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For over 20 years I was the guinea pig of 68 overzealous doctors who attempted to convince me I suffered from: recurrent sinusitis that required surgery, multiple sclerosis, lupus, hepatitis, lyme disease, kidney failure, liver failure, leukemia, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, chronic urinary tract infections, bladder cancer, diabetes 1 & 2, STIs, pelvic inflammatory disease, brain tumor, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, unipolar depression and borderline personality disorder. The emergency room became my second home: multiple anaphylactic and heart attack like symptoms, two operations (one of which proved completely unnecessary). I was told I needed another six, which I refused. I grew more alarmed with each negative result, believing for many years that I was in fact dying. The penny finally dropped in 2010 when I half-heartedly typed all of my symptoms and food intolerances into a Google "I'm feeling lucky" search. I was soon on a plane from Bangkok to London to be officially diagnosed with high histamine and low diamine oxidase (Histamine Intolerance/HIT/Histaminosis). The years of confusion that followed did nothing but strengthen my resolve to learn how to survive and thrive with this condition. Fast forward a few years and I’m off all meds (including anti-histamines), I’ve detoxed my diet, beauty routine, and most importantly, my attitude. In those years I have received (and answered) voluminous daily emails from others suffering from Histamine Intolerance/HIT/Histaminosis. More often than not people are anxious, exasperated and short on the time needed to make the low histamine transition a painless one. Readers of my blogs who reached out helped me understand some of us need a guiding hand through what might, at first glance, appear to be somewhat of a nutritional minefield. I know in my case it was all very well getting a list of DON’T eats – I just wanted to know where the list of DO eats was. WHO’S THE SUPERHERO CHICK? My alter ego – the warrior who spent 20 years fighting doctors for diagnosis, working more than a full time job while convinced she was dying, the one who got me out of bed every morning to face the worst but hope for the best. The one who pushes me to search for answers and a non-pharmaceutical answer to this condition. Today I feel empowered, I’m no longer at the mercy of the dreaded histamine hangover. I’ve managed to harness these new lifestyle changes and channel them into a better, stronger, healthier version of me. I KNOW you can do it too. Please feel free to contact me if you need support, a shoulder to cry on, or want to share your successes! You can read the full story of my battle for diagnosis here - http://thelowhistaminechef.com/

Antioxidants fight histamine inflammation


Ripe and tasty blueberries on grey wooden table

Research tells us that consuming antioxidant foods at every meal helps us stay out of “oxidative debt”. If you’ve been reading my blog and following a similar diet to mine, you’ll be doing this already (and it certainly explains why I can … Continue reading


Researchers confirm that inflammation, histamine, cause anxiety (GAD)


It’s hardly news to us those of us with histamine intolerance and mast cell activation that inflammation can cause symptoms of anxiety. Now though, the research has finally caught up, with scientists identifying altered pro and anti-inflammatory profiles in patients … Continue reading


How Histamine Causes Leaky Gut


The gut barrier is meant to keep bacteria from our food from crossing into our bloodstream. Histamine, an inflammatory mediator released by mast cells that make up part of the immune system, and also contained in foods,  can compromise this … Continue reading


Melatonin, mast cells and histamine


alarm clock with a glass bottle on top of it on a white background

A round up of the latest research reveals that the sleep hormone melatonin can prevent mast cells from activating, thereby preventing the release of histamine and other inflammatory agents into the bloodstream, when they’re not needed. As a bonus, melatonin is possibly beneficial in … Continue reading


Histamine friendly cleansers and bath products


springer spaniel dog in the bath tub

When people tell me they’re still highly reactive no matter what dietary, stress busting, or lifestyle changes they make, I immediately suggest looking at bath and beauty products. My reactions to these were so very severe that they resulted in … Continue reading


Ginseng, as effective as Benadryl for histamine itching?


ginseng on a wooden board

Researchers find that several varieties of ginseng can lower histamine levels and stabilise mast cells (a key component of the immune system), preventing them from releasing  histamine and other inflammation into the blood stream. In certain animal studies it has been … Continue reading


Oxalic Acid Inflammation linked to Histamine, Thyroid Dysfunction & Hashimoto’s


swiss chard bundle on wood table

  I’ve spoken quite a bit about my experiences dealing with and the link between oxalic acid (found in some of the planet’s healthiest foods) and histamine related inflammation. Today it’s time to examine how a build up of oxalic … Continue reading


Low histamine foods I don’t eat


Rooster Chicken isolated on a white background

While it’s true that the foods in this post are technically classified as being either low in histamine or not triggering the release of histamine already in our body, they still aren’t part of my diet. Read on to find … Continue reading


What teeth say about your gut health


Dachshund dog with a toothbrush on a light background, not isolated

When dental hygiene doesn’t prevent bleeding gums and cavities, it’s time to look to histamine, mast cells and the wondrous world of bacteria living in the mouth. Dentist and author Dr. Steven Lin shares the tell take signs of mouth … Continue reading


What teeth say about your gut health


Dachshund dog with a toothbrush on a light background, not isolated

When dental hygiene doesn’t prevent bleeding gums and cavities, it’s time to look to histamine, mast cells and the wondrous world of bacteria living in the mouth. Dentist and author Dr. Steven Lin shares the tell tale signs of mouth … Continue reading


(Supposedly) high histamine foods I still eat


  The fact I’ve been including (supposedly) high histamine foods back into my histamine intolerance/mast cell activation diet has been a source of confusion, contention and downright anger to some of my readers. Some of the reasons I’ve worked hard to add … Continue reading


(Supposedly) high histamine foods I still eat


  The fact I’ve been including (supposedly) high histamine foods back into my histamine intolerance/mast cell activation diet has been a source of confusion, contention and downright anger to some of my readers. Some of the reasons I’ve worked hard to add … Continue reading


Pink peppercorns are actually antihistamine berries


Dried red pepper spice on burlap

UPDATE: I made an error, though I know perfectly well these are pink rather than red, I somehow ended up goofing. I’m also moving further up in the post that this tree is a member of the cashew family so … Continue reading


Pink peppercorns are actually antihistamine berries


Dried red pepper spice on burlap

UPDATE: I made an error, though I know perfectly well these are pink rather than red, I somehow ended up goofing. I’m also moving further up in the post that this tree is a member of the cashew family so … Continue reading


Scientists: wheat triggers inflammation (even if you’re not coeliac)


Bread background. Brown and white whole grain loaves wrapped in kraft paper composition on rustic dark wood with wheat ears scattered around. Baking and home bread making concept. Soft toning

Columbia University Medical Center researchers recently found that gluten/wheat issues in non-coeliacs can be due to a weak intestinal barrier (leaky gut some may call it). A second study has now confirmed their findings that wheat is inflammatory, and that it triggers or … Continue reading


Scientists: wheat triggers inflammation (even if you’re not coeliac)


Bread background. Brown and white whole grain loaves wrapped in kraft paper composition on rustic dark wood with wheat ears scattered around. Baking and home bread making concept. Soft toning

Columbia University Medical Center researchers recently found that gluten/wheat issues in non-coeliacs can be due to a weak intestinal barrier (leaky gut some may call it). A second study has now confirmed their findings that wheat is inflammatory, and that it triggers or … Continue reading


7 BEST foods for histamine intolerance


Fresh watercress or cress growing in small cups at home.

