rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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About WeightLossBitch

On a health and fitness driven journey to lose over 32st / 448lbs / 203kgs – yes, it is a considerable amount – I am committed to losing my excess weight without the aid of weight loss surgery, diet pills, or quick fixes…as there aren’t any! Changing my eating habits and building up my fitness levels, along with addressing the ‘head issues’ will be crucial in order for me to achieve my goal. Living in England as a 31 year old super morbidly obese woman can be challenging to say the least. I have been shouted at in the street and verbally abused far too many times to mention; hence the name ‘Weight Loss Bitch’…the day I am just called a ‘bitch’ instead of a ‘fat bitch’ will be the day that I know I have cracked my weight loss! With many reasons to lose this weight I am documenting my journey for a number of reasons. Firstly, I would like to keep a record of the ups and downs, the highs and lows, and the challenges I face with such an enormous task to tackle. Secondly, I would also like to inspire and encourage other people who are in a similar situation and to show them that significant amounts of weight can be lost naturally…with a bit of motivation, hard work, dedication and will power. Thirdly, all of the blogging, Facebook-ing, Tweet-ing, Pinterest-ing and YouTube-ing keeps me occupied and keeps my fingers out of the fridge!




So today I thought I would talk about a couple of the mindset tricks that have helped me over the past couple of years. They relate to the word ‘can’t’. I don’t know about you, but if somebody tells me … Continue reading


An early night…



Tonight I am going to have an early one and read a book I think! My soothing system is in need of some love and attention…a decent meditation is in order too. I lost 0.5lbs today. I am not really … Continue reading


The dreaded scales…



One of the issues I have picked up on – that all of the lovely people I have spoken with, coached, or emailed since starting this weight loss campaign have in common – relates to scales…the dreaded scales! They become … Continue reading





I spent last night having a look over some of my old blog posts…I was in the mood for reminiscing! I wrote a post in July last year in which I was trying to explain my fears regarding my old … Continue reading


Moving on…



Today I have been remembering a lady that I was desperately hoping to help. Unfortunately, she died before I had the opportunity to have any kind of real impact; although during our brief period of contact she kept telling me … Continue reading


World’s best?



My comments the other day surrounding variety seemed to cause a little debate! We are constantly told that variety is crucial, yet if we get the range of macro and micro nutrients we need…the body doesn’t really care. If you … Continue reading


Challenging times!



Mr WLB and I are going through a challenging time at the moment. Him with his reflux, throat issues, stress and anxiety…me with my usual fight of shifting weight, carving out a new career, and feeling frankly bloody exhausted all … Continue reading





Oh no! My honest nature seems to have offended yet another sensitive soul! It seems that a blog post I wrote a year ago has caused some offence. Please don’t expect an apology to follow…as one will not be forthcoming … Continue reading


Big Fat …….!



Don’t blame me for tonight’s unsavoury blog post title…blame the lovely FB Natalie!   Haha – it did make me chuckle when I saw it! There were also a few additional words thrown in by other lovely FB people in … Continue reading





Mr WLB is wanting to take over tonight’s blog post! So here he is…filling you in on what’s been happening for him recently… ‘Hey everyone it’s Mr WLB here. I’m very sorry that I haven’t been interfering in WLB’s blog … Continue reading





I have done something today that may make or break a really important friendship. Some years ago, when I was at the beginning of my career – long before I met Mr WLB – I spoke to a chap on … Continue reading





I haven’t eaten a bag of crisps in over 4 weeks now.This is a pretty major deal for me. Crisps are my weakness…my nemesis…my love…my friend! On a typical day the old me would eat a multipack of McCoys crisps … Continue reading


End of an era!



Today saw the end of an era – sort of! It was the last day of my coaching work at uni and I felt a little emotional actually – which was unexpected. For me, this course has been a crucial … Continue reading


Angry Bird!



As I was driving Mr WLB to the doctors this morning, I was wondering what changes losing weight has made to my mood. So I asked him, ‘Do you think I am less angry now that I have lost some … Continue reading


If I gave you…



…a gun containing a single bullet and asked you to spin the cylinder before placing the muzzle of that gun to the side of your head and pulling the trigger, would you do it? My guess is that you would … Continue reading


Unexpected ;-)



Given last nights blog post of goals that I have hit, I imagine that you might have guessed what was coming tonight?! Yes, you are right…some more goals! So first of all let’s get a little bit more ‘scientific’ than … Continue reading


Review Time!



Twelve months seems like a long time, but it bloody flies by! This time last year, I wrote a blog post with some goals in it. I wrote, ‘…summer 2014 will be here before we know it, and I want … Continue reading





It’s time for me to talk about something that I am reading again…and, as always, I am constantly likening things to weight loss – which bores even me, so apologies to you for having to put up with me! My … Continue reading


Smart Works



I spotted something on Twitter the other day that caught my eye. It was a request from a charity called Smart Works for plus size clothing, and it simply said, @SmartWorksHQ: We are always in particular need of plus sized … Continue reading


Coolest Ever Present!



This has to be the coolest – in more senses than one – birthday present ever! It’s an individual ice-cream maker…and the best thing about it is that you can make the healthiest treats in it. My ‘ice-cream’ tonight was … Continue reading


Goodbye…farewell…so long…



…feck off! I have had the best news today – I am no longer in need of my diabetes medication, as my lifestyle overhaul is doing far more than the drugs ever can…according to my doctor. So I am waving … Continue reading


It’s my party!



