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A Vision of Good Eye Health


Regular eye checks and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand with healthy eyes, yet too often we overlook the health of our eyes until we start to experience vision problems. So what should we be doing to protect our … Continue reading


Don’t let high blood pressure affect your vision



An eye examination can prove beneficial to more than just your eye health. Conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and excessive levels of cholesterol can all be spotted during an optician’s routine checks. Whilst this is hugely beneficial for catching irregularities … Continue reading


8 Facts you should know about laser eye surgery



There are different types of laser eye surgery There are three main types of laser eye surgery, LASEK, LASIK and Smile. LASEK involves removing the epitheral layer to perform the surgery, which then grows back within a few hours. Recovery for … Continue reading


Different Headache Types Require Different Treatment


Headaches aren’t unusual; we all get them from time to time. But almost 10 percent of U.S. adults will have at least one headache each year so bad that they will end up to the doctor. As many as 6 … Continue reading


Safety Before Style: Keeping Eyes Safe with Contact Lenses and Makeup


Most contact lens wearers aren’t aware of some of the potential hazards that make-up and hair products pose for their contact lenses and ultimately, their eyes. Wearing colored contact lenses can help people achieve the look they want as well … Continue reading


Laser Eye Surgery Breakthroughs on the Horizon


Most people are aware of the different types of laser eye surgery out there for correcting vision, such as LASIK, but there are many different procedures for many different issues within the eye. Currently, the same researchers that helped advance … Continue reading


Can you get hay fever later in life?


Symptoms of hay fever

This was a question posed today on the BBC2 Chris Evans Radio show and caught my attention as I drove into the talkhealth office this morning. One of Chris Evan’s colleagues says he’s just started getting hay fever this year … Continue reading


6 Tips for New Contact Lens Wearers



If you are new to wearing contact lenses or have been wearing them for a while, you may have questions about your lenses and caring for the correctly. All first time wearers go through an adjustment phase. After a few … Continue reading


Thyroid Eye Disease Meeting – Newcastle upon Tyne – Friday 16 / Saturday 17 May 2014


A unique event bringing together leading European and British experts on Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) will be an opportunity for patients with TED, their families and carers, members of the public and pupils to meet European and UK experts to … Continue reading


The Key to Reducing Eye Stress in the Workplace


Your sight is one of your most important senses, so it’s a constant source of wonder that so many of us take it for granted. Nowhere is this truer than in the workplace, where we’re at risk of damaging it, … Continue reading


Local Business are Official Sponsors of National Eye Health Week 2013


Butterflies Healthcare Ltd are proud to have been asked to sponsor the UK’s fourth National Eye Health Week. This is a collaboration between opticians, ophthalmologists, eye health charities and organisations. It aims to encourage everyone to have regular sight tests and … Continue reading


4 Simple Ways to Keep Eyes Healthy & Beautiful


eye health

They say your eyes reflect your health. Your eyes are arguably the most important feature on your face.  In fact, most people notice your eyes before they see anything else.   Enhancing your eyes and caring for them should be a … Continue reading