Start the new year right with these 7 histamine intolerance foods that fight inflammation, are histamine friendly and super healthy for the body overall. I guarantee that you’ll always find these foods in my fridge and cupboards because I’ve leaved … Continue reading


7 BEST foods for histamine intolerance


Fresh watercress or cress growing in small cups at home.

Start the new year right with these 7 histamine intolerance foods that fight inflammation, are histamine friendly and super healthy for the body overall. I guarantee that you’ll always find these foods in my fridge and cupboards because I’ve leaved … Continue reading


Histamine Intolerance Christmas Desserts


low histamine gingerbread cookies on a parchment background

It’s dessert time! This month I’ll be giving away my 110 page Happy Holidays ebook free with every purchase, this year I’ve added a slew of non-alcoholic drinks and canapés. There’s several full menus of nutrient dense and totally delicious festive … Continue reading


No longer being updated – visit my new website!



Greetings! You’ve found me. Welcome to my first website where I’ve shared an immense amount of research on healing histamine. I haven’t shared any new posts here in quite some time because I’ve moved to a new website which has … Continue reading


Fight histamine inflammation: live longer and younger


Inflammaging is the ageing effect of inflammation on the body and brain. We have modern medicine to thank for life span increases, but scientists believe part of the reason inflammation takes such a toll on us is because the immune system … Continue reading


It’s not in your head: gluten hurts non-celiacs too


Wheat field and countryside scenery

The next time that annoying friend (or family member) snarkily comments on how your “gluten intolerance” isn’t a thing, go ahead and point them to a new study released by the Colombia University Medical Centre. Researchers there discovered that people with non-celiac … Continue reading


Parasites trigger mast cell histamine release


Cat scratching itself

Mast cells are a key player in the immune system response. They release histamine and other inflammatory agents into the bloodstream to fight viruses and bacteria, parasites, and promote wound healing. Pretty much any invader can cause this mast cell activation, … Continue reading


Low FODMAPS antihistamine onion substitute kills parasites


Asafoetida powder in wooden spoon on a white table

The Indian herb Asafoetida (Ferula Asafoetida) possesses anti-inflammatory and antihistamine activity, in addition to fighting viruses and intestinal parasites. For those unable to tolerate garlic and onion, or those eating a low FODMAPs diet, this member of the carrot family makes a … Continue reading


Junk food triggers allergies and causes leaky gut


 man on a crossroad trying to decide what to eat for the best lifestyle choice.

Studies reveal modern food processing techniques and additives cause food to become more allergenic and create or contribute to intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) and generalised inflammation involving histamine, mast cells and more. In particular, the browning of foods (or caramelisation) … Continue reading


Junk food triggers allergies and causes leaky gut


 man on a crossroad trying to decide what to eat for the best lifestyle choice.

Studies reveal modern food processing techniques and additives cause food to become more allergenic and create or contribute to intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) and generalised inflammation involving histamine, mast cells and more. In particular, the browning of foods (or caramelisation) … Continue reading


Kitchen hacking: save time, money, sanity


housewife multi tasking

Bacteria cause histamine release in the body, so it makes sense to cook from scratch daily. Doesn’t it? Does eating fresh food devoid of leftover bacteria free up some of my histamine allowance for something more fun, like a raw … Continue reading


Antihistamine properties of lotus


lotus flower in water

More than just a beautiful adornment, Asia’s revered lotus flower offers up several compounds with antihistamine, mast cell stabilising and anti-inflammatory properties. Best of all, the lotus is highly edible, tasty and fairly easy to find frozen or as a tea. References and … Continue reading


Does negative brain conditioning fuel inflammation?


Training neuroscience development concept as a group of cog wheels and gears shaped as human heads with information transfer as a technology brain symbol or psychology exchange success.

Did you know that the amygdala is responsible, through processing taste, for “learning taste aversion”. Put simply, it learns through trial and error that certain foods make us sick. Knowing that, it’s going to want to warn us before the food … Continue reading


Prickly pear stops histamine inflammation, stabilises mast cells


prickly pear cactus with blue sky background

Citations always at the bottom of post Researchers find that the prickly pear fruit, and the whole plant generally, prevent histamine release/allergic response by inhibiting mast cell degranulation (the process by which white blood cells leak histamine and other inflammation into … Continue reading


2 hour online workshop: Healing the Brain to Heal the Body


An illuminated fluorescent light bulb in the shape of a stylized brain on an isolated colorful studio background

Citations always at the bottom of the post.  2 hour live online workshop with Yasmina 11th June, 2016 at 10am San Francisco / 1pm New York / 7pm Paris With a recording of the workshop available to you after the event  2 hour live … Continue reading


Mast cells, histamine, inflammation and obesity


yasmina ykelenstam reporting from baghdad

My “before” lifestyle changes picture  Citations always at bottom of post Mast cells are key players in immune system generated inflammation. You know, the stuff that heals you when you’re sick, but makes you sick if inflammation happens when you’re … Continue reading


Inflammation, histamine implicated in Alzheimer’s


Male hands holding image of human brain

Citations for every blog talking point are always at the bottom of the post. As I reported in last week’s blog post Luteolin for mast cells, histamine and brain fog?, “..it seems research is also pointing to neuro-inflammation as the driving … Continue reading


Luteolin for mast cells, histamine and brain fog?


Fresh mint, wooden mortar and pestle on the old table.

Citations always at the bottom of the post According to Dr. Theoharides at Tufts University School of Medicine, brain fog is defined as a “constellation of symptoms” encompassing the loss of mental acuity, the ability to concentrate and multitask, and … Continue reading


Creamy (dairy free) vanilla pudding


vanilla pudding

This is such a simple recipe that I almost hesitated in sharing it. But then I thought, I’m all about the simplicity, which is what my books are all about. In the words of the immortal Audrey Hepburn: “I’m a … Continue reading


Natural mast cell stabilisers for histamine


Tea, Green Tea, Tea Cup.

Citations can be found at the bottom of this post.  According to an article published in the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2013, mast cell stabilising compounds inhibit the release of allergic mediators (like histamine) from mast cells (a part of the … Continue reading


Savoury Waffles with Zucchini Chutney & Asparagus


savoury waffles with asparagus  on a blue plate and white background

This is one of my favourite lunch recipes, taken from my latest book Man Food. This ebook is built on the same principles as the Anti-Cookbook and Anti-Detox, namely that there be little or no grains, dairy, soy or corn, … Continue reading


Low FODMAPs diet may help histamine intolerance and IBS



UPDATE: math is not my strong point so my apologies. I have changed the first graph to reflect verbatim the histamine reduction. In the last few years research into causes of IBS have explored a link to foods high in fermentable … Continue reading


90 min online histamine intolerance diet workshop


carrots in a vitamix online workshop text beyond the low histamine diet live with yasmina

90 minute online workshop live with Yasmina on Saturday April 23rd  (with recorded replay available for seven days after the event) Click here to go to online store and purchase It’s time to move beyond the histamine elimination diet… Are allergy-like symptoms preventing … Continue reading


