rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.


A blog about weight issues.

Mr WLB…irritations!



I love my Mr WLB, I really do…but sometimes…;-) Those little things that you love at the beginning of a relationship – such as the cute way he used to whistle without realising that he was doing so – begin … Continue reading


Slimming World Greatest Loser 2014



19st 0.5lbs lost…and ‘Greatest Loser’ for my wonderful group. I bloody love Slimming World! It was a great morning – my group are an amazing bunch! I lost 0.5lbs…which is obviously in the right direction, although I do get a … Continue reading


Happy Days!



Happiness – it’s something that I never thought I could claim as an emotion! Since working hard to develop a positive attitude, life has got better – I wouldn’t say that I see it through rose-tinted glasses, as I am … Continue reading


Halfway Through Couch to 5K



This week sees the start of Week 6 of the Couch to 5K course I am running for Sherfield Park Runners. Of those who started the course initially we have 17 stalwarts who are working really hard and are dedicated … Continue reading





You might have met me. You might have seen me at one of the Slimming World talks I have done, or go to my group. You might swim with me. You might have attended one of my little WLB gatherings. … Continue reading


Wet water!



“Well I nearly did fall over tonight following you at the swimming pool – I stepped on some wet water and slipped.” Said Mr WLB last night. “Wet water, really?” I said. Now the scientific amongst you – or cosmetic … Continue reading


I don’t give a feck!



Despite what the title and I myself may say at times…I kind of do give a feck. I think we all do. I care what people think about me to a certain extent…not so much in terms of my looks, … Continue reading


Compassionate Responsibility



Being compassionate can often be misinterpreted as being too soft. I began thinking a bit more about compassion quite some time ago, and was reminded of it again this week. It is Eating Disorders Awareness Week and Beat are working … Continue reading


Are you ‘storming’?



Okay…so bear with me tonight. I am trying to mix my old work stuff with my new work stuff…and I have made a little connection that makes a fair bit of sense – to me at least! So the old … Continue reading


I have lost 19st with Slimming World



Can you tell that Mr WLB came up with tonight’s blog post title…something to do with his digital PR brain apparently! So it’s as it says on the tin really…I have now lost a total of 19st with Slimming World…no … Continue reading





Why does that word strike fear into the hearts of some, yet give others a warm and dreamy glow? Those thoughts of gym-knickers, freezing cold cross-country runs, and all-weather hurdles which resulted in me having gravel embedded in my palms … Continue reading


Goodness me…



…Mr WLB wants me to let him loose again! He has been emailing little suggestions over to me all day! Things that he thinks I should mention to you. However, his idea of mentionable behaviour and mine are a little … Continue reading





…it’s not really a strong point of mine! I spent years playing along and not saying how I felt – certainly at work – and when I gave up work to focus on my health, I vowed that I would … Continue reading


It starts on the inside…



I am having a day off today – just from the blog writing…not from my eating plan or exercise before you start to get concerned! The wonderful Will Pike has penned the following for you…which I think you will quite … Continue reading


Can girls do sport?


As I’ve said many times, I wasn’t what you might call a sporty type at school. I was more ‘get sent to the head of year to get my eyeliner taken off’ type. Hated all sport, picked last etc etc. … Continue reading


What a day…



Today has been looming for a while…today was the day that I had to go and have my lady parts inspected by the gynaecologist! I have PCOS and Endometrial Hyperplasia with cancerous cells and so have to get regular checks … Continue reading





There is a Twitter account called ‘Food Porn’…you really would think that I would know better by now, wouldn’t you?! But no, I just had to open a couple of their pictures…one was ‘Caramel Kiss Brownies’ and the other was … Continue reading


A strange analogy!



Mr WLB freaked me out a little at 3am… …I woke up as he was talking a lot. I thought he was talking in his sleep, but he was so lucid that it was like a full-on conversation. He told … Continue reading


Stop the world…



…I want to get off…or I did earlier on today! I woke up this morning in one of those moods. One of those moods that everyone gets, but that I felt was unique to me…only I could feel this bad. … Continue reading


Haha – love!



