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Imagine being buried alive, where you can think and feel normally, but move absolutely nothing? You can hear & see everything going on but you are unable to communicate you can understand anything to anyone? Well I recovered, thrived and now inspire others, globally. I’m the founder of Fighting Strokes Trust. My first of three books - ‘Running Free' - is internationally published. I work passionately and voluntarily for my charity. I’m a keynote speaker, educator and patient health advocate. Finally, I pioneered a large stroke research bid which we hope will aid upper limb stroke recovery for others. I write blogs regularly – Stroke Recovery Tips & arockystrokerecovery - and I’m delighted to be posting blogs on talkhealth which specifically aid all types of stroke recovery – both physical & emotional recovery. My blog posts will be monthly and I always welcome your comments and feedback. A few of my notable media credits include: BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine, Globo TV Brazil, RTL Germany, BBC WORLD SERVICE, BBC Breakfast ABC Radio Australia, The Sunday Indian Times, Victoria Derbyshire podcast, , BBC The One Show, ITV This Morning, , the Voice Russia. ‘No promises, just possibilities.’

It’s not exactly rocket science


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Improving patient care in NHS is not rocket science! – Patient dignity is simple trust me! We talk about patient dignity and compassion all the time but aren’t they simply fashionable new buzz words? In the back of my mind … Continue reading


Is stroke sexy?


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A stroke is absolutely NOT sexy, let me be clear so I don’t offend anyone! However, why have we still not made the subject of stroke with politicians, TV and newspaper editors SEXY enough to write about? How often do … Continue reading


Mental ill-health & stroke – the hidden consequence


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As most now know Robin Williams committed suicide.  I think the immediate comments on Twitter summed up the widespread ignorance of the impact of severe depression and anxiety in our society when one wrote, ‘So What has Robin Williams got … Continue reading


A Locked in Syndrome diagnosis – not necessarily a death sentence


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The brain stem controls all basic activities of the central nervous system: consciousness, blood pressure, and breathing. So after a brainstem stroke some patients will be formerly diagnosed with Locked In Syndrome. This doesn’t necessarily mean a death sentence for … Continue reading