I’m not anti-pharma, I’m on a medication vacation


Close view of female doctor holding with care red heart

I was recently forced to pin this post to a Facebook group: “PHARMACEUTICAL SHAMING”: demonising pharmaceuticals and scaring people into thinking they will not heal if taking medications. While we are focused on natural healing via diet and other methods … Continue reading


Nigella sativa for allergies, osteoporosis and flatulence


black cumin on wooden surface

Nigella sativa and its active constituents have been shown to possess antioxidant, anti parasitic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, pain killing, and fever lower properties, treat cough, slow the growth of some cancers, as well as inducing cancer cell death in cervical, liver, … Continue reading


Long term exposure to antigens may help mast cells


female digestive system

Antigen: any substance that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against it. This means your immune system does not recognize the substance, and is trying to fight it off. An antigen may be a substance from the environment, such as chemicals, … Continue reading


Chronic urticaria (hives) linked to histamine foods


pseudo allergy foods

Urticaria is something many of us with histamine intolerance or mast cell activation have come to know as our nemesis: hives. Most doctors (non specialists) may not yet know that if allergies are not present, as diagnosed by IgE or … Continue reading


Week one cognitive hypnotherapy course


week 1 hypnotherapy course pdf

The cognitive hypnotherapy course has begun and already I’m feeling the stress relief kicking in. I don’t know about you, but I trace my histamine intolerance problems back to stressful life events. From refusing to eat when under great stress, … Continue reading


Healing histamine: cognitive hypnotherapy course


Human head and a wrench

My first course is live! My research into neural re-training convinced me that beliefs I was holding onto regarding my ability to heal, past negative food outcomes and exposure to stress were torpedoing my progress. Finding no practical approach to … Continue reading


The mold-histamine link


mushrooms in the basket

According to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, a leading biotoxin researcher with a medical degree from Duke University, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), is the result of chronic inflammation produced by exposure to biotoxins (toxins produced from living organisms) that come from mold … Continue reading


Medical ID iphone app


iphone jpg1

The iPhone is a lifeline to many of us, but now it could literally save your life. A free app for iPhone called HEALTH combines the reporting from all your various health tracking apps, but more importantly offers a medical ID … Continue reading


Interview: Dr. Georgia Ede on Histamine, Anxiety and Depression


dr georgia ede

My interview with Harvard trained psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede covers a subject dear to my heart: the role of diet and histamine in depression, anxiety and much more. Having been misdiagnosed for decades with anxiety, depression, bipolar, cyclothemia, borderline personality, … Continue reading


Histamine and your heart


Close view of female doctor holding with care red heart

For some time excess histamine in the heart has been known to play a role in heart failure and other less severe presentations like palpitations and arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). In particular, histamine binding to the H2 receptors found in the … Continue reading


Traveling and eating out with histamine intolerance


plane on a beach

As I sit here on my fifth airplane flight in almost as many weeks, I’m reminded of how difficult the whole endeavour used to be. Flying I mean. A real project involving the coordination of foods, local supermarkets to hit upon … Continue reading


Kefir: may stabilise mast cells and lower histamine



Fermented foods may block diamine oxidase (DAO) one of the histamine degrading enzymes. That’s why  a while back I wrote a post with some tips on how to create histamine friendlier home ferments to try and help heal the gut. … Continue reading


Kefir: histamine inhibitor and mast cell stabiliser


Milk kefir grains on a wooden spoon overhead shoot

A while back I wrote a post with some tips on how to create histamine friendlier home ferments to try and help heal the gut. This week I have some more exciting news: another study on rice based kefir (rather … Continue reading


Antihistamine medication reduces IBS symptoms


Female digestive system

Researchers at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium have published a new study in the journal Gastroenterology on their findings that antihistamines may be the answer for those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome [1]. As I shared in the … Continue reading


Dr. Diana Driscoll interview: vagus nerve and POTS/mast cell activation


dr diana driscoll

In our interview Dr. Diana Driscoll shares her research on the role of the vagus nerve in Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Mast Cell Activation (MCAS/D) and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Don’t miss the end of our chat where Dr. Driscoll shares information … Continue reading


Allergy symptoms and hair loss (but don’t forget iron)


Beautiful healthy shiny hair texture with highlighted golden streaks

Those with hair loss combined with allergy like symptoms who do not test positive for allergies (via IgE) may have high levels of inflammatory mediators like histamine, prostaglandins and/or interleukins. These inflammatory molecules are found in mast cells in the human body and … Continue reading


Happy New Year!



After almost two years of not drinking I discovered that indulging here and there responsibly allowed me to have a normal social life. The modest amount imbibed is a fine trade off for letting my hair down and getting my groove … Continue reading


Barberry helps leaky gut


barberry cake on wooden board

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website barberry has been used for over 2500 years to treat gastrointestinal complaints and lower fever. In Iran it’s now being used medicinally for gallbladder disease and heartburn. The active component is berberine, … Continue reading


Coconut crème brûlée


  Coconut crème brûlé, one of my favourite holiday recipes of the last few years is now live at Beauty and Wellbeing, my new favourite natural beauty and living online magazine. You’ll find it here. This recipe can be found … Continue reading


The gifting guide


mother dirt probiotic spray

  Shopping for histamine intolerance folks is never a walk in the park, so please spare a thought for your beloved who’s currently scratching their head over what to buy. While most wouldn’t turn up their nose up at a (non-conflict) … Continue reading


Christmas Menu 2015


  There’s no end of upsides to traveling for most of the year. There are however a number of downsides to working while traveling. Sometimes it yields amazing success: my discovery of morninga and baobab oil, my buckling down to meditate … Continue reading


Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Michael Van ElZakker: chronic fatigue vagus nerve link


In today’s interview Harvard and Tufts neuroscientist Dr. Michael Van ElZakker shares his fascinating new paper Chronic Fatigue from Vagus Nerve Infection: A Psychoneuroimmunological Hypothesis. His hypothesis proposes that an infection of the vagus nerve can cause greatly exaggerated chronic sickness … Continue reading


Are you allergic to Candida?


  Research shows that Candida triggers histamine release, but did you know you can be allergic to candida, causing repeated, longer lasting or more intense infections? Or that those with chronic candida are 70% more likely to have a history of … Continue reading


Hiram Green: nature’s perfume


I’m in heaven. Absolute heaven. Because for the first time since 2010, I have found a non-migraine inducing perfume so gorgeous that I can no longer bear to be parted from it. And it’s totally free of nasty ingredients of course. … Continue reading


Acupuncture as effective as (some) antihistamines


  Acupuncture – a good choice for histamine intolerance and mast cell activation? A mounting body of research tells us that acupuncture may help alleviate symptoms of histamine intolerance, mast cell activation and related issues like eczema. I share my own experiences … Continue reading


Thanksgiving 2015


apple tarte tatin surrounded by fall leaves

When people ask me if I feel deprived on my “diet” I just look at them like they’re nuts. Why would eliminating dairy, gluten, most nuts, all major allergens, processed foods, low nutrient histamine foods and oxalates bother me when … Continue reading


Confused by a negative histamine test result?