Today’s post is courtesy of Mr WLB… ‘WLB asked me (or told me, a little aggressively) to write something today for you as she was busy planning this weeks quotes and recipes to share with you. I think she is … Continue reading


Why, why, why?



How often do you sit there wondering ‘why?’ Why do I do this to myself? Why do I eat until I hurt? Why do I eat this junk when I know it’s no good for me? Why am I eating … Continue reading


He knows me well…


photo 3

There were no flowers today. There were no chocolates today. There was not even a card! Mr WLB knows me incredibly well, and so I got these beauties…Smoked scallop slices all the way from the Hebridean Smokehouse on the Isle … Continue reading


Personal Training!



The time had come…the time when I stepped up and became a personal-trained WLB! Today was my first personal training session in years. I had sessions regularly in my mid-twenties, but piled so much weight back on that it was … Continue reading


I need a slap…



…or a hug – depending upon where you sit on the compassionate-mind approach scale! Today has been a bit of a ‘meh’ day. I have spent most of it with some lovely people on my coaching course, but I just … Continue reading


True or false? Unhealthy habits that are actually healthy


In February it’s tempting to dump your healthy resolutions and sneak a cheeky cigarette or a glass of wine. Research suggests that nearly 50% of us make New Year’s resolutions but only 8 per cent go on to keep them … Continue reading


A little thought about body image…


I’ve recently turned 39, and while I’m certainly smaller than I’ve been for 15 years, I’m certainly not small, at still a generous size 16. And while I’ve probably felt fat for nigh on 30 years, I’m the least bothered … Continue reading


Tripping over Humpday!



Literally tripping over it…my three year old nephew saw me this morning getting into my car to head to the hospital. “Why you trip over?”, he said in garbled toddler-speak… …to which I replied, “I haven’t tripped over sweetpea, and … Continue reading


You have to laugh…



…well, it is kind of expected when you attend a comedy gig! The past 24 hours have been good – very good. Last night I went to see Russell Kane and Omar Hamdi. Yet again I went through that panic … Continue reading


Do what Slimming World tells you! ;-)



There seems to be a little confusion around my food choices when it comes to Slimming World. This week alone I have had over twenty emails and messages from lovely concerned blog readers who think that I am making errors … Continue reading


Giggling and Farting!



What a combination…when you giggle so hard that you fart! It’s been a tough week…a very tough week. I have been a bit hard on myself and getting a little fed up with the effort in vs weight off balance. … Continue reading


I’d rather sit down than stand up!



This statement made Mr WLB chuckle earlier on today…”I’m quite lazy really when I’m not at the gym…I mean, I’d rather sit down than stand up!”, I said. He found this rather amusing, but also agreed with me! We were … Continue reading


Mini Cheddar Suspension



Mr WLB sent me a link to an article last night that I read with a mixture of feelings. It was about a six year old boy who was suspended from school for having Mini Cheddars in his lunchbox…or at … Continue reading


Biggest Loser…but what of?!



A little controversy surrounds the recent winner of the American fitness and weight loss TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’. I have to hold my hands up and say that I haven’t watched the series…I have just been reading about the … Continue reading


Happy Anniversary!



It’s been two years since Slimming World and I began this magical relationship…although I must admit that we had been together on many occasions before. We decided to give it a ‘proper’ go this time though! During the past two … Continue reading





As a social media user with a bit of a ‘story’, I often get contacted by people trying to rope me in to promoting something or other…and sometimes I even get free yogurt! You have probably read my rants about … Continue reading


Super long Sunday…



Today has been purely focussed on Mr WLB…who is experiencing his first day of giving up smoking! Bless him – he is really going through it. For him, smoking was a way of deflecting his feelings. He really suffered quite … Continue reading


Pilates – wowzers!



Given that my theme for 2014 is ‘challenge’ – in fact, I might not have shared that with you…because I have only just decided that this IS my theme – I finally manned-up and got to a Pilates class. Now, … Continue reading


Decisions, decisions…


photo 3

Have a little look at this……what do you think when you see it? I see a decision. In fact, I see three decisions: 1 – Eat the lot and sod it…blowing it for the weekend, as I’ve ‘failed’ anyway. 2 … Continue reading





…decided that he wanted to choose the subject for tonight’s blog post. It seems that he wants to be amused! Mr WLB has been reminiscing and reminded me last night of some of the silly and stupid happenings we have … Continue reading


Fruyo – amazingly good!