Well – not so much of a party…but it is my birthday today! For thirty-three years I have now roamed this planet – well, as of 8.58pm this evening! – and they have been good times. I have a lot … Continue reading


A quickie!



‘What motivates you?’ is one of the most-asked questions thrown my way. It is difficult to answer, as what motivated me back when I was 43st 5.5.lbs is very different to what motivates me now at 22st 10.5lbs. Also, motivation … Continue reading


Respect and love



My guilty pleasure is watching ‘Made in Chelsea’ – I have to say that I love the foulness and stupidity of some of the cast members…it has me screaming at the TV! I wrote last year about the fact that … Continue reading


Pilates Shoes – Daisy Roots



I was so excited when the postman delivered these gorgeous Pilates shoes! You see, I have foot issues. I hate bare feet…and the thought of standing bare foot and doing Pilates or Yoga makes me shiver…so I tend to just … Continue reading


How do you feel?



How do you feel? It’s a simple question…which can open a can of worms. The typical British response is to say, ‘Fine, thank you’! People often get a shock when they ask me how I feel now…as I am quite … Continue reading





This isn’t about balance in the traditional sense – although I have done some mean moves on a bosu and a foam roller recently! It’s all about balance in the slimming sense. As an ‘all or nothing’ creature, I find … Continue reading


Dreams…can come true?!



Goodness me – I had the strangest dream last night! I was walking across the field to see my horses. It was really muddy and the ground was kind of moving up and down…like a wave. Then, the corner of … Continue reading


Happy Days!



So the little 100 Happy Days project has reached the end! I am going to carry on with it though! 100 days ago, I wrote about ‘100 Happy Days‘. I wanted to spread some happiness and positivity – as well … Continue reading


On days like this…



…I should not be allowed on social media, or in fact allowed any form of communication with people! So please take this as a warning – if you are of a sensitive disposition then you should check back tomorrow. I … Continue reading





Gosh – I have been doing everything today apart from the one thing that I should have been doing! Which was to write my final assignment…based on the use of compassionate approaches in coaching. Instead I decided to: have a … Continue reading





What fun I have had today! First up was a Saturday morning Slimming World group for one of my talks. I don’t usually see Saturday mornings at that time…the roads were so clear! Another great bunch of people all trying … Continue reading


Binge Eating



Bloody hell! Tonight was a sharp reminder that you rarely overcome but instead learn to manage your issues! I have been looking forward to my dinner all day…burgers…I love burgers! So as I plated up and arranged it all to … Continue reading





Goodness me, talk about opening a can of worms! The lovely email from a coaching client that I shared with you last night has prompted a fair few questions about coaching…and I am going to try and attempt to give … Continue reading


Be proud!



I had to chuckle when reading some of the comments left by people about my weight loss results yesterday. ‘Be proud!’, or, ‘You should be so proud of yourself!’, or, ‘I hope that you are proud!’ The reason I chuckled … Continue reading


I have lost 20.5st with Slimming World!



Another title decided upon by Mr WLB! It’s true though…today I lost 5lbs and managed to get into the ’22′ bracket. I am now 22st 12lbs! This means that I have now shifted 20st 7.5lbs – or for my American … Continue reading


Makes me sad…



Despite the fact that this research was commissioned by a fecking ‘fat-freezing’ company – whom I won’t name as this shite needs no promotion – the findings, if they are to be believed, make me sad! I happened to glance … Continue reading


Looking back…



After my tough day yesterday, I decided to take a look back in time. There is a ‘thing’ on Twitter at the moment that lets you look back at the first ever ‘tweet’ you sent…I didn’t bother so much with … Continue reading


It’s not easy!



It certainly isn’t easy – this losing weight malarkey! I am not aware of anyone who attends a Slimming World group who doesn’t want to shift some weight and become a bit healthier. Yet if we want it so much, … Continue reading


Tough times!



It’s been a tough day for Mr WLB. My day has been fine, if a little strained… He is in the process of becoming a non-smoker! I caught him this morning trying to sneak out of the house to buy … Continue reading





The news has been full of stories recently regarding the NHS referring patients to weight loss organisations such as Slimming World and Weight Watchers. Some people think that it’s an excellent idea…others do not. One article I read discusses a … Continue reading





What an interesting moment I had today on the rowing machine. Interesting…judgemental and annoying…or flattering? I will let you decide… So I was on the treadmill when a couple of women walked in. One was small and petite, and the … Continue reading


The perils of personal training!



I absolutely love the training that I do now…the Pilates moves that I can do, the weights that I can lift and pull and push, the cardio work that I can endure…40 minutes on the rowing machine today! But sometimes, … Continue reading





Memories…today bought up a memory that made me incredibly proud of what I was doing at that moment in time. Which was actually staring at the clock in the gym at minute 109 of my 120 minute double personal training … Continue reading


Awkward situations…



Life as a part-time blogger can be interesting at times…and also awkward. There are those wonderful highs when I get messages from people who have felt inspired by my ramblings and ruminations and have gone on to make some incredible … Continue reading


I’m going to bash your nuts up!