  A negative histamine result doesn’t rule out mast cell disorder or some kind of chronic inflammatory condition.  When I arrived to meet with my new doctor at the Virgen del Valle hospital in Toledo, Spain, I was a little … Continue reading


The Nocebo effect


  I was recently interviewed by the wonderful Stacey Colino for an article she wrote for US News and World Report on the placebo effect’s evil twin, the nocebo effect. So here’s the deal: the placebo effect, once seen by … Continue reading


Moist zucchini cake gluten and egg free (paleo)



I fell asleep last night dreaming of a cake so moist that forks would slide through it like warm butter. Not sure why anyone was eating butter with forks in my fantasy but it seemed to make sense at the … Continue reading


Histamine in fish safety margin not high enough says the WHO


fish histamine levels

A joint report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the World Health Organisation Food Standards Programme Codex Committee on Fish and Fishery Products [1] really shocked me. They’re the people responsible for making sure that fish … Continue reading


Misdiagnosis: antibiotics as anti-inflammatories


For many the diagnosis of histamine intolerance or mast cell activation will come after decades of mis-diagnosis. Some of us will have been told it’s psychosomatic and prescribed antidepressants, benzodiazepines and sleeping pills, while others may have been told their … Continue reading


Warming plant protein rich soup



You’ll notice there’s some ingredients here that are on some lists as high histamine. I talk quite a bit about how abandoning the low histamine/histamine intolerance diet is what I believe is helping me heal. But that doesn’t mean I’ve … Continue reading


A day in the life: my food and exercise schedule



  Wondering what exactly I do to heal myself? When I share exactly what I do with people they’re often taken aback by the actual intensity of my healing schedule. I’m not suggesting this is right for you, or even … Continue reading


Soap the Earth: unscented bath & beauty



There was a time in the not so distant past that I was unable to wash my body with anything other than a loofah and some sea salt. Washing my hair involved a pair of kitchen gloves, my head over … Continue reading


Autumnal garden vegetable soup



The leaves turning various shades of orangey gold means heralds the arrival of soup season. I adore soup. It’s my first choice for lunch and often dinner. I remember being very excited on learning that the mast cell stabling and antihistamine … Continue reading


Scientists test implantable vagus stimulator to fight inflammation


diagnosing histamine intolerance

In my recent post on the vagus nerve connection I shared some research on how faulty wiring in this heart, brain and stomach connection can cause us to overeat, affect our heart rate and state of mind, and that it … Continue reading


Herbs treat SIBO as effectively as antibiotics


Female GUTS and STOMACH anatomy anterior x-ray view

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a pesky issue which means that there’s abnormal numbers of normal bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. SIBO may cause intestinal symptoms ranging from diarrhoea and weight loss to anaemia and malabsorption. It’s believed to cause/aggravate … Continue reading


75% RDA iron from a fish?



I recently posted a photo of a cast iron pan on Instagram, sharing that it’s one of the ways I boost my meagre iron supply; something I learned from Dr. Fuhrman, author of my nutritional bible, “Eat to Live.”. According to … Continue reading


Managing exercise induced stress


Runner girl - athlete running at seaside, woman fitness, healthy lifestyle

Exercise is often problematic for those with histamine intolerance, mast cell activation or mastocytosis, mostly because cardiovascular exercise has been shown to: Drive up histamine levels and aggravate allergies in animal studies Stress of any kind can cause mast cells … Continue reading


Gluten free vegan pakoras



When I sit down to create a recipe for folks with histamine intolerance or mast cell activation I ask myself what I can do to make it something that can be enjoyed by an entire family. Because really, is it … Continue reading


Gluten and dairy free tigernut flour pancakes


tigernut pancakes

You may think – “Well, I’m cutting histamine out of the diet, I really can’t get rid of anything else!”. So, you might not have to, many of us don’t have to, but we chose to, simply because wheat is … Continue reading


Reacting to everything? This could be why


the inflammation bucket

  It’s a question asked by pretty much everyone who schedules a consult with me: why a gradual or suddenly increasing reactions to not just histamine, but foods on pretty much all the lists (salicylates, oxalates, fructose etc). So what’s the … Continue reading


Going egg free for histamine intolerance and heart health



Eggs are a valuable source of protein, vitamin B12, iodine and riboflavin. Most importantly, for those taking certain anti-histamines and anti-cholinergics who are worried about their potential link to Alzheimer’s, they provide a good amount of choline. On the flip side … Continue reading


Interview: Fasting Mimicking Diets for Mast Cell Activation & Allergies


Water fasting’s health benefits have always interested me. Recent research showing that fasting can prevent mast cell degranulation (the process that releases histamine into the blood stream from mast cells) in mice [1] and rats [2] were a great find, but … Continue reading


Brain fog – the histamine connection and beyond


Mind Energy

One of the most terrifying symptoms of histamine/mast cell disorders has to be the dreaded brain fog. In my case this manifested at an early age with an inability to understand or remember what was being said in classrooms. I … Continue reading


Red cabbage rolls w/creamy veggies



I’m moving away from animal protein for a while, something I try to do regularly. I’m not going to argue for either side here, it’s just a choice I make now and then. In all honesty, if I could take … Continue reading


The vagus nerve inflammation connection


diagnosing histamine intolerance

What’s the vagus nerve and why should you care about it? Research on the vagus nerve, which runs from the brain to the stomach, has been coming fast and furious in the last few years since I’ve been reading up … Continue reading


Spending your histamine allowance


Woman trying to get some money out of piggy bank

A little thought from my Man Food book… I look at histamine in my diet as a kind of balance sheet. Consider the idea of the histamine bucket. In other words, there’s a certain amount of histamine that we’re able … Continue reading


Kholrabi (or zucchini) noodles with steak



I’ll be traveling for the next few weeks with little access to a kitchen, so I thought I’d share a recipe from my latest book Man Food, that I’ve been craving. These can be made with kholrabi, zucchini, carrot or … Continue reading


Histamine intolerance and exercise



Shooting has wrapped, for the second time, on my upcoming yoga course. Sadly, there was a glitch in the filming the first time around, which happily gave me some time to convince my lovely friend Nadim to let me re-shoot in … Continue reading


Interview: my chat with Abel James of the Fat Burning Man


Low-histimine-chef copy

                  I had the BEST time being interviewed by Abel James of the Fat Burning Man podcast and website. Abel was vegan, now paleo, but totally open to all kinds of healing … Continue reading


Man Food


man food

Please note: this book, as all my others, comes in digital/ebook format only.  You can buy Man Food here. Hello boys! Here it is finally: man-sized recipes for histamine intolerance and mast cell activation. Geared towards guys, ladies with healthy appetites … Continue reading


The Anti-Diet: Food as medicine



In my experience, sticking to a standard low histamine diet, one that includes foods that are technically low histamine according to lists found on the internet that are still technically inflammatory (more on that in the video), while eliminating high nutrient … Continue reading


Can hypnosis prevent histamine reactions?