I guess that I have already given the game away in terms of my thoughts on the Fruyo yogurts?! I felt pretty honoured to be asked to try them…you know you’ve ‘made it’ when you get asked to do stuff … Continue reading


To swallow or not to swallow a gastric balloon


Probably the typical UK woman?

Much has been written about gastric balloons and how effective they may or not be for some people.  And last week a new gastric balloon was introduced to the market from Obalon in the form of a pill that can easily … Continue reading





First of all – a huge apology for the website problems that some of you experienced earlier on today…you couldn’t get your blog fix and I feel awful! As soon as I found out that there was a problem, I … Continue reading


Lightest I’ve been in 10 years!



Thanks to a crucial wee I am now at my lightest weight for over 10 years…10 bloody years! When I went to Slimming World a good few years ago, I managed to lose just over 8st and went from 33st … Continue reading





A few months ago I got caught speeding – 34 in a 30 limit…in my defence – not that there ever is a defence when it comes to breaking the speed limit – I was coming out of a 50 … Continue reading


Dancing on the ceiling!



Okay…so it wasn’t the ceiling…but I did dance and there was a bit of Lionel involved! I will let Mr WLB fill you in, as he wrote his words first thing this morning and so must be keen to share … Continue reading


Aquafit Hippos…



More about the aquafit hippos in a second! First off, a little warning that I am in a foul mood today…for no apparent reason, and I can’t seem to snap myself out of it. I have been swearing at drivers, … Continue reading


Weight Loss Worries



Today has been really interesting and humbling for me. I spent the afternoon with a lovely woman who is desperate to lose weight. She is so desperate that she is trying to shift a considerable amount of weight by drinking … Continue reading


There’s a line…



…but where do you draw it? We all have a line at which point something in our mind starts to feel uncomfortable…when we don’t quite agree that something is right. I got thinking about this line following my post about … Continue reading


Dear Body…



Right then – the idea for today’s blog post has been shamelessly stolen from the lovely Katie at FatGirlPhD…she knows I am stealing it though…and is quite happy about it too! When I started writing this blog, I felt like … Continue reading


Oooh – My Baggy Body



Last night was a toughie…one of those moments when I am wondering whether to man up, or just retreat to my blanket fort and hide! As seems to be the case in recent months, I decided to man up! My … Continue reading


Do some people like the drama?



I will give you a warning before you read any further…this is a rather contentious blog post! As ever, it is my opinion and my views…and I am entitled to them! In answer to my blog post title…of course some … Continue reading


I learn a big lesson


So I was totally excited about my crossfit birthday. I was booked into classes all through January, I’d set my crossfit goals for the year, and (most importantly it turns out), I’d decided to see the doctor about the nagging … Continue reading


I do love Slimming World…



…however, there are a couple of things that my over-active mind queries on occasion! First off though, let me say that I think Slimming World is an amazing plan – it has helped me to save my life…and that isn’t … Continue reading


Warning! Contains lots of swear words!



Goodness me – I am so bloody annoyed this evening it is crazy! What I have been left pondering this evening is why the good people constantly get shat on…should I just start being a total bitch, or should I … Continue reading


Knees…my poor knees!



Ouch, ouchy, ouch…my poor knees are feeling very sorry for themselves today! The aerobics class yesterday was such good fun and it gave me a real mental boost – just getting through the class put a huge smile on my … Continue reading




banner on talkhealth

January has seen the return of our ever popular NHS Choices Weight Management Clinic in partnership with The Healthy Portion Plate, B-eat, MGEDT and HOOP. Has Christmas left you feeling like you may have over-indulged? Are you generally an emotional … Continue reading


The day my life changed…


There’s a tradition at Crossfit London, and I’m sure at other boxes, of marking your first year. So, January 13th was my crossfit birthday. Like the queen I sort of have two birthdays. In the previous summer, I did the … Continue reading


Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions Does Not Depend On Will Power


Do you stick to your New Year's Resolutions?

