rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Kayleigh is a 20 something year old woman who is currently living with a chronic pain condition, a skin condition and a mental health condition. Juggling these three can be something of a challenge but she's always ready to take things on head first!

HotRox Handwarmers


hot rox

With my chest condition, direct application of heat can immediately make breathing comfortable again. And when I’m gasping and wheezing with my chest feeling like it’s caught in a vice, there are a number of avenues I try to keep … Continue reading


Living With Damp and Mould, What Are The Health Risks?



My partner and I moved into our current flat in May and, in almost every area, we’ve been incredibly pleased with the move. This is why it was a little disappointing to find that traces of damp began to develop … Continue reading


If The Sports Bra Fits, Jump in it!


freya active sports bra

I love my sports tops, I have about four matching Lonsdale sets that are always ready for an impromptu workout. I don’t tend to wear sports bras, especially those with underwire, because they tend to compress my chest. Instead I … Continue reading


Holidays With Conditions In Mind


It’s true that having a health condition really finds it’s way into all kinds of facets of your life. As I’ve mentioned previously, my chest reacts incredibly badly to the cold, which makes winter something of a pain. So I’m … Continue reading


The Pillow Fort: A Magazine For Chronic Health Problems


Pillow Fort Logo

Living with a condition today is very different from when I was first diagnosed. It’s much easier to find documentation, research and advice on any number of strange health problems. Spelling Teitze’s Syndrome correctly is something of a demand for … Continue reading


My Experiences With Suicidal Thoughts



When I was 15 I attempted to kill myself. In a very typical story I was ground down by school, home and in an abusive relationship with an older man. There seemed to be no end, no escape that I … Continue reading


When a Skin Condition Returns


Rosacea treatment

It was touch-and-go for a while but now I’m certain: my rosacea has returned with vengeance. Once again my skin is flushed, flaky, spotty and my god so itchy! I’m ashamed of how much I’ve been scratching lately but half … Continue reading


What Are Weak Ankles?


I suffer from weak ankles, as does my friend. Key difference? I’m self diagnosed. I don’t even know when I started saying this about myself or even where I heard it from. I’ve been reporting “weak ankles” since I was … Continue reading


“Breathing’s Just a Luxury”


I was incredibly moved by Saz’s recent post about how some Coldplay lyrics had proven to have a deeper meaning relating to her experiences with Epilepsy. I feel the same when it comes to my own condition. There are certain … Continue reading


Gemstone Healing: A Not-So-Serious Look


Snow Obsidian Jewellery

Whenever I see advertisements for herbal medicine, gemstone healing and magnetic treatments I can’t help but feel a tug of curiosity. I know that such forms of complementary therapy are offering non-specific results at best and expensive placebos at worst … Continue reading


When Did I Need Help?



When it comes to this question, the answer for all three of my conditions seems to be “months before I actually tried to get any”. It’s pretty much the case of everyone I meet, a total reversal of hypochondriacs and … Continue reading


No Pain, No Gain? Keeping Fit with Tietze syndrome


I know that almost all gyms and fitness instructors have long-since moved away from the die-hard dedication to “No pain, no gain” but it can still be a psychological issue for someone with a chronic pain condition. Depending on what … Continue reading


Surprising Responses to Chronic Conditions


It never fails to amaze me how people can instantly become Drs and start prescribing you treatments, no matter what the condition. Some people will offer you home remedies, some will tell you about an amazing new treatment they heard … Continue reading


The Things We Give Up For Our Conditions


It’s been a long time since I’ve breathed as confidently as I do now. My chronic pain condition seems to be fading away of its own accord and I’m left dumbfounded at the grip it has had on my life … Continue reading


Sunbathing With a Skin Condition


I suffer from rosacea, so the skin on my face can break out into an itchy and blotchy rash seemingly at a moment’s notice. It also makes my skin look flushed and red, particularly around my cheeks. Safe to say, … Continue reading


The Damaging Desire to Compare Conditions


When it comes to longstanding medical conditions that aren’t common knowledge, it can be a real pain to make yourself understood. Sometimes it’s tempting to liken your condition to one that is more well-known but I’ve found that sometimes it … Continue reading