Indian snake charmer

Did this image of an Indian dude charming a snake pop into your head like it did mine when I first considered the idea of hypnosis? Hypnosis has come a long way since the early days of freaky Sigmund Freud-like … Continue reading


Video! Roasted Butternut Squash, Shallot and Saffron Soup



Here it is! My first professionally shot video series. First up, a little something from my all liquid Anti-Detox book. There are times in life where we just need to kill the inflammation, be it histamine induced, or caused by any … Continue reading


Eating healthy in airports



  Travel used to be an absolute nightmare, but I persisted. I recently shared a list of my top healthy eating airport destinations in a post for the wonderful Beauty & Wellbeing. Don’t miss it! Beauty and Wellbeing +236   


Once upon a time, we all reacted to all foods


yasmina (20 of 50)

I’ve been asked at least a couple of times this week if I once reacted to any of the foods I currently eat. Once?? Any?? Blimey, I thought I’d been really clear on that on – I once reacted to … Continue reading


Gluten free zucchini pasta with creamy vegan sauce (low histamine)



  So I made a decision to just go ahead and post recipes with my instagram shots – it just means I’ll get more recipes up here but you’ll have to deal with it while I figure out the tripod … Continue reading


Check in: yoga course, anxiety summit, hair dye!



  It’s been a while since I checked in with myself and with all you lovely folk out there. Here’s what’s been happening: I spent the week before last shooting a number of cooking videos, an interview with a local … Continue reading


The Anxiety Summit



I suffered from severe anxiety for most of my life. From shaking like a leaf during social situations, to all out vertigo and nausea in high stress work environments, to severe palpitations while chilling on the sofa (in other words for … Continue reading


Histamine safe ferments?


yogurt in small jars

As I’ve pointed out a number of times over the years (in almost every post!) cutting histamine containing foods out of the diet isn’t a great idea for long term healing. I came up with this theory when all other … Continue reading


GF pancakes with mango coconut custard


photo 3

Not into grains? That’s fine, see my photo below for an alternative way to enjoy the filling all on its own. I love this stuff for desserts! Gf oat crepes with mango coconut cream and berries Prep Time: 15 mins … Continue reading


GF Paleo pancakes with coconut cream



There’s a transition happening in our household. We’re getting ripped! In the work out sense that is. And though I’m not a fan of any particular dietary dogma, I can’t deny that cutting carbs and increasing protein seems to lead to that … Continue reading


The rosacea-histamine-mast cell connection


女性 にきび

It wasn’t so long ago that a post I wrote on eczema being a mast cell/histamine intolerance related issue went pretty viral. A recent re-post on my Facebook page generated an impressive number of requests for me to look into … Continue reading


Handheld histamine measuring device invented



Incredible news! I’ve been sitting on a piece of the juiciest information I have come up with in years, because I’ve been waiting to hear back from a research scientist who is on leave – but I just can’t wait … Continue reading


Anti-inflammatory gluten free zucchini wrap



  Hi everyone! My apologies for the photo. My amazing new farmhouse kitchen was due to be finished by today but sadly, as has happened a number of times, things aren’t quite done yet. So that means my little photography … Continue reading


Antihistamines increase Alzheimers risk


Tabletten und Pillen

I’m going to keep this post brief. Not because it’s not worthy of lengthy discussion and debate, but because I feel that there’s a good amount of information on this blog and in my books about the dangers of antihistamines. … Continue reading


Healthy hair healthy body 101


yasmina ykelenstam the low histamine chef

For those of you who’ve missed it, I’m now writing regular features for the wonderful New York based Beauty & Wellbeing online magazine. Editor Clemence Von Mueffling’s magazine brings together up and coming natural beauty brands, established writers and nutritionists, … Continue reading


Excess histamine mimics anorexia


Diet time

In the past I have alluded to my anorexic-like phase, when I was only “able” to eat four or five foods. My weight plummeted to 52kg or so, on a 1.78m frame (114.5lbs, 5ft 10). Honestly, it wasn’t my first … Continue reading


Histamine intolerance in First for Women Magazine


1photo copy

So, I guess this is the moment histamine intolerance went mainstream! First for Women magazine recently interviewed me for a feature on curing tiredness – you can check it out in their March 2nd issue, available in the US at all … Continue reading


The menopause-histamine connection


Frau mit Hitzewallung

Guest post by Dale Brooks of the wonderful Menopause Histamine Connection blog. Before I get started, I’d like to thank Yasmina for the opportunity to write this for her blog. I’ve told her that when I refer to her to … Continue reading


Merry Christmas!



Hi all – I’ve been desperate to share my Christmas books with you but have been having major issues with my online store. A new one will be up in the new year finally. But better late than never… As … Continue reading


The histamine-endometriosis infertility link


histamine fertility

For some reason, I can guess really, I’ve been avoiding writing about this for some time. Not because I’m worried about never having children, but because I don’t want to alarm anyone. And that’s still not my intention – please, … Continue reading


Love in a time of sickness



It’s a question that came up when I first started dating, post diagnosis. What do I tell this new person in my life? How significant is what I’m going through? Will it define me and this potential relationship? Will he … Continue reading


Black Friday giveaway! Free 50 page ebook



  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’m really new to this whole Black Friday thing, but I thought I’d give it a go… From now till midnight on Monday (EST) you’ll receive a free 50 page ebook of … Continue reading


The asthma-histamine connection


Blue inhaler for asthma or other medical lung issues

Just a few days ago I re-shared a post that garnered over 2,000 Facebook likes. I was totally shocked, as was mast cell/histamine researcher Dr. Theoharides, whom I spoke with right after re-posting. “I’m really surprised that people didn’t realise … Continue reading


Snack time! Gluten free lentil “pita” chips (vegan)


low histamine recipes crackers

I’ve got snacking on the brain. Not actual in between meals snacking, but finger foods that are super quick to prepare and store easily for days when I’m eating on the run. These lentil pita chips, like all my recipes, … Continue reading


I’m done with this condition



Today, on the start of my 39th year on this planet, I’ve worn red lipstick, all day, for the first time in four years. This seemingly inconsequential act is the surest sign I’ve had to date that I am done … Continue reading


Is COX induced inflammation tripping up your recovery?


Raw Organic Green Thyme

Members of the Facebook mast cell/mastocytosis groups I frequent often share studies on mast cell inhibiting medications. By this I mean medications that prevent mast cells, a key component of our immune system, from breaking open and spewing histamine and … Continue reading


Using the brain to heal the body


sharp ct scan of the human brain

Healing is truly a whole mind and body affair. As important as dietary changes have been, and in this case more so what I’ve added rather than eliminated, asking myself the right questions (at the right time) has been invaluable. … Continue reading


Intro to the Low Histamine Diet, a recipe and muffins!