Those struggling to stick to their New Year’s resolution might take comfort in scientists’ assertion that will power has very little to do with a person’s character. Professor Nick Chater revealed that the environment is a far bigger factor in … Continue reading





Well, what a day it has been…First up was a bit of something new. Mr WLB and I decided that we would give an aerobics class a go. Actually, I decided that I wanted to do it…and I decided – … Continue reading


Overcome Food Cravings With Self-Hypnosis


The festive season seems to last longer and longer doesn’t it? Christmas seems to start mid October these days! The Christmas advertisements are on the television, shop fronts are covered in sparkly adornments and of course, we start reaching for … Continue reading


Outer Space Body Shaping With Self-Hypnosis


With the current online clinic for January 2014 being about weight issues, today I thought I’d share one of the psychological processes I have continued to do using self-hypnosis to help make the changes. It combines some classic therapeutic ideas … Continue reading


Well, you have been on holiday…



If one more person had said this to me yesterday, I think a crime would have been committed! I lost 2lbs at my morning weigh in…2lbs is great – it’s a decent loss…but it doesn’t feel fair for a Christmas … Continue reading


I am happy because…



‘Losing weight will bring a temporary form of happiness. It’s like getting a shiny new car, soon the novelty wears off and you’re still you.’ I read this on Twitter today, courtesy of @thinnerisms, and it made me think about … Continue reading


Want To Run A Marathon? Tips To Help…



 So, you’ve signed up for the London Marathon? Here are some generalised training tips and knowledge to help. OK, not the London Marathon, but I do like this shot of me and the huskies on the Brecon Beacons! A marathon … Continue reading


Mr WLB…really?!



Mr WLB is not a happy bunny today. He was shocked – his words – about his holiday and Christmas weight gain. He weighed in at the gym and had gained 7lbs. The look on his face was priceless. Had … Continue reading





My journey home was not as smooth as I had hoped… Snow stopped play for three cars on the M6 this morning…one was on the hard shoulder facing the wrong way, one was in the ditch, and another was also … Continue reading


I am strange…



I have a little amusing confession to share…that had Mr WLB in stitches of laughter! Now, I am sure that I am not the only one who does this…but when I am in different places – Scotland for example – … Continue reading


Make friends…



The end of my holiday is nigh! The owner double-booked Friday night…and as we only booked it last week, we are heading South tomorrow. I have decided to have a little stop-over in Kendal on the way back down though, … Continue reading


Empathy…or action?



So this is a difficult blog post – as I am not quite sure how to articulate my feelings over it all. I read an article and watched a TV show this week that prompted some pretty strong emotions in … Continue reading


Myth Busting!



Last night was fun! I watched lots of dieting myths being busted on a Channel 4 show – Food Undercover. I will sum it up in a not so nice nutshell for you here: Sweetener = okay Detoxing = bollocks … Continue reading





It’s been an interesting day…my expectations have been challenged and I threw a tantrum or two! After the highs of yesterday, came the lows of today which resulted in me standing on a hill and shouting, “I hate it that … Continue reading


There’s always one…



Today has been bloody fantastic! Despite my reservations I managed to climb that big hill that I have talked about…the one I climbed at the end of September and really struggled with. I did not struggle today…I was up it … Continue reading


I forgot my phone!



Sometimes I read something or watch something that resonates…and today contained one of those moments, so I thought that I would share it with you. Before I talk about what I watched, please take just two minutes and ten seconds … Continue reading


Hmm…my eyes might need checking!



As this was the sight that I was treated to when driving through Newtonmore today… A fox riding a horse…it was rather unusual! I am not quite sure what was happening, as they were on their own and not in … Continue reading


Wet knickers and tissues…



Hmmm…today has been an interesting one in the Highlands – and a few lessons have been learnt! The first is never to veer off the walking path you are supposed to be following. The second is never to sit on … Continue reading


It’s a new year!


It’s been a while I know. I committed the cardinal blogging sin of not blogging. My excuse is that I’ve been busy doing, to write about doing, if that makes sense? So, in the fresh crispness of a brand new … Continue reading


Losing Weight and Keeping It Off


Out With The old   Today is New Year’s Day, and my Facebook feeds are filled with people selling products and solutions for weight loss. Without exception these are based on the ‘calorie deficit model’ – or dieting. Unfortunately this … Continue reading


Hello 2014!



