rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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I am Kerry Gibb, mum to four amazing boys aged 8, 7, 5 and 2. Looking after four little boys means my feet don't touch the ground but late at night, when they are all tucked up in bed, I unwind by writing my blog. Whether you are a mum of boys or a mum of girls I hope you will enjoy reading my honest, heartfelt and hopefully entertaining words of wisdom as I continue my ever evolving path of bringing up my boys the best way I can!

Multiple Sclerosis – One Inspiring Mum’s Story



“I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS nearly three years ago after I developed double vision over a few hours one Thursday morning.  I’d had pins and needles in my arms and legs, and other odd sensory problems on and … Continue reading


What To Expect If You Are Having An MRI


Five years ago I barely even knew what an MRI was.  Since then, the word MRI has featured far more frequently than I would have liked within my family.  Due to serious health scares with three of my four children, … Continue reading


Smear Test Saved My Life!


To me, it is a no brainer!  If someone says to you, would you like a test that could potentially save your life, then the answer should be ‘yes, yes, yes!’ I am utterly shocked that in this day and … Continue reading


ICP (Obstetric Cholestasis) – My Story


In 2012 I fell pregnant with my fourth son.  It wasn’t planned but I couldn’t have been happier.  It just felt like it was meant to be.  Things were different this time though.  Five months into the pregnancy I began … Continue reading