rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Our story started off as the ultimate dream, the joy of a baby boy turning our word upside down, bringing new meaning to each new day. Then, after a routine immunisation, Louis became very distressed and his inflamed skin reacted in a red, itchy rash. From that moment on his skin was never the same. We were told that it was a condition called eczema. With no experience of this skin disorder, and no family history, we asked ourselves "why our baby boy?" As time went on, Louis's itchy skin drove him mad, my husband and I tried to find an eczema relief solution but the stress on us all was exasperating. Whilst it was a difficult time, the result of our search for eczema relief for our child is Snugglepaws. I have developed fun but functional, 100% cotton clothing that has helped to ease the effects of Louis's itchy skin. We hope that our eczema relief solution will bring the same comfort to your child's dry or itchy skin. Whether your child is sleeping, playing or travelling around, Snugglepaws have the perfect clothing to keep them safe and help their skin to heal.

Keeping Eczema at bay


Hi Everyone I can’t believe it is so long since I last blogged but after the very, very, bad episode of Eczema some months ago, I sort of lost the will to write about it, which I’m sure you will … Continue reading


A bad time


Hi everyone Sorry its been so long since I last blogged but the eczema went mad so spent most of my time trying to sort it out as best I could. I’m not sure how it all started but two … Continue reading


Thoughts on Eczema


Hi everyone Its blogging time again to which I must admit to putting aside, as I get on with all the other things that go with looking after the flare ups of eczema, running a home, business, writing an essay … Continue reading


2012 here we come


Hi everyone Happy New Year to you all, hope its a healthy one and that the Eczema improves. Well Christmas has now been and gone, did I really run around the supermarket trying not to forget everything with a trolley laden, … Continue reading


One of those weeks!


Hi everyone I’m getting later and later with doing my blog but at this time of year it’s a nightmare trying to fit everything in, as I’m sure you will agree. This afternoon is my  daughter’s nativity play, the first … Continue reading


A busy week!


Hi everyone I’m rather late in doing my blog this week as the lead up to Christmas seems to have started a bit earlier this year. Firstly the Eczema at the moment is not doing too badly, although the skin … Continue reading


Does Eczema stop us having fun?


Hi everyone This week I wanted to start on a positive note and tell you about the things we try to do as a family, because sometimes living with eczema can get you down, with the constant scratching  when you have … Continue reading


What causes our flare-ups


Hi everyone I’m a bit late doing my blog this week as have been a bit megga busy, you know the sort of week – arranging firework outings, catching up with homework, football matches, parents evening and oh yes grandma … Continue reading


Grandma’s diary. A very long day!


Hi everyone, I thought this week I would pass the blog to Grandma as she has done a huge amount of the childminding from my son’s very young age  and can give a different perspective which will be familiar to … Continue reading


An Eczema Journey


This week I have been looking back at the long journey we have made from diagnosis, the support we received along the way and to what is available now to parents and carers of those children with eczema. I remember … Continue reading


First blog


Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at blogging so bear with me.  Have just about managed to get a grip on tweeting as some of you may know but have faith I will improve! As you can see from … Continue reading