fodmap)



This is my first attempt at a souffle – I have always been scared of making them due to listening to the difficulties people report in getting a rise and the consistency right. More of a challenge then to use … Continue reading


French toast for breakfast? – gluten free, low fodmap



This is a great Sunday morning treat and is very easy to prepare and to relax and enjoy! French toast is not sweet but when combined with fresh fruit and a drizzle of maple or golden syrup the sweetness is … Continue reading


Which probiotic could I try for IBS?



Photo Credit: Christiann MacAuley http://www.stickycomics.com A systematic review last year by Ford and his colleagues (2014) looked at probiotics and their effectiveness for IBS, the conclusion the authors made after applying some statistical analysis was that probiotics in general were … Continue reading


Potato and smoked mackerel soup – Low Fodmap


DSCF2261 (2)

This is a really tasty soup that is made from basic ingredients and I hope you like it! Ingredients 800g of potato 1 carrot sprinkling of asafoetida 1 tablespoon of garlic infused oil 1 1/2 smoked mackerel 300 ml of … Continue reading


Purple sage & parsnip gnocchi


DSCF2229 (4)

Today the weather has been grim again so I am stuck in the house being creative, or perhaps you should decide if I am! I adore parsnips, they are a tasty root vegetable that is not too hard on the … Continue reading


Gluten free, low lactose rosemary and olive bread


DSCF1076 (2)

The seat in the wood has intrigued me since I stumbled across it, looks home made, old – it has certainly seen its fare share of winters, I guess. It doesn’t overlook a repose worthy view and the valley’s features … Continue reading


Prunes – natures laxative.



“I hope my tongue in prune juice smothers, If I belittle dogs and mothers” Ogden Nash Ogden Nash was an American poet who suffered from crohn’s disease according to Wikipedia, his unfortunate demise was after a lactobacillus infection after eating … Continue reading


Our amazing gut microbiome – what is it and what happens when it goes awry?


Courtesy of MetaHit website

Courtesy of MetaHit website Our microbiome is the name for the microbes that live on our body and some people think that the microbiome is our forgotten organ. Over the last few years our knowledge of what our microbiome is … Continue reading


The most downloaded papers of 2014


Jules_GastroRD: It’s great to know clinical guidelines for dietary management of crohn’s disease in adults was one of the most downloaded papers in JHND! Originally posted on Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Notes: The five most downloaded JHND papers … Continue reading


Clinical efficacy and cost effectiveness of low FODMAP diet


Jules_GastroRD: Just started following JHND blog – see here for a link to a paper published on Group education for the Low FODMAP diet. Originally posted on Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics Notes: Clinical effectiveness and economic costs of … Continue reading


Low Fodmap Burgers


DSCF1999 (2)

It has been some time since I have posted anything on this site – so long in fact the whole look of WordPress has changed. I have been working on guidelines and this has taken some time to complete so … Continue reading


Low Fodmap, Gluten free, low lactose pancakes


DSCF1831 (2)

According to Wikipedia’s reference for Shrove Tuesday pancakes represent the sun in pagan mythology and eating them gave power, light and warmth of the sun. Pancakes were also a way of using up rich food before the fasting of lent … Continue reading


2014 in review


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 18,000 times in 2014. If it were a … Continue reading


Gluten free low lactose crumpets – better to make these at home!


DSCF1761 (2)

This recipe is really easy to make and is gluten-free, low FODMAP and low lactose. These are really nice to enjoy toasted with a little free from spread (and jam if you wish) on a cold winters day after a … Continue reading


Wheat free couscous stuffed peppers and Living well with IBS



Please watch and share ‘Living well with IBS’ (irritable bowel syndrome), a film made by Vicky Grant, a researcher at the University of Sheffield, and Gemma Thorpe, a professional filmmaker. Vicky has lived with IBS for over 30 years; here … Continue reading


Gluten free, cow’s milk free rose pancakes for the breakfast diva!



Make these for a special occasion – gluten and cow’s milk free pancakes with an extra special flair for a birthday or wedding breakfast, of in fact you can make them plain for a tasty cooked alternative to kick start … Continue reading


Marrow – a tasty vegetarian meal



This is a really tasty recipe that can be quickly prepared for an evening meal. Ingredients 1 Marrow (or as in the picture above 1/2 a green and 1/2 a yellow marrow) 400g of new potatoes leave on the skin … Continue reading


Marrow – a tasty vegetarian meal



This is a really tasty recipe that can be quickly prepared for an evening meal. Ingredients 1 Marrow (or as in the picture above 1/2 a green and 1/2 a yellow marrow) 400g of new potatoes leave on the skin … Continue reading


Low FODMAP learning at the hospital, flapjack recipe.