This was the line delivered to Mr WLB today…”I’m going to bash your nuts up” I said. My mind was full of cleansing and de-cluttering once again…and his nuts were on the list! I am of course referring to the … Continue reading





What a jam-packed day that has been full of delights! First up was a conversation with a rather wonderful woman – a kindred spirit of sorts I would say. I anticipated speaking to her for about half an hour…2 hours … Continue reading


Peppa bloody Pig!



What an afternoon I have had! Today was the day that Mr WLB and I accompanied my nephew to see Peppa Pigs Big Splash…I can only describe it as a production made by someone with an over-active imagination…and possibly a … Continue reading





I had an interesting conversation the other day that got me thinking about why I reached 43st 5.5lbs. It centred around the fact that I had never really had to deal with what I felt was a proper challenge. There … Continue reading


Good old Mr WLB!



‘Bless ya xxx Keep going u will get there! X’ This was the response that I got from him when I sent my text update after getting on the scales this morning. He is a gem! I feel quite sorry … Continue reading


Feels like progress…



Progress has been made today in terms of getting my house in order…I always feel that if my life is cluttered with ‘stuff’ then my mind is cluttered too! So it was time for a bit of a de-clutter. First … Continue reading





Today has been bloody marvellous…I am feeling very content and happy this evening! The day started well with a lovely long lazy morning in bed. I did wake up quite early but just lazed around for a while – I … Continue reading


Feeling myself…



My name is Weight Loss Bitch and I have a problem – I can’t stop feeling myself! I am going through a strange and exciting phase of finding new sticky out bits. There are these little things protecting your knee … Continue reading





Goodness me – my pride got the better of me today…and I am suffering as a result! This stupid pride often gets me into trouble at the gym. If I set myself a target – such as 30 minutes at … Continue reading


Clearing something up…



I just wanted to clear a couple of things up today! I get shit wrong too. I realised that last nights blog sounded a bit critical and it wasn’t meant that way at all…I sometimes write about stuff that I … Continue reading





One of the things that I learnt a while ago is that just because you share a common interest with someone it doesn’t mean that you have other things in common! This blog post probably won’t make sense if you … Continue reading


Good, bad, and ugly!



It’s been a day of contrasts…the good…the bad…and the ugly! First up I guess is the good stuff. I had a review with the dietician and she was thrilled. She is really pleased with my progress and told me trust … Continue reading





After my ‘poor-me’ day yesterday, I decided to give myself a proverbial kick up the backside! So I asked myself some of the questions I would ask my coaching clients…and got a sense of perspective, which is always helpful. I … Continue reading


A tough one!



Some days are better than others…this has been a not so good day! I am sure the fact that I am back home and not in the wonderful Scottish Highlands has something to do with it. The pictures and videos … Continue reading


Back home



This was the ferry we hopped on this morning to head home… It was a sad moment! I have had such a great holiday – great company, great seafood, the use of the gym, rifle shooting, archery, tomahawk and knife … Continue reading


Last day! :-(



My holiday is coming to an end…and I am a bit sad! I absolutely adore it up here and feel so refreshed and rejuvenated. And I know it might sound sad, but being able to use the gym whilst I … Continue reading


Wild Weeing!



Wild weeing…it’s a new form of sport that my Mum has invented! Firstly, you have to have a weak bladder…or have consumed more fluid than your bladder can hold. Secondly, you have to then decide that the aforementioned fluid needs … Continue reading


Watch out trolls!



Today has been fantastic…I have been learning some new methods of dealing with ‘trolls’…those online eejits out to try and knock you off track! First up was rifle practice…then it was tomahawk and knife throwing…and then it was archery – … Continue reading





Goodness me – what a tempting day it has been! First up was a rather grey and wet ferry hop over towards Fort William… I was heading to Aviemore to meet a lovely lady again that I met via Twitter … Continue reading


All smoked out!



Another day of my holiday has passed and it has been fabulous! First up was Glenfinnan – I trekked up the hill for a better view… I took a few pictures – of the Harry Potter viaduct too – but … Continue reading


‘Seafood’…and eat it! :-)



What a fabulous day! Rainy and grey but it’s just so wonderful here…great company, great surroundings, and great food! We headed over to Oban today…well, I just HAD to go to the green seafood hut on the pier…it’s pretty much … Continue reading


My second home!



We have arrived…Mr WLB, myself, our dog, Mum, and my aunt have all arrived in Scotland! Our journey started a little before there’s did…at 2am when the neighbours yappy dog woke us up – after doing the same at 10pm … Continue reading


Saggy and baggy!



This is a subject that I have written about before…and it seems to be the subject that pretty much every person I meet wants to ask me about… …loose skin! My wonderful body is starting to give me some interesting … Continue reading


More mindfulness!



Mindfulness…I do go on about it quite a lot! So imagine my delight when upon arrival at uni today, the headline acts were ‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Gestalt coaching’…it certainly renewed my waning enthusiasm! Now, when it comes to the Gestalt stuff, … Continue reading


I have lost 20st with Slimming World



Can you tell that this is another blog title decided by Mr WLB…something to do with SEO?! We argue over this kind of thing…it’s his day job, but promotion of my ramblings is not for me – if you like … Continue reading





What does the word ‘success’ mean to you? The definition of success is, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. For me though that definition is so bloody broad…success means different things to different people…defining it can be a nightmare! … Continue reading





This isn’t one of my usual rants about judgement – please don’t worry! We all judge and we all get judged…deal with it; it’s life. I have talked a great deal before about the lives of our ancestors having a … Continue reading


Good times!



