rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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My name is Saara [pronounced ‘Sarah’]. I hail from West Yorkshire, but have lived in Manchester since 2006. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease back in 2007 when I was studying to become a social worker at Manchester Metropolitan University. I started The Gluten Free Student Cookbook in April 2011.

What To Do If You’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Coeliac Disease


For some people, finally being diagnosed with coeliac disease can be a relief! They’ve finally got an answer as to why they’ve been suffering for so long. For others [and myself], being diagnosed with coeliac disease can turn your world … Continue reading


Intro to me and coeliac disease


When you tell someone you’re a coeliac, you’re often met with a blank stare followed by questions such as  “is that got something to do with seals?”, “is that one of those funny religious cults?”, “excuse me?”. It’s when you … Continue reading