I have just realised it was June when I last posted a recipe or anything else for that matter, How time rushes on! The above recipe was developed from a learning day at the hospital, everyone brought a low FODMAP … Continue reading


Vegetable Pasta – gluten free, Low FODMAP



This recipe is a light roasted vegetable pasta sauce for use with gluten-free pasta. It is a great recipe for a warm summers day to eat alfresco. Ingredients 2 tablespoons of light tahini 1 tablespoon of garlic flavoured olive oil … Continue reading


Low FODMAP fishcakes


fish friday

Ingredients 1) Tartar Sauce 50 g Gherkin 2 teaspoons of capers 3 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise 5 g flat leaf parsley 2) 300 g white fish 650 g new potatoes 9 g fresh turmeric 2 teaspoons of cumin 1 tablespoon garlic … Continue reading


Hot surf and turf wrap – Gluten and wheat free



Ingredients 2 Steaks 200 g of large prawns Wheat & Gluten free seeded wrap Gravy browning – a few drops 2 teaspoons cornflour Spray oil for frying 2 carrots Green salad leaves and 5 radishes for the salad bowl Method … Continue reading


Hot surf and turf wrap – Gluten and wheat free



Ingredients 2 Steaks 200 g of large prawns Wheat & Gluten free seeded wrap Gravy browning – a few drops 2 teaspoons cornflour Spray oil for frying 2 carrots Green salad leaves and 5 radishes for the salad bowl Method … Continue reading


Who said you can’t have a fun free from Easter?



These are dairy free, wheat free, gluten-free easter nests just the job if you have to avoid dairy and want to have at least a small amount of chocolate. Ingredients 100g milk free chocolate 60g of gluten-free corn flakes 30g … Continue reading


Saffron Simnel Cake



Saffron Simnel Cake This recipe can also be downloaded from the IBS Network website http://www.theibsnetwork.org/what-we-offer/recipes/ It is a different take on the traditional simnel cake – without marzipan as this might provoke symptoms if you have IBS. A small slice … Continue reading


Easter Hot Cross Buns



Hot cross buns are an integral part of the Easter festivities – being on a wheat free diet shouldn’t exclude you from enjoying them. Ingredients 350g Brown Wheat/Gluten Free bread flour 2¼ Teaspoons xanthan gum 4½ Tablespoons castor sugar 1½ … Continue reading


Another AGM and buckwheat slaw salad


I am preparing for another IBS Network AGM tomorrow, I can’t believe its three years since I attended the first one – we have achieved lots of things since then, the Self Care Plan and now free access to all, … Continue reading


Would Renaming Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Make a Real Difference?


Jules_GastroRD: This is a thought provoking piece about renaming IBS – we certainly need more IBS advocates would a name change increase advocacy? Originally posted on IBS IMPACT: Over the years, the symptom cluster currently known as irritable bowel syndrome … Continue reading


Gluten Free, Low FODMAP, Low Fibre, tea scones



Afternoon tea is an English tradition that is now only consumed for a birthday or other celebrations and one of my favourites for a treat. It should contain sliced sandwiches, a scone with jam and small cakes. The following is … Continue reading


Adventures with Quinoa Flour



Due to a fortuitous reduction in the price of Quinoa flour at a local health shop I have purchased some to try baking with it, for you. I decided to bake some blondies – ginger ones, or may be I … Continue reading


Haddock Florentine with mustard roasted carrots (gluten free, low lactose, Low FODMAP)



It’s grim ‘up north’ today, the weather is grey and dismal at February’s threshold, still winter then? Few frosty mornings have occurred to evidence winters grasp on the landscape, just sodden foliage and waterlogged boggy moor – a relentless morass. … Continue reading


Rectal Bleeding – A discussion about possible causes


Reblogged from Doctor Rennie’s Blog:    One of the more common problems that bring patients into the doctor believe it or not is seeing blood in the toilet, on the stool or on the toilet paper after having a bowl … Continue reading


Commonly malabsorbed sugar causes obesity! What? – I’m afraid its just not that simple.