Compliments – some of them are lovely, some of them are a little back-handed – and I used to struggle to accept them…still do at times I guess. Why is this…why is is so hard to graciously accept a compliment? … Continue reading


Moody Cow! ;-)



Actually I am a happy-mood cow today! It’s been a good day for no particular reason…which is always nice! Being happy…it was once something that I dreamt about. There were little moments of happiness and things that made me smile … Continue reading


Superfree…or Jenga?!



Last year, I set myself some challenges to keep me on track with Slimming World. I am not going to dwell too much on the first element of my challenge as many hardcore Slimming Worlders may disagree with this bit, … Continue reading





Eggs. I love eggs. They are bloody marvellous – a source of complete protein and full of vitamins and minerals! As I was eating my eggs for breakfast, I remembered a discussion we had in group. Actually, this discussion took … Continue reading


A loss is a loss…



Which is quite true…I cannot dispute that! However the simple fact that ‘a loss is a loss’ does not mean that I am not pissed off though! 1lb was shifted today at weigh-in. Given that I put 0.5lbs on last … Continue reading





What a bloody nightmare. I had one of those moments where I thought that I had lost my completed university assignment! The panic was immense! The focus of my writing has been negative self-talk and how powerful it can be. … Continue reading


What to do…



Goodness me…I have been having a few sleepless nights over my future! I am going through the process – again! – of wondering what I should do with myself. My old life involved all sorts – recruitment, resourcing, assessment, leadership … Continue reading





Not least because of this… …my poorly fingers…but because of these feckers… …Easter food…it’s killing me – ironically though this type of food really was killing me! I know that I have had a good old moan about Easter food … Continue reading


Do your own thing!



A comment was made last night about a food choice of mine…and it got me thinking. Now, I wasn’t bothered in the slightest by this comment…you can ask what you want to ask – as long as you are not … Continue reading


It pays off!



They say – whoever ‘they’ are – that sweat is fat crying. I guess ‘they’ are sweaty people in gyms…I prefer to think of it as my liquid awesome! I am proud to be a sweaty gym person…especially following my … Continue reading


Ponies, sunshine, and family!



I have had a great afternoon – full of fun! Mr WLB stayed at home today whilst I went to the gym. So off I went to try my new ‘leg day’ workouts with a high intensity session on the … Continue reading


Bugger, bugger, and poo!



Tonight’s title was inspired by Liz…it was part of her response to my weigh-in day news! I put on 0.5lbs! Now 0.5lbs in the grand scheme of things is nothing…I would like to lose 907 little 0.5lbs in total…so one … Continue reading


Mind power!



Wowzers! Today has been a tough old day in terms of food cravings. It has taken every ounce of my mind power to stay on track and not overeat. Now I know that some would say that I can eat … Continue reading


Attentive Eating…



One of the TV shows that I quite like watching is Secret Eaters. Most weight loss TV shows are bloody awful. I used to be a fan of the Biggest Loser until I read some behind the scenes interviews with … Continue reading


Inner Games…



Inner games…I refer to both the voice in our head that plays games with us…and also the books by W. Timothy Gallwey. I have read two of his books so far – The Inner Game of Tennis, and The Inner … Continue reading


A bit rubbish…



Today has been a bit rubbish…all of my own doing really! Nothing catastrophic has happened or anything…and that is the point – it has been a very unproductive day. I had a lazy morning…a really lazy morning. Surprisingly for a … Continue reading


Not much to say…



Surprisingly, I don’t really have much to say today for a change! The past few weeks have involved a lot of thinking – about food, about movement, about the mind. This past week has involved a lot of talking too…five … Continue reading





What do I make of my 4lb loss this week then? Obviously I am happy…but just a little confused. I am confused because I have done less than usual, eaten the same amount, drank six litres of water the day … Continue reading


“Don’t diet – just eat what your body wants.”



When an old doctor of mine uttered these words, I thought that they were crazy. Seriously! How could a professional sit there and tell someone who was morbidly obese – I may have even been super morbidly obese at that … Continue reading





This is a subject that I have written about before… My love of fashion – Vivienne Westwood in particular – has been a sort of secret for some time. When you are wearing XXXXXXXXL t-shirts and jogging bottoms from a … Continue reading


My week…



It’s been a bit of a mixed week really…aren’t they all?! I have had some thinking to do regarding my weight loss, but have just taken the view that I am doing what I need to do and my body … Continue reading





I did warn earlier on today that tonight’s post may contain a few swear words – so please don’t read if you are likely to get offended…as I won’t deal well with any arsehole-ish private messages from concerned blog readers … Continue reading





So yesterday I shared a picture of my little motivational jars… They are a great visual motivator for some…for others they add too much pressure. I shared the picture as, for me, seeing the ‘lost’ jar getting fuller makes me … Continue reading


‘There aren’t even 7 types of fruit and veg!’



Goodness me – what a comment – this was a face in palm moment if I have ever had one! The second face in palm moment happened when I read the articles relating to the claims that we need to … Continue reading


Big Girl Pants!



Today I decided to grab a little perspective and pull on my big girl pants. Here are the big girl pants…just in case you thought I was being metaphorical! So I had a bit of a moan yesterday – I … Continue reading





Weigh-in day today…and one of those days for me! I lost 1lb. I got my 19.5st award… …but I am not feeling the love today. There is not really much that anyone can say. I am fed up and whilst … Continue reading


‘Why did you let yourself get so fat?’



