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You can call me Odete. I’m a 33-year-old black African female human. I am part of the CatchAfiya Network. I became interested in tools for coping with mental distress. Last year in 2010 I first started working at the BME Women Recovery Research Project which was lead by Jayasree Kalahil for the Mental Health Foundation. During the research project I was working as a researcher interviewer. I was at the lowest point in my depression, so doing that kind of work really inspired me. While working and listening to the stories of the women being interviewed, I felt as if was getting educated about what resources were available which aided their recovery. I hope this blog can inspire us to build a safer environment. I want to create my blogs as a tool of exchange and discussion where everyone is free to contribute on tips about how to use them in mental health recovery and share their experiences in a safe space.

More on the juice detox…


Well, I had the sixth and seventh day – Friday and Saturday – during which it was really difficult to keep focussed, because I felt really exhausted and I missed food, though in those two days I had about five … Continue reading


More on detoxing…


Today is the fourth day of my detox. I think I have to recap and say that on day two it was really good. I felt alive, bubbly, full of energy, and the juices were great. I had amazing juices … Continue reading


The juice detox…


This morning is the first day of my juice fasting. I started it last night just to have a taste of it, so I didn’t have dinner, and I’m kind of working with – I decided to do this perhaps … Continue reading