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50+ & life

Blogs about being over 50 and living life over the age of 50.

Heart strategy must help eradicate rich-poor health divide


British Heart Foundation have today published a very intersting article about a new map showing death rates from heart and circulatory disease among older people. It has highlighted a growing gap between our richest and poorest communities. The research was … Continue reading


9 out of 10 over 50’s suffer hearing loss in silence


ALMOST nine out of 10 over-50s* suffer from hearing loss but most are too embarrassed to admit it, new research has revealed. An incredible 96.4% of Brits aged over 50* say that they have noticed deterioration in their hearing quality … Continue reading


White Lace and Promises: The Hunt Is Over


Five cities. Ten stores And about sixty dresses. But there was one Laura just kept thinking about. She first tried it on in Atlanta, where she lived for the summer.  A store in Denver carries the dress, so she tried … Continue reading




WOW YOUR MOM REALLY IS CRAZY  is now available. It has always been my dream to write a book, but lack of confidence held me back. I am a testament to the saying “adversity brings out the best in people” … Continue reading


Cervical screening: little change in a decade with around one in five women still not screened within five years


About one in five eligible women in England have not had cervical screening within the last five years – broadly the same as a decade ago – according to a Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) report. At 31 … Continue reading


Tangerine Tango: Women Bloggers in Print


Color! The older I get, the more I’m drawn to vibrant colors. And so is Lisa Winkler, because she titled her  new anthology Tangerine Tango: Women Writers Share Slices of Life. I  am delighted that Lisa selected three of my poems … Continue reading


On Getting Old, Grandma-style


I have a feeling I worry more about getting old than the average woman. Hard to know for sure, but it seems that way from  conversations with friends. But I had a moment come over me like a voice from … Continue reading


Why you should make exercise a priority as you age.


A question has just been asked of me on Twitter: “How can I get my parents to ignore Homes Under The Hammer on tv screens at gym & focus on working out?” I tend to view exercise similarly to giving … Continue reading


Exercise Referral Schemes


This post is going to talk me out of business but it was bought to my attention that not everyone is aware of what their GP can offer them in regards to support to increase physical activity. The GP Exercise Referral scheme … Continue reading


Arthritic Knees Find Support!


Sounds like a political campaign doesn’t it, but one of the things I am least enjoying about getting older is inheriting the family tendency to arthritis. Having discovered it in my knobbly fingers and then in my neck I thought … Continue reading


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