Whilst this is a valid question to ask someone who reached 43st 5.5lbs, it’s also quite fecking irritating! I have some questions of my own… Why did you let yourself smoke so much that you ended up with lung cancer? … Continue reading


Mummies Day!



What a wonderful day of celebrations galore for mummies out there! I will share with you the message that I decided felt right for Facebook today…’Special ‘wonderful day’ wishes to the mummies, soon to be mummies, those who have been … Continue reading


Good weather…good company…thankful!



Today has been as it says on the tin really – a day of good weather, good company, and lots to be thankful for. First up was a bit of thankful. I watched a video of a lady called Joanne … Continue reading





My first thought this evening was that I don’t really have much to say today…but I bet as I write it will all start to come out! There is one thing that has bothered me this week, and that is … Continue reading





An article, written by Sarah Abell, in this months ‘Psychologies’ magazine started my mind whirring today. I was sat in the car reading it whilst Mr WLB was having his training session. I was sat in the car not really … Continue reading


Just do it!



Or JFDI as a friend of mine says! Just fecking do it… Today’s blog post was inspired by a conversation that Mr WLB and I had after my weigh-in yesterday. He asked me if I was disappointed by the result … Continue reading





Oh how I do love people who look at the positives! I will get on to the Oxygen-Stealer shortly, but first I will cover my weigh-in and group today. It was a good morning. This was the number that the … Continue reading


Who said?



What?, Which?, Who?, When?, Where? These are some of the most important words for me now. Not ‘Why?’ as this can be seen as a challenge and can rile people…I might use ‘why?’ on the odd occasion though…on purpose! I … Continue reading


Getting emotional!



Last night I briefly mentioned emotional intelligence. It’s quite important stuff really. The definition of emotional intelligence (EI) is, ‘the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.’ So it … Continue reading


I’ve got a strap on!



Sometimes words come out of my mouth and I wish I could stuff them right back in there again! Today’s little gem was as the title says…”I’ve got a strap on.” This was in response to a question my personal … Continue reading





I am curious as to what we think we are missing out on when we choose to eat healthily. I am also curious about my binge-eating…and whether a one-off occasion would put me right back in a place where that … Continue reading


Spoon feeding…



There may be a tiny rant coming up…but I am going to try and contain myself for now and see what happens or else there will be more naughty marks against my name! It was weigh-in day again…another 2lbs off … Continue reading


Exciting opportunity!



Well I think it’s quite exciting anyway! I was recently contacted by a couple of lovely guys who have created something that I think is pretty bloody good! A lot of the questions that I get asked surround exercise. As … Continue reading


Two things…



There are two things that I am going to share with you today…one is a moral karma kind of thing, and the other is a what pisses me off kind of thing. So first up is the very brief moral … Continue reading


I changed my mind!



It can happen…I can change my mind! Despite what Mr WLB may tell you, I am a reasonable individual! I wrote the other day about the headlines we are subjected to. The headline is designed to provoke a reaction and … Continue reading





Could you really believe that Special K for breakfast with double cream and jam is healthy? Secret Eaters is one of those weight loss shows that I actually quite like. It manages to remove the smoke and mirrors that people … Continue reading


Pilates…and ballet



Today was the little Pilates meet up that I had organised! As soon as I wrote about enjoying Pilates I was inundated with messages from people saying that they were either too fat, too uncoordinated, too shy, too scared, etcetera … Continue reading





Mr WLB likes to be helpful – occasionally. He gets concerned that I will run out of words when it comes to writing this everyday…me, run out of words? How can he not know me after so long?! So he … Continue reading


A nice bit of platinum!



Not of the expensive jewellery variety…but of the Slimming World award variety! I have to say that I am thrilled to have this and would choose it over a piece of jewellery any day! For me, this little bit of … Continue reading





I owe tonight’s blog post to a lovely reader who sent me a link to a TED talk. TED talks are amazing…leaders in their field giving an insight into their learnings…I am a geek for this kind of thing! The … Continue reading


What have you lost?



A quickie tonight…I have been out all day having family fun and finished the evening with a coaching client who is doing amazing things…it has been a fabulous day! Earlier on today I got curious. I see these charts occasionally … Continue reading


A night in…



This is becoming a rarity on a Saturday evening now – which still comes as a surprise to me…I never thought I would be out there doing this kind of thing! Well…’this’ kind of thing was supposed to be the … Continue reading


Sugar-coated sensibility



There has been talk, for quite some time now, about introducing a tax on sugar. The chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, has said that sugar tax may have to be introduced to curb obesity rates, unless the government gets … Continue reading


In good company



It appears that my swearing is not something that I need to be ashamed of really – I am in good company apparently! If you offend easily and don’t enjoy a bit of profanity, then maybe check back tomorrow night… … Continue reading


Mr WLB…irritations!



I love my Mr WLB, I really do…but sometimes…;-) Those little things that you love at the beginning of a relationship – such as the cute way he used to whistle without realising that he was doing so – begin … Continue reading


Slimming World Greatest Loser 2014



19st 0.5lbs lost…and ‘Greatest Loser’ for my wonderful group. I bloody love Slimming World! It was a great morning – my group are an amazing bunch! I lost 0.5lbs…which is obviously in the right direction, although I do get a … Continue reading


Happy Days!



