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When my son Sean was diagnosed with a low grade brain tumour three years ago at the age of two, I began to keep an online diary. Initially it was a record for him to read in later years, documenting his journey so that he would understand what happened to his body, his family and his future. It often became a space for me to bitch, cry, pray, laugh and reach out to an anonymous soul on a screen somewhere on the internet. Sometimes it's easier to let yourself open up to a faceless being rather than a caring friend, a loving spouse or professional support worker. We are an Air Force family which added its own complications and especially as my husband was serving in Belgium and looking after our three elder boys whilst trying to support us over the phone with flying visits when his duties allowed. I plan to revisit my diary, sharing excerpts with you and expanding and explaining the content.



Sean’s brain tumour was discovered in late Easter this year. It was diagnosed as a Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma, a low grade tumour. For those who don’t know what this means, I’ll explain. The World Health Organisation categorizes tumours as one of … Continue reading