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Rachael is a late 30s south Londoner, who’s always been bigger than she wants but thinks she’s found the solution. Lives with her husband and cat, and enjoys cooking, gin and tonic and wearing nice shoes.

Feel the fear and do it anyway


I’m generally a cautious kind of person. I’ve written before about how much during crossfit beginners’ I was actually scared. And it occurs to be that I’m generally a fearful person, combining a lack of confidence in my physical ability … Continue reading


Can girls do sport?


As I’ve said many times, I wasn’t what you might call a sporty type at school. I was more ‘get sent to the head of year to get my eyeliner taken off’ type. Hated all sport, picked last etc etc. … Continue reading


A little thought about body image…


I’ve recently turned 39, and while I’m certainly smaller than I’ve been for 15 years, I’m certainly not small, at still a generous size 16. And while I’ve probably felt fat for nigh on 30 years, I’m the least bothered … Continue reading


I learn a big lesson


So I was totally excited about my crossfit birthday. I was booked into classes all through January, I’d set my crossfit goals for the year, and (most importantly it turns out), I’d decided to see the doctor about the nagging … Continue reading


The day my life changed…


There’s a tradition at Crossfit London, and I’m sure at other boxes, of marking your first year. So, January 13th was my crossfit birthday. Like the queen I sort of have two birthdays. In the previous summer, I did the … Continue reading


It’s a new year!


It’s been a while I know. I committed the cardinal blogging sin of not blogging. My excuse is that I’ve been busy doing, to write about doing, if that makes sense? So, in the fresh crispness of a brand new … Continue reading


The parable of the double under


What I love about crossfit, as opposed to every other single type of exercise I’ve ever done in my 30 year weight battle, is that it is not about ‘exercise’, it’s about skill. It’s not about doing something until the … Continue reading


Finding inspiration…


A while ago, I wrote about the stat I’d heard that suggested you are the average of the five people closest to you. I have no idea what actual research this is based on, but it is probably true. At … Continue reading


Not so GG gets her sparkle back…


Well, it’s been a funny couple of weeks. Last week I did something I’ve never done before at crossfit, which was fling the bar down in anger and frustration. Then left the class at the end, had a good cry, … Continue reading


Some lessons I’ve learnt this month


So it’s been a while since I posted. It’s been a long month – work has been full on and I’ve had to go to the US, which was stressful for many reasons, least of which is that I’m petrified … Continue reading


The law of averages


There is a statistic bandied about, for which I don’t know the source, that says you are the average of the 5 people around you. Whatever the truth behind it, you can certainly see the truth of it. If you … Continue reading


What I learned on my holidays


Gluttonboy and I spent a long weekend in Paris. Now I have a long-standing hatred of Paris, based on three disastrous previous visits (a weekend with then boyfriend when I was 17 and got a bad case of cystitis, a stint … Continue reading


A weird sense of non-achievement


So after I hit the halfway point, I had a massive high- I’d reached my goal bang on schedule, I’d done what I set out to do (but if I’m honest hadn’t really expected to do, anticipating another failed weight-loss … Continue reading


GluttonGirl goes a bit Katie Hopkins


There are people, in this brave new world of instant online media, who are employed stir up trouble and web hits. They are generally best ignored. But I have been pondering this old weight loss business, from the perspective of … Continue reading


Half-way and happy!


So I’ve often written about goal setting, and the importance of choosing a short-term, achievable aim, so you have something really concrete to work for and achieve in not too much time at all. What I’ve been doing, as well as … Continue reading


Not-So-Glutton-Girl has a think about progress


Regular readers know that Mr GG and I are in the middle of what we’re lovingly calling the Parkman Paleo Challenge – a month-long step-up of what we’ve been doing in a slightly half-hearted fashion, namely crossfit and paleo eating. … Continue reading


The Parkman Paleo Challenge – week 1


So what has been really weird, is that this first week of being very serious about our efforts has been almost as hard as that first week in january, which indicates quite how much ‘cheating’ was probably going on. Lesson … Continue reading


The Parkman Paleo Challenge begins


The much anticipated Parkman Paleo Challenge kicked off today – 30 days of strict paleo, to give ourselves a bit of a kick-start and reinvigorate our efforts. Chris and I took weight and body fat measurements, and now won’t get … Continue reading


If not now, when


We often can’t run fast, or for a long time, or do a pull-up, but if there’s one thing us fat girls can do it’s make excuses. There’s a reason why we’re fat, and there are a million reasons why … Continue reading


From committment-phobe from falling in love…


Today I trotted off to strength class, my absolutely favourite crossfit class because it doesn’t include a WOD and I can see myself getting stronger week by week. It’s actually only my third class but I can already see improvements. … Continue reading


Am I a committment-phobe?


Despite being married, I suspect I have a problem with committment. I start new things with a big burst of enthusiasm then have problems sustaining them in the long-term. Jobs, exercise regimes, eating habits, facial cleansing routines, resolutions to manicure … Continue reading


In which I learn some lessons…


I’ve blogged before about how important it is to track progress, to measure how far you’ve come, and how you compare against yourself (as oppsed to how you compare to other people). So this week has been a bit of … Continue reading


In which Not So Glutton Girl has a bit of a rant


As I think I’ve mentioned before, I used to work in the heady world of PR, for a long time in the beauty industry. The samples were amazing. What was not amazing, though, were the endless ‘look better’ type press … Continue reading


In which a corner seems to have been turned…


Every yo-yo dieter will say that even when they are doing well and resisting the siren call of doughnuts, they still can’t walk past the biscuit ailse at the the supermarket without mentally making a list of what they’re going to … Continue reading




As someone who has lost a fair amount of weight, a fair amount of times, I know from bitter experience that there are certain points in what I cringingly refer to as ‘the weight loss journey’ which are the most … Continue reading


Be nice to yourself!


The weirdest thing about deciding to live a life more about wellness, is that it seems so much about denial. Think about new year resolutions – I’ll stop eating chocolate, I won’t eat potatoes, I’ll cut down on drinking,, I … Continue reading


The worst in the class?


There are two sorts of people in the world- those who were willingly picked for sports teams and those who were last to be picked, whatever the sport. The rejects were also more likely to find excuses to bunk off … Continue reading


Goals and how to set them


The most annoying thing about doing something new, is that you can’t do it straight away. It’s a bit like when you decide you want to learn French. You trot along to your evening class, and, in the first class, … Continue reading