Happiness – it’s something that I never thought I could claim as an emotion! Since working hard to develop a positive attitude, life has got better – I wouldn’t say that I see it through rose-tinted glasses, as I am … Continue reading





You might have met me. You might have seen me at one of the Slimming World talks I have done, or go to my group. You might swim with me. You might have attended one of my little WLB gatherings. … Continue reading


Wet water!



“Well I nearly did fall over tonight following you at the swimming pool – I stepped on some wet water and slipped.” Said Mr WLB last night. “Wet water, really?” I said. Now the scientific amongst you – or cosmetic … Continue reading


I don’t give a feck!



Despite what the title and I myself may say at times…I kind of do give a feck. I think we all do. I care what people think about me to a certain extent…not so much in terms of my looks, … Continue reading


Compassionate Responsibility



Being compassionate can often be misinterpreted as being too soft. I began thinking a bit more about compassion quite some time ago, and was reminded of it again this week. It is Eating Disorders Awareness Week and Beat are working … Continue reading


Are you ‘storming’?



Okay…so bear with me tonight. I am trying to mix my old work stuff with my new work stuff…and I have made a little connection that makes a fair bit of sense – to me at least! So the old … Continue reading


I have lost 19st with Slimming World



Can you tell that Mr WLB came up with tonight’s blog post title…something to do with his digital PR brain apparently! So it’s as it says on the tin really…I have now lost a total of 19st with Slimming World…no … Continue reading





Why does that word strike fear into the hearts of some, yet give others a warm and dreamy glow? Those thoughts of gym-knickers, freezing cold cross-country runs, and all-weather hurdles which resulted in me having gravel embedded in my palms … Continue reading


Goodness me…



…Mr WLB wants me to let him loose again! He has been emailing little suggestions over to me all day! Things that he thinks I should mention to you. However, his idea of mentionable behaviour and mine are a little … Continue reading





…it’s not really a strong point of mine! I spent years playing along and not saying how I felt – certainly at work – and when I gave up work to focus on my health, I vowed that I would … Continue reading


It starts on the inside…



I am having a day off today – just from the blog writing…not from my eating plan or exercise before you start to get concerned! The wonderful Will Pike has penned the following for you…which I think you will quite … Continue reading


What a day…



Today has been looming for a while…today was the day that I had to go and have my lady parts inspected by the gynaecologist! I have PCOS and Endometrial Hyperplasia with cancerous cells and so have to get regular checks … Continue reading





There is a Twitter account called ‘Food Porn’…you really would think that I would know better by now, wouldn’t you?! But no, I just had to open a couple of their pictures…one was ‘Caramel Kiss Brownies’ and the other was … Continue reading


A strange analogy!



Mr WLB freaked me out a little at 3am… …I woke up as he was talking a lot. I thought he was talking in his sleep, but he was so lucid that it was like a full-on conversation. He told … Continue reading


Stop the world…



…I want to get off…or I did earlier on today! I woke up this morning in one of those moods. One of those moods that everyone gets, but that I felt was unique to me…only I could feel this bad. … Continue reading


Haha – love!



Today’s post is courtesy of Mr WLB… ‘WLB asked me (or told me, a little aggressively) to write something today for you as she was busy planning this weeks quotes and recipes to share with you. I think she is … Continue reading


Why, why, why?



How often do you sit there wondering ‘why?’ Why do I do this to myself? Why do I eat until I hurt? Why do I eat this junk when I know it’s no good for me? Why am I eating … Continue reading


He knows me well…


photo 3

There were no flowers today. There were no chocolates today. There was not even a card! Mr WLB knows me incredibly well, and so I got these beauties…Smoked scallop slices all the way from the Hebridean Smokehouse on the Isle … Continue reading


Personal Training!



The time had come…the time when I stepped up and became a personal-trained WLB! Today was my first personal training session in years. I had sessions regularly in my mid-twenties, but piled so much weight back on that it was … Continue reading


I need a slap…



…or a hug – depending upon where you sit on the compassionate-mind approach scale! Today has been a bit of a ‘meh’ day. I have spent most of it with some lovely people on my coaching course, but I just … Continue reading


Tripping over Humpday!



Literally tripping over it…my three year old nephew saw me this morning getting into my car to head to the hospital. “Why you trip over?”, he said in garbled toddler-speak… …to which I replied, “I haven’t tripped over sweetpea, and … Continue reading


You have to laugh…



…well, it is kind of expected when you attend a comedy gig! The past 24 hours have been good – very good. Last night I went to see Russell Kane and Omar Hamdi. Yet again I went through that panic … Continue reading


Do what Slimming World tells you! ;-)



There seems to be a little confusion around my food choices when it comes to Slimming World. This week alone I have had over twenty emails and messages from lovely concerned blog readers who think that I am making errors … Continue reading


Giggling and Farting!



What a combination…when you giggle so hard that you fart! It’s been a tough week…a very tough week. I have been a bit hard on myself and getting a little fed up with the effort in vs weight off balance. … Continue reading


I’d rather sit down than stand up!



This statement made Mr WLB chuckle earlier on today…”I’m quite lazy really when I’m not at the gym…I mean, I’d rather sit down than stand up!”, I said. He found this rather amusing, but also agreed with me! We were … Continue reading


Mini Cheddar Suspension



Mr WLB sent me a link to an article last night that I read with a mixture of feelings. It was about a six year old boy who was suspended from school for having Mini Cheddars in his lunchbox…or at … Continue reading


Biggest Loser…but what of?!