 This week I had the pleasure of writing an introduction to the low histamine diet, click the image above to read the full post. And don’t miss this great summer recipe I created for them, click the image below…  As … Continue reading


Leaky gut: the mast cell (histamine), Crohn’s disease connection


leaky gut mast cells histamine

You know how people with mast cell issues have, erm, less than stellar memories? If you don’t, sign up for my mailing list to make sure you don’t miss my next post on stress, memory loss and brain fog in … Continue reading


Antihistamine rich artichoke Soup


antihistamine artichoke soup

As you may have heard, I recently released the Anti-Detox, a new book of high nutrient antihistamine and anti-inflammatory rich all liquid recipes for those days when when I was feeling my histamine bucket gearing up to splurge all over the … Continue reading


The Anti-Detox



I’m super duper excited to share some information about my Anti-Detox un-cook (e)book. This is a seven day collection of highly antihistamine and anti-inflammatory juices, smoothies, or a combination of both, which I have dubbed “jui-cies”, and delicious soups I have … Continue reading


The (liquid) histamine cleanse


juicing for histamine intolerance

Today’s lunch! Busy, busy bee here in Egypt. This may look like a holiday but I’m here in Dahab (1 hr from Sharm el Sheikh) shooting my meditation course and finishing up photography on my first 100% liquid book (The Histamine Detox) … Continue reading


Gluten free blueberry muffins (with vegan option)


gluten low histamine free blueberry muffins

The muffin muse is with me – I’ve come up with just under five different muffin recipes in the last two weeks. It’s challenging figuring out how to stuff something so inherently unhealthy full of nutrients, while keeping the fat content … Continue reading


Histamine-free wellness retreat: the Wellapalooza low down



Me on the right and Portland based private chef Beth Eakin on the left I can’t believe how long it has taken me to sit down and write about one of the most incredible experiences of the last few years. … Continue reading


Summertime white gazpacho soup


low histamine recipes white gazpacho

It’s coming up on that time of year where my desire to spend all day in the kitchen pretty much flies out the window. It’s especially hard to justify it here in Spain, where I’ve decided to settle for a … Continue reading


Dr Janice Joneja: histamine intolerance or mast cell disorder?


diagnosing histamine intolerance

It’s a question most of us diagnosed with histamine intolerance have asked ourselves at some point (if not obsessively, all the time): am I dealing with something else? Something like a mast cell activation disorder, or mastocytosis. Immunologist, nutritionist and … Continue reading


Antihistamine & anti-inflammatory rich Thai rice salad



Mmmmmm, two of my favourite hobbies came together in a very pleasing manner recently when I finally managed to get my butt into gear to get to Triyoga, one of Europe’s most highly regarded yoga studios here in London (where … Continue reading


Dr Joneja: natural diamine oxidase for histamine intolerance


Bundle Of Fresh Pea Sprouts On White Background

A number of years ago immunologist and researcher Dr Janice Joneja had a brilliant idea: to extract the histamine-lowering diamine oxidase enzyme from natural (vegan) sources, to help those of us with histamine intolerance to lower histamine naturally. (Check out … Continue reading


The histamine (mast cell) depression link


histamine mast cells and depression

While you could say it’s pretty normal to be down in the dumps over having been sick for most of your life, I’ve often found it interesting that an impressive number of us with histamine intolerance, mast cell activation disorders … Continue reading


Dr Joneja: How to boost your histamine-lowering DAO enzyme (naturally)


Pea Sprouts

As I outline in my first book, the DAO Support Cookbook, a diet rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, copper and other nutrients is necessary in order for our body to produce the histamine-lowering enzyme DAO (diamine oxidase). But, I neglected … Continue reading


Adventures on the Dr Oz Show



As you may have heard, my trip to New York got off to a shaky start. An amygdala-triggering event on the Heathrow-JFK flight left me emptying the (thankfully) minimal contents of my tummy pretty much the minute I arrived at … Continue reading


Gluten Free Blackberry Saffron Almond Cake (paleo)


low histamine dessert

So much yumminess emanates from my friend Alejandra Ramos’ website Always Order Dessert. Once delicious recipe after the next tumbles effortlessly from this Latina bombshell’s lips, only to be Tweeted by the Domestic Goddess herself, Nigella Lawson. Nigella most recently … Continue reading


Diagnosing histamine intolerance & mast cell activation


diagnosing histamine intolerance

I’ve been told, by a number of doctors, that it takes, on average, a decade to diagnose someone with a mast cell disorder. I personally consider histamine intolerance to be a mast cell disorder. It took me almost 30 years and 68 … Continue reading


Fearful of food? The brain is to blame (but is also the cure)


airplane taking off at sunrise

I’m a logical person. I’ve seen and experienced things in life that colour my perception of the world around me for sure, but not to the extent of what happened to me on the Heathrow – JFK leg of my … Continue reading


Wondering why you react to EVERYTHING you eat?


Did you know that the act of digestion itself causes histamine release? No, not many people do. I get so many emails from people who are convinced they have multiple amine, food intolerance or allergy issues because they react to everything … Continue reading


Is the antihistamine diet an anti-cancer diet?


Potager bio.

We all know, thanks to the work of Drs Fuhrman, Weill and many, many other leaders in the field of nutrition and real medicine, that the anti-inflammatory diet can prevent cancer, but, despite all the recent research showing promise in … Continue reading


I’m healing, not curing (my histamine intolerance/mast cell disorder)


Crystal therapy

The internet worries me. Sure, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before, and that’s part of the problem. Spending hours, days, months, years, researching symptoms can sometimes bring relief: “no I don’t have cancer”, or diagnosis: “it’s … Continue reading


Sunflower seed butter cookies (gluten and dairy free)


gluten free high nutrient cookies

  The great thing about staying in a house with kids is that they give you an excuse to go nutty with the cookie batter. The bad news is that, well, you get nutty with the cookie batter! Luckily, my … Continue reading


Beanz meanz antihistamines!


antihistamine beans

Updated post, originally published in March 2013. A research scientist friend, whose findings on the anti-cancer benefits of spirulina were recently published (see end of post for link), messaged me yesterday, asking if I was aware that yet another food … Continue reading


Buy, borrow or steal this book. Your body & brain will thank you!



“…what you really need to translate for people — those for whom Western medicine has done all it can — is this: all the science is pointing to the fact that your brain is your last best cure.” – Anastasia Rowland-Seymour, … Continue reading


The inflammation bucket (why I can now eat shrimp)


the inflammation bucket

You’ve heard of the histamine bucket – whereby every little bit of histamine put into the body (food, animal dander, stress, pollen) builds, until it spills over into a reaction. You then need to spend a certain amount of time … Continue reading


The Low Oxalate (low histamine) Cookbook



The low oxalate cookbook isn’t just for those on a low oxalate diet…there’s plenty of tasty, high nutrient, low histamine recipes for all! Wondering how on earth to go low oxalate and low histamine at the same time? The low … Continue reading


Anti-inflammatory Fruit Bread (gluten free)



Breakfast, we’re told, is the most important meal of the day. Which is why a quart/litre of green juice/smoothie is my absolute favourite. Sometimes though I’m feeling a bit more decadent, or want something to snack on later in the … Continue reading


Histamine Intolerance, allergy & mast cell supplements pt1 (transcript)


twinlab quercetin

Thanks so much to Judith for your transcription of this video – very kind of you to make this text available to our community. And a quick note to anyone who has a little spare time and would like a … Continue reading


Eczema: a mast cell/histamine related condition



It’s official: though we’ve long suspected it, we can now add eczema/atopic dermatitis to the list of histamine/mast cell related conditions. A new study [1] recently proved, for the first time in humans, that mast cells (the pesky little buggers … Continue reading


Love: nature’s anti-inflammatory


Hearts on red background

A few weeks ago I wrote about the role of toxic relationships on inflammation and illness in general. Why talk about inflammation rather than histamine? Histamine’s role in the body is to begin healing (and others) by causing inflammation in … Continue reading


Anti-inflammatory Mushroom Summer Rolls



Here’s an explanation of why I include higher histamine food in my personal diet (but not yet in my cookbooks!). Four years had passed since a mushroom graced my palate, when, on a whim, I bravely ordered up “Field Mushrooms … Continue reading


Chickpea Blondies (gluten free, vegan)