I guess that I should be trying to write about something poignant to welcome in the New Year. But you all know that this time last year I struggled to walk due to my weight, that I hid myself away … Continue reading


This time last year I weighed 34st 12.5lbs…



I now weigh 25st 5.5lbs…so I still have a long way to go before I reach my target, but 2013 has been a fantastic year! My mathematics leave a little to be desired, but I believe that this is a … Continue reading


Disco Eyes…



What the heck is happening with my poor eyes? The recurring theme of the day is what I have termed ‘Disco Eyes’…like a light show whether my eyes are closed or open. So this may well be a quick post … Continue reading


That time of year!



It’s that time of year when my blood starts to boil and I get incredibly angry with the weight loss industry. All of the ‘New Year, New You’ bullshit is fine…January is a great time to start that new you…it’s … Continue reading


What a journey – part 2!



Today saw us driving from Carrbridge across to Kilmalieu – via the Harris Tweed shop in Newtonmore! We had such a good sleep last night…Mr WLB decided that he fancied sleeping on the top bunk of the bed in the … Continue reading


What a journey!



My morning started at 3.30am…which was quite late actually, as I woke at 12.30am and thought that was as good a time as any to get up, but didn’t think that Mr WLB would feel the same way! We woke, … Continue reading


Boxing Day



Now, don’t laugh at me here – but I have never known the reason why Boxing Day is called Boxing Day! As a girl who grew up watching Eubank fights on TV with my Dad, my first assumption was that … Continue reading


Merry Christmas!



Well, what can I say about today?! It has been fabulous and I was obviously on Santa’s ‘Very Good’ list! I have to admit that Mr WLB and I were rather naughty…we were so excited that we couldn’t wait and … Continue reading


Cookie Glitter-Balls



Apparently, Cookie Glitter-Balls is my elf name…and, in honour of the festive period, this is what I shall be known as for the next couple of days! Mr WLB has now been christened Speedy Festive-Fingers…which I think sounds rather ominous…like … Continue reading


I’ve lost 18st with Slimming World



Yep – that’s right…I have lost 18st now with Slimming World! My book now looks like this… Apparently, my consultant has just put in an order for stickers for me…she has up to 20st but isn’t sure what happens next! … Continue reading


He might have big muscles…but he’s got no balls!



So it seems that the big man who threw insults my way and bragged about having £800 in his pocket after his time-wasting eBay escapades has massive muscles but minuscule balls…and only £100 left in his spacious pockets! It was … Continue reading


Feel so bad…



What an awful day! To cut a very long story short, an old lady who lives a few doors down from me took an awfully hard tumble outside my house this morning. I was loading Terry Treadmill onto the back … Continue reading


Christmas Challenge…and excuses!



Back in late September, or early October it might have been, my consultant set a little challenge. We had a card with a Christmas tree, on which there were 14 baubles, which we were to colour in each time we … Continue reading


Poor handbag! :-(



Not an amusing situation for my poor Mum, but I have just watched my potty training nephew wee in her handbag! I was laughing so hard – which I tried to do silently, as praise for weeing in a handbag … Continue reading


“You don’t talk about mad cravings anymore”



This was the statement that Mr WLB made a couple of hours ago. It got me thinking, as I was also asked this morning if I ever give in and go off plan. There was a point in time, well … Continue reading


Stayed the fecking same!



That’s all really…my weight stayed the fecking same this week! My week of Extra Easy didn’t produce the longed for miracle…but miracles rarely happen – you have to work your ass off to get what you want…so I will follow … Continue reading





Books, books, lovely books! I absolutely adore reading. My bookshelves are full to bursting. I have Jeffrey Deaver, Harlan Coben, Lee Child, Ian Rankin, Martina Cole…right through to some of the classics. I have the Harry Potter collection – which … Continue reading


Girlie Gathering!



It finally arrived – the day I got the girlies together for some fun and frolics! An early start bought car-loading, table-shifting, and a blow up Santa and snowman! I headed to the venue early to get set up and … Continue reading


Boxes, Sellotape and headaches!



