rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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I am Sara Patience, a registered nutritionist and registered health visitor specialising in infant, child and family nutrition. I have an MSc in Nutritional Medicine. I work part-time for the NHS and the rest of the time in private practice I am also a health writer with a number of publications in professional journals and contributions to many monthly parenting magazines. I have given talks on various nutrition subjects to interested parties - professional and private. I work very hard to ensure that any information I give, in blogs, articles or in person is backed up by evidence.

Babies, Children and Salt


Salt is a mineral that is made from sodium and chloride and is commonly referred to as sodium chloride or NaCl. It is the excess sodium, Na, that gives rise to health concerns, and in this blog, the words salt, … Continue reading




Colic is something I am often asked about. It is a rather enigmatic condition, by which I mean that a lot is still not known.  However parents whose baby has had colic, knows exactly what it means – crying – … Continue reading