Chickpea blondies

I’ve waited FAR too long to post this recipe – why? Because there’s an outcry every time I use an ingredient that some lists consider to be high histamine. Here’s the (high nutrient) scoop – if you’re past the elimination … Continue reading


Wellapalooza, Colorado April 2014



What: Wellapalooza Retreat Where: Colorado, USA. (Can’t make it to the states? Please sign up here to register your interest for a European retreat) When: April 14th – April 19th Costs: From $500 Sign up: here Speakers (so far): Dr Theoharides … Continue reading


8 top tips for dealing with a histamine reaction


Sick Dog

We’ve all been there: the world just won’t stop spinning, your heart is just about ready to jump out of your chest, your vision is going hella weird, a migraine’s brewing, and you’re worried another bite of food will end … Continue reading


Creamy Vegan Dulce de Leche Ice Cream (antihistamine & anti-inflammatory)



Drool alert! It’s the antihistamine and anti-inflammatory ice cream I’ve been promising…you don’t actually need an ice cream maker, but it sure makes it easier! I include instructions for with and without. Dulce de Leche is one of my all … Continue reading


10 reasons I include foods on high histamine lists in my diet



My lunch of a few days ago – zucchini noodles with creamy avocado sauce and nigella.  In my line of work (the business of being healthy and spreading calm and happiness), the question I’m asked the most is: “Why have … Continue reading


Meditation: nature’s antihistamine



Great news – fundraising for the mindfulness meditation course is almost half way there! For those of you who missed last week’s post: Having experienced an INCREDIBLE remission in symptoms, increased mental clarity, abundant energy and the ability to re-introduce … Continue reading


The Juice Lady, Cherie Calbom interview



This lovely lady, the Juice Lady Cherie Cablom to be precise, tells an inspirational story that I remind myself of any time I feel myself flagging in my healing process. Like many of us, Cherie struggled with a chronic fatigue … Continue reading


Meditation: antihistamine, mast cell stabiliser, epigenetic superstar



I really wanted to call this post: “How meditation saved my life (again and again).” You may have seen a number of my instagram photos of late – this among them…. Or heard me jabbering excitedly to friends about an … Continue reading


New Year Antihistamine Detox Jui-cie


antihistamine juice

 You know that perennial hot topic: juices vs. smoothies? My new big thing this year is hedging my bets with what I’m calling a jui-cie – a juice/smoothie combo. Those of you who follow my blog will have noticed pictures … Continue reading


The raw organic beauty make over


Are you ready to par-tay? With New Year’s Eve almost upon us I thought it would be rude not to share some of my top tips for a great evening! Because I’m a girly-girl (well, sometimes), I’ve put together a … Continue reading


The Secret



When we come back in the New Year, I have some very very exciting news to share…let’s just say a picture’s worth a thousand words…. It’s not so much a story about a woman eating a strawberry for the first … Continue reading


New Year’s Eve Tips



Are you ready to par-tay? With New Year’s Eve almost upon us I thought it would be rude not to share some of my top tips for a great evening! Because I’m a girly-girl (well, sometimes), I’ve put together a … Continue reading


The role of toxic relationships in chronic illness


Crossed Burning Black Head with Crossed Bones

The following piece draws on the collective experiences of the women I have the pleasure of calling my hista-sistas in arms. As bold as we may be on the battlefield of health, matters of the heart are still the frontline. … Continue reading


The mast cell and histamine releasing ingredients found in our vaccines


Syringe and vaccine  bottle on white background

This article began as a simple one: to report a few studies I found which posit that allowing the measles to run its course, rather than vaccinating against it, has been found to prevent allergy development in later life [1]. … Continue reading


Having a happy ho-ho-holiday



Life can be a little overwhelming when dealing with a chronic inflammatory condition. Events that were once pleasurable are now fraught with fear of a loss of control of our environment, or ruined by a never-ending histamine hangover. But this … Continue reading


Happy Holidays: the (mini) Christmas Book


             (Ok everybody, sing to the tune of jingle bells!) Oh-what-fun-it-is-to-write-aaaaaaaaaaaaa-Christmaaaaaaaas-boooooook-for-yoooooooooou! Yay! I’m finally done with the most fun menu I’ve put together. All recipes are highly adaptable and offer many, many substitution possibilities. These low histamine recipes are low … Continue reading


‘Tis the Season for Crumble/Crisp (gluten free, paleo, low oxalate)


low histamine mango crumble

Are you getting a little down about your Christmas options? Don’t fall into the traps I did years ago… It really doesn’t have to be feast or famine (so to speak). It’s totally realistic to plan out a survival strategy … Continue reading


Are you eating these seasonal healing foods?



Lovely farmer’s market green tomato tree is still around, despite being out of season! But I was there on another mission… Friends and family remain shocked by my (seemingly) encyclopedic knowledge of the healing powers of foods. Valuable space I … Continue reading


Going no (sham)poo? Here’s how not to gross out…


low histamine beauty

Chronic illness can really deflate your ego… This time last year I was still unable to tolerate shampoo on my skin. How did I know? Hair loss, dermatitis of the scalp, dandruff, extreme exhaustion and brain fog after showering, migraine, … Continue reading


Healing Jasmin & Neroli body scrub (perfect for gifts!)



What do you give friends who have everything? If you’re on a budget, wowing them by spending yourself into the poorhouse isn’t really in the spirit of things now is it? I’ve always fancied the idea of making something special … Continue reading


No meds? No problem! Here’s a painkiller in a glass


antihistamine juice

Ok, I’ll fess up. I caved in to my need for a painkiller today. In my defence, there are better starts to the day than smashing your foot into a cement wall. And yet I stumbled out onto the blistering … Continue reading


Histamine intolerance, mast cell disorder and allergy supplements (Pt 2)


In today’s video I take you through: Part two of my favourite mast cell stabilising, allergy fighting, histamine intolerance quashing supplements. How to maximise quercetin absorption; considerably! Why quercetin might not be right for you Why taking/eating the same thing … Continue reading


The Low Histamine Thanksgiving Part 2 (pie!)


smashed jerusalem artichokes

Don’t forget to check out part 1 of this Thanksgiving meal… Smashed Jerusalem Artichokes w/Healing Herbs Ingredients 4-8 cups scrubbed or peeled jerusalem artichokes, chopped 4 medium shallots or 2 onions, chopped thyme, to taste basil, to taste garlic, to … Continue reading


The antihistamine & anti-inflammatory diet wins!


the low histamine chef yasmina ykelenstam

Yes dear friends, it seems as though I’m winning the battle against my histamine intolerance/mast cell activation/whatchamacallit! So I had to park myself outside Whole Foods in London for a juicy celebratory selfie. You’ll notice I’m mugging it up with … Continue reading


The Low Histamine Thanksgiving (paleo, low oxalate, gluten free)


low histamine thanksgiving

As those of you who checked out my histamine intolerance supplements video will know, I sound American, but not so much so that you can’t tell I’m not actually from the states. It has definitely confused people over the years. … Continue reading


Benadryl is cocaine to your brain


Pasted Graphic

My body on antihistamines It was a study entitled “Cocaine-like neurochemical effects of antihistaminic medications” that really caught my eye. Having spent the previous months convincing myself to come off the antihistamines that I felt were the only thing between … Continue reading


Gluten free anti-inflammatory flatbread (low oxalate, low histamine, paleo)


water chestnut flatbread wlentil daal

  My obsession with Indian food turned up a water chestnut flatbread that I just couldn’t turn down. So far I’ve used it to batter sprats (very small English fish similar to sardines), make cake,  flatbread, pancakes and even waffles … Continue reading


Histamine intolerance/mast cell stabilising supplements


One of the questions I’m most frequently asked is: “What supplements do you take?” So I put together a quick video on my top histamine intolerance, histamine lowering, mast cell stabilising supplements. I explain the benefits of various antihistamine and … Continue reading


A thank you to my readers!