Wowzers…today has been a hectic one. My Dad was moving house and so I got up extra early to help!My other half’s twin stayed over last night, and we were up later than usual last night and up earlier than … Continue reading


Sweat, headphones and gym smugness!



I do often wonder how much sweat is normal in a gym setting. I think that if you still look cute at the end of a workout, then you haven’t worked hard enough! This is obviously because I definitely do … Continue reading


Last chicken in Sainsbury’s…



The Urban Dictionary refers to this act as “the action of pulling your penis downwards, whilst pushing your scrotum forwards with your legs, so your balls get pushed either side of your penis. A successful procedure should resemble the most … Continue reading


David and Goliath



David and Goliath…you’ve probably heard the story of the little dude winning the battle over the big dude. I was reminded of it recently – one, because I picked up a new book by Malcolm Gladwell (which I am yet … Continue reading


I’ve lost 17st 8.5lbs with Slimming World…



…can you tell that my other half came up with that title…he says that people wanting to lose that amount of weight will see it and get some ideas from my blog! I think it’s a bit naff…but as he’s … Continue reading


Eating an advert?



“Why are you eating an advert?”, said Mr WLB. It was the new Morrison’s advert with all of the meat on it…and I have to admit that I found myself drooling. Apparently my mouth was making funny movements too…oh the … Continue reading


Grinning and Winning!



Today has mostly been spent in my pyjamas! Unfortunately my Sunday morning sleep-in was buggered…eejit-face here forgot to cancel the 7.30am alarm call…oops! We dozed for a while, chatted about random stuff…as you do on a Sunday morning, and eventually … Continue reading


Boundary Pushing!



Just a quick one tonight as I am not feeling well – feels like the start of norovirus which I ended up with three times last year during December and the New Year…hoping it’s not that! Add to this the … Continue reading


Bikers…books and covers…



Judgement – we have all experienced it at some point, and we all do it at some point…make judgements on what we see. I have mentioned that lady at my Slimming World group before – the one who looked me … Continue reading


Pass me a cracker!



For any GoggleBox watchers, I had a bit of a Leon moment last night and ended up eating a cheese cracker for 1 syn that hadn’t appeared in last nights blog! My other half had bought some Carr’s cheese melts. … Continue reading


That sucks – day 2!



What is it with eBay arseholes? Why would you put in a ‘Best Offer’ only to have it accepted but yet ignore the seller until they threaten to report you? Poor old Terry Treadmill is still without a home! I … Continue reading


“Well that sucks big hairy balls”



This was the message that made me chuckle after posting my dismal result at weigh in today! 0.5lbs…not the 1.5lbs I have been hating, which actually now seems like a decent loss…but a measly 0.5lbs. Without creating too graphic a … Continue reading


An Insight..



My other half surprised me this morning. He told me that he wanted to write today’s blog for me! I suppose you could look at it as an insight…so here goes… “Hello everyone, I’m WLB’s other half! WLB has invited … Continue reading


Fat Shaming



So then…Fat Shaming Week was something that I noticed a good few weeks ago on Twitter…it had a hashtag too! I didn’t really talk about it at the time, as I didn’t want to get into the debate. However, I … Continue reading


“Grow up Peter Pan!”



These were the words I uttered to my other half yesterday…”Grow up Peter Pan!” I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about – it could have been his desire to win the lottery…which of course would make everything okay! … Continue reading


Envy…not a good look!



Today I have mostly been committing one of the seven deadly sins…envy! My envy began in the early hours of the morning, after I had been for my umpteenth wee of the night. I could hear my other half, and … Continue reading


Vitamin C Supplements – Should We?


I am not a fan of supplements. Instead I prefer to promote having a healthy balanced nutrition from whole food sources. Some people may benefit from food supplementation under medical supervision if they have a medical condition that requires it. … Continue reading





Writing this blog and putting myself ‘out there’, albeit anonymously, has meant that I have been able to ‘virtually’ chat with all sorts of people…and it is fabulous! Every now and again though, I get a message that scares me. … Continue reading





Not of the yoga-esque variety, but of the mind and syns variety! I want to talk about group yesterday. First of all, I lost another 1.5lbs and was Slimmer of the Month. This is good, and I would imagine that … Continue reading


Slim for Christmas?