What is Fructose? Fructose is a hexose, a single unit sugar which occurs naturally in fruit and is a component of the disaccharide table sugar sucrose; it is also the building block of the long chain carbohydrate, fructans. This sugar … Continue reading





Click to view slideshow. This recipe is inspired by tapas dishes, usually filled with lots of garlic and onion – not great for people who are avoiding these ingredients. I hope you enjoy the recipe and the views of Barcelona! … Continue reading


Tomato free moussaka – low FODMAP



Moussaka is one of my favourite dishes, in my humble view it has to have cinnamon included – and lot’s of it. You might feel that adding a spice used in sweet dishes in the UK sounds strange, but it … Continue reading


Taking your IBS on holiday – too scary to contemplate? Or perhaps it might help!


January is a time when we start to think about holidays later in the year. However many people who suffer from IBS don’t travel as a consequence of having symptoms. Travelling can be a daunting prospect if you suffer from … Continue reading


Gulp, Adventures on the Alimentary Canal – a review!



Gulp – Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, is the perfect book for my blog! This is a wonderful lighthearted trip down the digestive tract with lots of fun, facts and interesting comments. Mary writes genuinely funny chapters on diverse subjects … Continue reading


2013 in review



In the great tradition leading up to New Year we look back at what has gone before and think about the times ahead. Last year I published the WordPress stats of my blog and I decided to repeat the process … Continue reading


Gluten free bourbon cream biscuits



Ingredients 2 egg yolks 160 g of gluten-free plain flour 120 g margarine 180 g of golden castor sugar 2 heaped dessert spoons of gluten-free cocoa powder 90 g of plain chocolate – gluten-free 30 g of low-fat mascarpone Method … Continue reading


Vegetable roast – Low FODMAP grains



Ingredients 25 g sunflower and pumpkin seeds 25 g red skinned peanuts 4 sprigs of fresh thyme 120 g of buckwheat 80 g oat fibre (gluten free) 1 large red pepper 3 carrots 125 mls water from cooked carrots 1 … Continue reading


Toasted quinoa and buckwheat salad – Low FODMAP, gluten free, dairy free, vegan



It is a little more of a challenge to follow the Low FODMAP diet if you are vegan and rely on pulses in your diet – I am going to attempt to produce more recipes to facilitate a good variety … Continue reading


To wish you a Merry Christmas – Gluten Free, low Lactose, chestnut and chocolate Yule log!



Buche de Noel – or chocolate log, this is the last treat recipe of the holidays – yule log, chocolate & chestnut flavour. It uses chestnut spread a really tasty alternative to cream. The sponge is a fat-free one – … Continue reading


Got Leftovers? A Christmas rice salad Low FODMAP and Gluten Free



I have a hobby – I collect vintage Christmas decorations. The one in the picture, the watering can, was part of my granddad’s Christmas decorations and I remember it when we used to visit his house. It does look a … Continue reading


Blooming blinis this should be a good holiday!



This recipe is really easy to make and is low fodmap, gluten-free and low lactose. You shouldn’t need to buy these, the recipe makes about 30. A great treat for Christmas eve parties to have with a glass of wine … Continue reading


Christmas Eve special supper – spicy saffron red pepper and courgette/zucchini quiche



Low Fodmap, low lactose, wheat free + gluten-free. Ingredients 200g of gluten free wheat free flour mix. 90g of milk free margarine Pinch of salt (or 1 packet pastry mix for gluten free, wheat free pastry – this can contain … Continue reading


My favourite wholegrain gluten-free flours and how to use them


Reblogged from Gluten Free Rosie: Cooking, or more specifically, baking without gluten can be pretty tricky. This is because gluten provides important properties such as elasticity. Wheat flour for example helps to bind, thicken, add flavour and create an airy structure within food. Although there is … Continue reading


The first noel – carol singing with warm Low FODMAP sweet pies



It’s the first of December today – and so the countdown begins. I hope you have had a nice surprise this morning when opening your advent calendar for the first time. The evenings are dark early and it is a … Continue reading


Stir up Sunday – ‘free from’ fun! Low FODMAP, wheat free, gluten free, milk free



By this I certainly don’t mean devoid of pleasure! it is a tradition in our household to make Christmas puddings, but for this year I have decided to make a pudding that you can make just before Christmas and is … Continue reading


Have IBS food intolerances and only eating gruel? How to avoid a Dickensian diet this coming holiday!



Christmas and the holidays are a time of celebration and food usually takes a central role, so what if you need to avoid certain foods to prevent having symptoms over the Christmas/holiday period? You can eat food and take some … Continue reading


My annual toilet rant



I have to say I find the price of toilets rather expensive and unlike last year when I travelled to London, this year I am going to blog about the problem. My bladder is partly at fault here, because it … Continue reading


Off to London again!



