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Information and blogs about liver disease, Hepatitis C and liver damage.

Looking After Your Liver


95% of the body’s detoxification enzymes are found in the Liver. 🌿 To look after your Liver, start by reducing toxins like refined sugar, saturated fat, carbonated drinks, smoking, alcohol, pollution, cleaning products. 🌺 Try giving your body a rest … Continue reading


Web IBS Therapy, Fatty Liver Disease, Cancer Treatment & More


If you’ve not had the chance to catch up on the latest news this week, here are the latest stories from 12 April. Fatty Liver Disease in Young People Experts have warned that high levels of fatty liver disease among young … Continue reading


7 in 10 people with liver disease in the UK don’t even know they have it


Nearly 75% percent with liver disease don’t know it, according to research published in the Lancet(1). For many, the first indication is following admission to Accident and Emergency when the disease is advanced and chance of survival is very low. … Continue reading


Alcohol awareness week



Did you know that next week (14-20 November) sees the start of alcohol awareness week? An initiative run by Alcohol Concern (you know them- the founders of Dry January!) which aims to raise awareness of the risks of alcohol to … Continue reading


How will the 2016 Budget affect your health?


Sugar Tax

Today, George Osborne delivered his 8th budget as Chancellor. Tell us what you think of the 2016 budget. Do you think the Chancellor went far enough with his health initiatives? The key health-based initiatives announced are: A new Sugar Tax. … Continue reading


R.I.P. David Bowie – and what do we know about liver cancer?


David Bowie died this week of liver cancer.

The world experienced a palpable and seismic tremor of sadness at the death of David Bowie this week, who had fought an 18 month battle with cancer. As further details emerge it seems that the underlying diagnosis was of liver … Continue reading


13 symptoms never to ignore



A large number of people have a habit of ignoring potentially serious symptoms. This may have dire consequences for the individuals concerned as delays in diagnosing cancer can lead to disastrous outcomes in terms of treatment and potential cure. There … Continue reading


Link between alcohol & risky sexual behaviour during the World Cup



The Family Planning Association have undertaken a survey of more than 2,000 adults in the UK designed to find out more about drinking and sexual health/behaviour during the World Cup. They have discovered that alcohol plays a part in risky … Continue reading


Achillion’s hep C drug remains in limbo


Achillion’s hep C drug remains in limbo 2

Achillion Pharmaceuticals recently announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to maintain its clinical hold on sovaprevir, the company’s flagship treatment for hepatitis C. The recent clinical data submitted by Achillion sought to address the issues … Continue reading


New study says tea and coffee may protect your liver


New study says tea and coffee may protect your liver

A new study (which could be good news for tea and coffee drinkers) shows that drinking four cups of coffee per day could reduce the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The study, found that increased caffeine intake could reduce the disease that … Continue reading


Just diagnosed with hep C? Ten things you should ask your doctor


Just diagnosed with hep C? Ten things you should ask your doctor

A diagnosis of hepatitis C can leave you experiencing a variety of emotions. You may feel shock, worry, anger, denial and even depression. Knowing as much about hep C as possible is one of the best things you can do to help you … Continue reading


Living well with hep C


Living well with hep C

If you’re diagnosed with hep C you’re likely to have questions, concerns, and worries for the future. It’s important to remember that hepatitis C is not a death sentence.  One in five people will recover, and for the others there are treatments … Continue reading


The Ick Factor


hepatitis c news Lawrence Gibson

Written by Lawrence Gibson, Palm Springs, California. I was diagnosed with hep C. I feel so … so … tainted and soiled and I don’t want anybody to know my terrible secret. Pretty typically that’s how most of us react upon diagnosis … Continue reading


A message that’s loud enough to hear from Las Vegas to Wall Street


hepatitis c news

A Las Vegas judge ordered the medical insurance group UnitedHealth to pay $500 million in punitive damages after failing to oversee Dr Dipak Desai. Desai was implicated in infecting patients with hepatitis C through bad colonoscopy practices. Read more on the Hepatitis C News website: Photo by Dawn … Continue reading


If I could do it my friend, then surely you can do it too


betty vega - hepatitis c news

Written by Betty Vega For several years I had elevated liver enzymes but I was fine. During one exam, the doctor wanted to run a test that apparently no one has ever done before on me. I wasn’t sure why I needed this new … Continue reading


Generally the risk for transmitting HCV to sex partners is very low”


“Generally the risk for transmitting HCV to sex partners is very low”

There have been conflicting reports regarding the risk hep C transmiaaion through sexual activity. The virus is primarily spread by exposure to infected blood, usually through intravenous drug use. A new study suggests that patients with hep C have little to fear from sex … Continue reading


Talking to friends & family about hepatitis C


hepatitis c news

When diagnosed with hep C it might be tempting right now to withdraw from interacting with family and friends. However, research has shown that the support of friends and family is vital – don’t underestimate the value of simply having someone … Continue reading