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Hello everyone. My name is Louise and I am a guest blogger for talkhealth. I’m 32 years old and I am a mother to a delightful 8-year daughter, girlfriend to my boyfriend Ben. I’m also a daughter, auntie, granddaughter and friend. I am an advocate for all things crohns disease and stoma related. I have a permanent ileostomy which was formed in 11/16. This stoma wasn’t my first rodeo and I had a temporary ileostomy formed in September of 2009 to save my life due to sepsis, faecal peritonitis and pneumonia after a rather fraught C-section. This C-section left me on life support for 3 weeks and a period of 3 months in hospital where I had to learn how to walk, talk and eat again. All of this whilst having my daughter living with me in a side room as I recovered from what had happened. It also left me with a rather large open wound and my intestines being held in with biological mesh until I had my stoma reversed in 2012. This in itself lead to my second stoma formation and the decision to have it made permanent fixture to my body and life. I have penetrating refractory crohns disease and was diagnosed back in 2003 due to a fistula developing through my belly button. The above diagnosis means my crohns disease has spread to other parts of my body and has formed a rather scary amount of scar tissue and the refractory part means it is as stubborn as the owner of the body it inhabits, and I am immune to the majority of medications used to treat this illness. I am a blogger, advocate and also the founder of CrohnsFighting & The IBD & Ostomy support show which is a live video chat every Thursday evening at 8 pm on YouTube where we discuss a variety of topics that are both IBD & Stoma related. In my day to day life I am an accountant and work from home crunching numbers. The last 14 years have been filled with fun, laughter, near death experiences and 33 surgeries to both save my life and improve my quality of life. I am full of gallows humour but I am also honest and realistic about what both my illness and stoma life entails. So that’s about it for my brief introduction. Hoping you all like following posts and find them helpful. I am always about and open to ask any questions you may have and will answer to the best of my abilities Many thanks Louise aka CrohnsFighting

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