I am planning another trip to London tomorrow, this time to Imperial college London for a course on allergic gastrointestinal disease. I am looking forward to the lecture on eosinophilic oesophagitis and gastroesophageal reflux and other upper GI motility disorders. … Continue reading


It’s a FODMAP free fishy friday


fish friday

Do you eat fish on Friday? Do you know where this tradition came from? I think one of the most comforting foods during dank winter days is fish pie. It is warming, comforting and can be a really healthy option … Continue reading


Stir fry beef low fodmap



This recipe is suitable for a Low FODMAP diet, lactose free, wheat free dairy free and some advice later will show you how you can modify this recipe suitable for Crohn’s and colitis too. Give it a go – also … Continue reading


Grains galore! Super? Or perhaps not……………


It appears that we have some grains that are ‘super’ according to the blogosphere, now I am not necessarily a fan of super foods which are proposed to be better for you than standard foods, but it is great for … Continue reading


Buckwheat blueberry pancakes with maple syrup



Don’t be mistaken – buckwheat is not wheat, it is related to rhubarb and is therefore suitable for a gluten-free low FODMAP, low lactose, wheat free diet. Buckwheat is used widely in Europe and makes the most wonderful pancakes, hence … Continue reading


Pork steaks with a sweet southern twist plus fried green tomatoes Low FODMAP (contains fructose)



I have always wanted to try fried green tomatoes ever since I watched the film ‘Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle-stop Cafe‘. It is one of my favourite films starring Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy, it has a complex plot … Continue reading


Bonsoir mes amis voules-vous des Madeleines sans gluten? Milk free, low FODMAP.



These little plump cakes are easy to make and are just the ticket if you want to have a little something sweet but don’t want to go overboard on calories, they are gluten-free, low fodmap and milk free. The secret … Continue reading


Trout with salad – Low FODMAP, dairy free, gluten free



We are heading towards the end of Summer, early in the morning it certainly feels like Autumn is on the way. However there is still time left to enjoy a cold salad with a small glass of chilled white wine … Continue reading


Pork loin, Low FODMAP, dairy free, lactose free, gluten free



The following recipe is for lovers of Thai flavours, I am not really a huge fan, I always feel that coriander tastes a bit soapy.  I was tempted to call this Soapy Pork Loin, but thought better of it – … Continue reading


Saharan Harissa spice mix for Moroccan Chicken, Low FODMAP.



Harissa is a spice blend used in North Africa and the following recipe is Low FODMAP version, another example that it is possible to have rich flavours without the addition of onion and garlic. It is a special recipe, so … Continue reading


Potato and salmon rosti



This recipe uses the tandoori spice masala mix made in the last blog (see the bottom for a link.) This dish is low-fat, suitable for those who are looking to manage their weight whilst having tasty filling Low FODMAP food. … Continue reading


Fast eating – speedy way to make your IBS worse, the benefits of slow eating.


Why is it suggested to help IBS you need to ensure you relax, take time over your meals and chew food slowly? How does this advice help with reducing symptoms? If you don’t chew your food well you are more … Continue reading


Low FODMAP on a budget – how to make the diet more affordable


One factor I have noticed about this diet is the likely increase in food costs, it is not possible to get gluten/wheat free foods on prescription. Free from food is expensive, no-one will disagree, so how can we make the … Continue reading


Low fat tandoori chicken – made with Low FODMAP spice masala! (contains lactose)



It is intensely frustrating following the Low FODMAP diet and visiting the supermarket and looking for an easy sauce or dry powder spice mix when lots of the sauces and spice mixes contain onion and garlic powder. How on earth … Continue reading


What Would YOU Change About Yourself?


Reblogged from The Redo You Project: We talk a lot about making positive changes in ourselves. We set some goals, make an attack plan, and then set it in motion. But one thing which seems to be difficult for a … Continue reading


Alcohol is the anaesthesia by which we endure the operation of life – George Bernard Shaw


I have been wrestling with this post for some considerable time, I am getting fed up with it being in my drafts – hanging over me every time I look at my list. I promised Alex Gazzola that I would … Continue reading


Self care for Irritable Bowel Syndrome


As of last weekend the Self Care Plan for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is free access for those people with the condition and for those who might feel their symptoms are down to IBS, but are unsure and … Continue reading


Gluten free bread woes?


The one anxiety people have when they are diagnosed with coeliac disease is the bread. People complain about the texture, the taste, the fact that sandwiches ‘are just not the same’, the slices are too small and they struggle with … Continue reading