A little controversy surrounds the recent winner of the American fitness and weight loss TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’. I have to hold my hands up and say that I haven’t watched the series…I have just been reading about the … Continue reading


Happy Anniversary!



It’s been two years since Slimming World and I began this magical relationship…although I must admit that we had been together on many occasions before. We decided to give it a ‘proper’ go this time though! During the past two … Continue reading





As a social media user with a bit of a ‘story’, I often get contacted by people trying to rope me in to promoting something or other…and sometimes I even get free yogurt! You have probably read my rants about … Continue reading


Super long Sunday…



Today has been purely focussed on Mr WLB…who is experiencing his first day of giving up smoking! Bless him – he is really going through it. For him, smoking was a way of deflecting his feelings. He really suffered quite … Continue reading


Pilates – wowzers!



Given that my theme for 2014 is ‘challenge’ – in fact, I might not have shared that with you…because I have only just decided that this IS my theme – I finally manned-up and got to a Pilates class. Now, … Continue reading


Decisions, decisions…


photo 3

Have a little look at this……what do you think when you see it? I see a decision. In fact, I see three decisions: 1 – Eat the lot and sod it…blowing it for the weekend, as I’ve ‘failed’ anyway. 2 … Continue reading





…decided that he wanted to choose the subject for tonight’s blog post. It seems that he wants to be amused! Mr WLB has been reminiscing and reminded me last night of some of the silly and stupid happenings we have … Continue reading


Fruyo – amazingly good!



I guess that I have already given the game away in terms of my thoughts on the Fruyo yogurts?! I felt pretty honoured to be asked to try them…you know you’ve ‘made it’ when you get asked to do stuff … Continue reading





First of all – a huge apology for the website problems that some of you experienced earlier on today…you couldn’t get your blog fix and I feel awful! As soon as I found out that there was a problem, I … Continue reading


Lightest I’ve been in 10 years!



Thanks to a crucial wee I am now at my lightest weight for over 10 years…10 bloody years! When I went to Slimming World a good few years ago, I managed to lose just over 8st and went from 33st … Continue reading





A few months ago I got caught speeding – 34 in a 30 limit…in my defence – not that there ever is a defence when it comes to breaking the speed limit – I was coming out of a 50 … Continue reading


Dancing on the ceiling!



Okay…so it wasn’t the ceiling…but I did dance and there was a bit of Lionel involved! I will let Mr WLB fill you in, as he wrote his words first thing this morning and so must be keen to share … Continue reading


Aquafit Hippos…



More about the aquafit hippos in a second! First off, a little warning that I am in a foul mood today…for no apparent reason, and I can’t seem to snap myself out of it. I have been swearing at drivers, … Continue reading


Weight Loss Worries



Today has been really interesting and humbling for me. I spent the afternoon with a lovely woman who is desperate to lose weight. She is so desperate that she is trying to shift a considerable amount of weight by drinking … Continue reading


There’s a line…



…but where do you draw it? We all have a line at which point something in our mind starts to feel uncomfortable…when we don’t quite agree that something is right. I got thinking about this line following my post about … Continue reading


Dear Body…



Right then – the idea for today’s blog post has been shamelessly stolen from the lovely Katie at FatGirlPhD…she knows I am stealing it though…and is quite happy about it too! When I started writing this blog, I felt like … Continue reading


Oooh – My Baggy Body



Last night was a toughie…one of those moments when I am wondering whether to man up, or just retreat to my blanket fort and hide! As seems to be the case in recent months, I decided to man up! My … Continue reading


Do some people like the drama?



I will give you a warning before you read any further…this is a rather contentious blog post! As ever, it is my opinion and my views…and I am entitled to them! In answer to my blog post title…of course some … Continue reading


I do love Slimming World…



…however, there are a couple of things that my over-active mind queries on occasion! First off though, let me say that I think Slimming World is an amazing plan – it has helped me to save my life…and that isn’t … Continue reading


Warning! Contains lots of swear words!



Goodness me – I am so bloody annoyed this evening it is crazy! What I have been left pondering this evening is why the good people constantly get shat on…should I just start being a total bitch, or should I … Continue reading


Knees…my poor knees!



Ouch, ouchy, ouch…my poor knees are feeling very sorry for themselves today! The aerobics class yesterday was such good fun and it gave me a real mental boost – just getting through the class put a huge smile on my … Continue reading





Well, what a day it has been…First up was a bit of something new. Mr WLB and I decided that we would give an aerobics class a go. Actually, I decided that I wanted to do it…and I decided – … Continue reading


Well, you have been on holiday…



If one more person had said this to me yesterday, I think a crime would have been committed! I lost 2lbs at my morning weigh in…2lbs is great – it’s a decent loss…but it doesn’t feel fair for a Christmas … Continue reading


I am happy because…



‘Losing weight will bring a temporary form of happiness. It’s like getting a shiny new car, soon the novelty wears off and you’re still you.’ I read this on Twitter today, courtesy of @thinnerisms, and it made me think about … Continue reading


Mr WLB…really?!



