rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Phil Knight started work in the National Health Service in Leeds in 1989 before going to Hull University to read American Studies and then moved into private medical sales and marketing in 1994. He now owns two business focused in the private medical sector and works with senior clinicians and healthcare providers on a daily basis advising on a variety of healthcare issues. He is also a Member of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. He is interested in all aspects of healthcare and regularly blogs on related medical, business and technology issues and also hosts the only podcast in the country focusing on private medical insurance. He is lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire but has clients across the UK and internationally. He is married to Hazel, a Senior HR Manager with two children : Megan aged 13 and Ryan, 7. His interests include technology, podcasting, science fiction and martial arts - he is a Second Dan Black Belt in Tai Sabaki Do Karate and 2nd Kyu Brown Belt in Shukokai Karate so health and fitness dominate both his business and personal life. Read his blog at and visit his websites : and

Alternative Medicine modalities – should we just accept them ?


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NHS Accident and Emergency Update


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Death (now that got your attention) a [slightly] funny blog post


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Do people buy ‘go private’ because the NHS is bad ?


In the United Kingdom the historic premise behind the National Health Service (NHS) has always been medical care free to the user at the point of delivery. It should of course never be forgotten that the NHS is anything but … Continue reading


Media misrepresentation of the National Health Service


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Crisis within the NHS Accident and Emergency Function


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Sir Robert Edwards : 27 September 1927 to 13 April 2013


Last week a true scientific, medical and humanitarian giant lost his long fight with a serious lung disease. Literally a genius whose advancements in fertility science defined the final third of the 20th Century and to whom millions are grateful. … Continue reading


Cardiac Surgery Fiasco at the Leeds Health Trust


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NHS versus Private Healthcare … a personal journey


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