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Nancy Wurtzel writes about making big changes at midlife in her blog, Dating Dementia. Read about Nancy’s often humorous and sometimes twisted journey at where she chronicles her journey as a baby boomer, divorced/single woman, empty nester, feminist and caregiver to her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. Nancy has one college-age daughter and resides in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

God, Please Help My Mother Die


I am not a religious person.  I’m not even sure I believe in a higher power, let alone one true God.  Even so, for the past several years I often find myself praying. When I do pray, it is always … Continue reading


The Alzheimer’s Person and Baby Doll Therapy



Those of us who are Alzheimer’s caregivers are used to seeing abilities ebb away. My mom — whom we call Mummy — was once a highly social person who always had to stay busy. Cooking and baking were her passions, … Continue reading


Repetitive Questions: Facing The Many Different Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease


When you are caring for someone with memory loss, the days all run together.  Indeed, it may often seem as though you are living in a remake of the movie Groundhog Day, where nothing ever changes. Life is like a … Continue reading


Finding the Humor in Dementia


Alzheimer’s disease is the pits.  Yet, even in the midst of all the pain, frustration and anger, there is sometimes the funny. Oh sure, the humor isn’t the hilarious, laugh-out-loud kind, but it certainly can make you smile or relieve … Continue reading