Thank You

It’s high time I gave you all a big heartfelt thank you. Writing this blog has been the single most consistently cathartic experience of my life. Sharing my experiences with you, learning from you, feeling that I’m fighting to heal … Continue reading


Creamy Anti-inflammatory Artichoke Pasta w/Antihistamine Herbs (Gluten & Dairy Free)



My man declared this incredibly creamy gluten & dairy free, anti-inflammatory artichoke and antihistamine herb pasta his new favourite dish! I have to agree. It’s the perfect lunch or dinner, to be enjoyed by two. For those of you who … Continue reading


How I learned to stop worrying (and love yoga again)


Yoga at sunset

Yes dear friends, the diet and lifestyle changes I’ve made in the last year are certainly working. Otherwise there’s no way I could have completed my first 90minute, level 2-3 (out of 3) ashtanga yoga class in over two years … Continue reading


The BEST histamine intolerance symptom tracking app


unnamed copy

Last year I found a food diary app that offered almost everything I needed to track my symptoms. I emailed the developer to ask if he had any plans for a version two that included the things I was looking … Continue reading


I choose life


sharp ct scan of the human brain

There’s nothing quite like facing a kidnap threat in an Islamic country, being bombed/shot at, or thinking you’re going down in a chopper, to make you understand how stress affects you. In my case, as a journalist covering war zones … Continue reading


Dr Castells interview: the role of stress in mast cell disorders


Stress Free Zone

 Stress. We all deal with it. Thanks to the research of Dr Theoharides [1] and others, we know stress hormones can cause mast cells to degranulate, thereby releasing histamine and other inflammatory agents into our bloodstream. I’d love to know … Continue reading


Waffles w/Antihistamine Rich Basil & Ginger Infused Peach Compote


high nutrient low histamine waffles

I was literally rubbing my hands together with glee when my waffle maker arrived just a few days ago. I had been plotting my adventures for some time…rest assured, these can be made into pancakes too – but it’s so … Continue reading


The Low Histamine Lifestyle 101 Webinar


low histamine 101 webinar

New to histamine intolerance, mast cell activation or mastocytosis? Wondering how to get started on low histamine/antihistamine & anti-inflammatory diet? Fret not! I’ll be sharing my tips, tricks and survival strategies with you next month in my very first webinar! … Continue reading


Best oxalate lowering cooking methods


Elephant, festival ,Jaipur, Royal Rajasthan, India, Asia

It hasn’t been too long since my initial oxalate post but my oh my word, low oxalate has rocked my world. Basketball stomach is now a thing of the past, as is razor blade in urethra fun time and, most … Continue reading


High Nutrient (antihistamine rich) Lamb Spring Rolls


High nutrient antihistamine rich lamb spring rolls

I miss Vietnamese food so much. I used to eat it practically every weekend before my histamine intolerance diagnosis, even, amusingly, when I was living in Bangkok. Thai food was just way to spicy for me, and I suspect the … Continue reading


Dr Castells interview: lifestyle changes DO work for mast cell/histamine disorders


Young sports woman with barbell.

Many of you will read the title of this post and think “D’oh! Of course lifestyle changes work for mast cell/histamine disorders!” But would you believe that out of eight world renowned mast cell experts at the European Mastocytosis Conference … Continue reading


Histamine reaction busting meditation



My Silva post a few weeks ago led to quite a few people asking for more details on how I used meditation to get me over the worst of my histamine reactions. Well, guess what? Last night was fairly unpleasant, … Continue reading


Antihistamine Dessert Bake


antihistamine dessert bake

Antihistamine dessert bake with quercetin rich apples, blueberries and ginger. You may use any fruit you tolerate.  Today was odd. I found myself doing something I hadn’t in a long time: having a nervous breakdown in the supermarket. Only this … Continue reading


Lectins: friend or foe?


lectins release histamine

Lectins: they help fight cancer but can cause mast cells to release histamine. The good news is that how you cook them makes a world of difference.  You know how I said a few weeks ago that I stuck my … Continue reading


Low Histamine (green tomato) Ketchup


low histamine ketchup

Nope, no need to clean out your ears, you heard me right: low histamine ketchup – how low histamine is totally up to you. Before you rush to fire off an email berating me for promoting high histamine foods, let … Continue reading


Paleo Histamine Intolerance Recipes


Low histamine paleo recipes

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO PURCHASE THE PALEO LOW HISTAMINE EBOOK Wondering why you’re still not feeling better, despite eliminating all the foods those lists tell you to? Have a niggling suspicion that losing all those high nutrient foods could … Continue reading


Game changer: the Silva Method



  Meditation has changed my life. It has helped me manage my mast cell activation symptoms, bizarre reactions to chemicals, dampen an explosive temper and get over the fear of food, and it’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that … Continue reading


Green Goddess Antihistamine & Anti-inflammatory Juice


Green Goddess Antihistamine & Anti-inflammatory Juice

The “hay fever beater”! This histamine-lowering quercetin rich juice appears in the Anti-Cookbook: High Nutrient Antihistamine & Anti-inflammatory Recipes for Health. You know how you take antihistamines for allergies? Well antihistamines are found in food too; especially in brightly coloured … Continue reading


Antihistamine Butternut Squash Soufflé (paleo & low oxalate)


Antihistamine shallot chutney

I came face to face with one of my greatest fears this last week: catastrophic hard drive failure with no current back up. The fallout wasn’t as unpleasant as I had anticipated – sure, I lost the final draft of … Continue reading


Antihistamines treat schizophrenia



Any/all of this sound familiar? Early symptoms may include: Irritable or tense feeling Trouble concentrating Trouble sleeping As the illness continues, the person may have problems with thinking, emotions, and behavior, including: Isolation Reduced emotion Problems paying attention Strongly held … Continue reading


Exercise is good for me, so why does it make me sick?


Is your fitness routine giving you allergies?

New studies show that aerobic exercise raises histamine levels. This isn’t news to me. When playing squash I have to take time outs to scratch myself silly and wait for the room to stop spinning. My man, now used to … Continue reading


Is your anti-histamine making you fat?


Can't lose weight? Could be your anti-histamine

In my blog post “I lost 35kg/77lbs on a low histamine diet” I mentioned histamine’s tole in appetite suppression. I recently had a  conversation with a friend whose family member suffers from anorexia nervosa. I felt compelled to share that in … Continue reading


The surprising link between allergies and migraines.


The migraine-histamine link

At some point I finally came to the conclusion that my headaches, which made me bang my head against the wall on occasion, had something to do with my diet. I was vindicated by the person who diagnosed me with histamine … Continue reading


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