Mr WLB is not a happy bunny today. He was shocked – his words – about his holiday and Christmas weight gain. He weighed in at the gym and had gained 7lbs. The look on his face was priceless. Had … Continue reading





My journey home was not as smooth as I had hoped… Snow stopped play for three cars on the M6 this morning…one was on the hard shoulder facing the wrong way, one was in the ditch, and another was also … Continue reading


I am strange…



I have a little amusing confession to share…that had Mr WLB in stitches of laughter! Now, I am sure that I am not the only one who does this…but when I am in different places – Scotland for example – … Continue reading


Make friends…



The end of my holiday is nigh! The owner double-booked Friday night…and as we only booked it last week, we are heading South tomorrow. I have decided to have a little stop-over in Kendal on the way back down though, … Continue reading


Empathy…or action?



So this is a difficult blog post – as I am not quite sure how to articulate my feelings over it all. I read an article and watched a TV show this week that prompted some pretty strong emotions in … Continue reading


Myth Busting!



Last night was fun! I watched lots of dieting myths being busted on a Channel 4 show – Food Undercover. I will sum it up in a not so nice nutshell for you here: Sweetener = okay Detoxing = bollocks … Continue reading





It’s been an interesting day…my expectations have been challenged and I threw a tantrum or two! After the highs of yesterday, came the lows of today which resulted in me standing on a hill and shouting, “I hate it that … Continue reading


There’s always one…



Today has been bloody fantastic! Despite my reservations I managed to climb that big hill that I have talked about…the one I climbed at the end of September and really struggled with. I did not struggle today…I was up it … Continue reading


I forgot my phone!



Sometimes I read something or watch something that resonates…and today contained one of those moments, so I thought that I would share it with you. Before I talk about what I watched, please take just two minutes and ten seconds … Continue reading


Hmm…my eyes might need checking!



As this was the sight that I was treated to when driving through Newtonmore today… A fox riding a horse…it was rather unusual! I am not quite sure what was happening, as they were on their own and not in … Continue reading


Wet knickers and tissues…



Hmmm…today has been an interesting one in the Highlands – and a few lessons have been learnt! The first is never to veer off the walking path you are supposed to be following. The second is never to sit on … Continue reading


Hello 2014!



I guess that I should be trying to write about something poignant to welcome in the New Year. But you all know that this time last year I struggled to walk due to my weight, that I hid myself away … Continue reading


This time last year I weighed 34st 12.5lbs…



I now weigh 25st 5.5lbs…so I still have a long way to go before I reach my target, but 2013 has been a fantastic year! My mathematics leave a little to be desired, but I believe that this is a … Continue reading


Disco Eyes…



What the heck is happening with my poor eyes? The recurring theme of the day is what I have termed ‘Disco Eyes’…like a light show whether my eyes are closed or open. So this may well be a quick post … Continue reading


That time of year!



It’s that time of year when my blood starts to boil and I get incredibly angry with the weight loss industry. All of the ‘New Year, New You’ bullshit is fine…January is a great time to start that new you…it’s … Continue reading


What a journey – part 2!



Today saw us driving from Carrbridge across to Kilmalieu – via the Harris Tweed shop in Newtonmore! We had such a good sleep last night…Mr WLB decided that he fancied sleeping on the top bunk of the bed in the … Continue reading


What a journey!



My morning started at 3.30am…which was quite late actually, as I woke at 12.30am and thought that was as good a time as any to get up, but didn’t think that Mr WLB would feel the same way! We woke, … Continue reading


Boxing Day



Now, don’t laugh at me here – but I have never known the reason why Boxing Day is called Boxing Day! As a girl who grew up watching Eubank fights on TV with my Dad, my first assumption was that … Continue reading


Merry Christmas!



Well, what can I say about today?! It has been fabulous and I was obviously on Santa’s ‘Very Good’ list! I have to admit that Mr WLB and I were rather naughty…we were so excited that we couldn’t wait and … Continue reading


Cookie Glitter-Balls



Apparently, Cookie Glitter-Balls is my elf name…and, in honour of the festive period, this is what I shall be known as for the next couple of days! Mr WLB has now been christened Speedy Festive-Fingers…which I think sounds rather ominous…like … Continue reading


I’ve lost 18st with Slimming World



Yep – that’s right…I have lost 18st now with Slimming World! My book now looks like this… Apparently, my consultant has just put in an order for stickers for me…she has up to 20st but isn’t sure what happens next! … Continue reading


He might have big muscles…but he’s got no balls!



So it seems that the big man who threw insults my way and bragged about having £800 in his pocket after his time-wasting eBay escapades has massive muscles but minuscule balls…and only £100 left in his spacious pockets! It was … Continue reading


Feel so bad…



What an awful day! To cut a very long story short, an old lady who lives a few doors down from me took an awfully hard tumble outside my house this morning. I was loading Terry Treadmill onto the back … Continue reading


Christmas Challenge…and excuses!



Back in late September, or early October it might have been, my consultant set a little challenge. We had a card with a Christmas tree, on which there were 14 baubles, which we were to colour in each time we … Continue reading


Poor handbag! :-(



Not an amusing situation for my poor Mum, but I have just watched my potty training nephew wee in her handbag! I was laughing so hard – which I tried to do silently, as praise for weeing in a handbag … Continue reading


“You don’t talk about mad cravings anymore”



This was the statement that Mr WLB made a couple of hours ago. It got me thinking, as I was also asked this morning if I ever give in and go off plan. There was a point in time, well … Continue reading


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