Today has been a busy one…I hadn’t had time to think much after coming home from a party tonight, when I found a fabulous offer from a friend of mine. I will talk about my weigh in tomorrow – as … Continue reading


I’m not good with numbers…



…and calorie counting gave me a headache! In fact, all calorie counting made me do was buy ready meals and pre-packaged food as I couldn’t be bothered to count every calorie in every morsel I was consuming. It wasn’t a … Continue reading





Advice – a difficult subject really. Having been given so much advice over the years regarding my weight and how to shift it, I quickly learnt that most of the time, my mind pretended that it wasn’t listening. It was … Continue reading


No regrets…



Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness. These words resonated with me. I read an article today which was written by a palliative care nurse. Her job is to help ensure … Continue reading


What fecking planet?!



The question, “What fecking planet are you on?”, was on the tip of my tongue recently when trying to remain calm and polite regarding an offer that had been made to me. As I responded to the fifth message from … Continue reading


One plate of many…



I would like you to meet an old friend of mine…the buffet plate. This friend and I used to have a riot at this time of year! And this friend wasn’t taken on a solo outing…he made multiple appearances. Group … Continue reading


Catching up!



An early start with the flu jab and pneumonia jab running around my system was not the best way to start the day! Having felt on top of the world recently, today has seen strange hot flushes and headaches…but in … Continue reading


Busy day and diabetic rage!



First of all, waking up earlier than usual and doing a wee into a cup is not a great move when the bathroom lightbulb has blown. I know where the wee comes out, and I know where the cup should … Continue reading


Lovely people!



Today has been good – despite the mood that I woke up in! Given that I harp on about positivity so much, I could hardly let myself get too fed up though! After working for a couple of hours this … Continue reading


Count your blessings…



The power of positivity is pretty bloody important when you are trying to make life changes. On those days when you cannot see light at the end of the tunnel, it is even more important. I am not normally one … Continue reading


Going for goal!



Okay – so I spoke a while ago about goals. In fact, I speak about goals quite a lot – I think they are important! I have my Christmas goal of getting my 18st award…but I also have a sneaky … Continue reading


Speedos and other articles of tight clothing…



I am all for freedom of expression…but wearing a pair of Speedos so tight and tiny that they clearly indicate the fact that you have been circumcised…well, that is taking freedom – or rather lack of freedom! – to the … Continue reading


Focus on the solution…



Problems. We all have them. We all dwell on them at times…well, I dwell on mine quite a lot! They drag us down. We struggle to see any light at the end of the tunnel. So what the heck can … Continue reading





I love a quickie! Especially when I am tired…so it’s just a little one tonight…blog post that is…my other half might get annoyed if I talk about quickies and little ones! Today has been fantastic. Another day with the coaching … Continue reading


Feeling bloody marvellous!



I feel so great at the moment…I struggle to put it into words…but you know me, I will always give it a go! The scales were okay today – I shifted another 1.5lbs and got Slimmer of the Week too… … Continue reading


Psychological stuff and Thomas the Tank!



Today has been good – I had my ‘head’ meeting with the psychologist who works on the weight loss surgery team. This guy has always been fantastic. He gave me a couple of home truths that were well needed during … Continue reading


Lazy days!



Today has been wonderful…I have done absolutely nothing! Every now and again I will ask my Mum to be on horse duty for the day, so that my other half and I can have a day of nothingness. Today was … Continue reading





Dr Maxwell Maltz – maybe not a name you have heard of before, but this chap has a lot to answer for! Maltz – a plastic surgeon-turned-psychologist – is the person responsible for the much touted belief that it only … Continue reading


And now for ‘Gym Etiquette’!



Goodness me – my ‘grrr!’ side was difficult to repress today…what is it with some people?! There I was on the elliptical machine next to the window, a whole row of empty machines stretching off to my right…and some numpty … Continue reading


Swimming Etiquette



Goodness me – almost being banned from the swimming pool is not the way to go…especially when I want a long and fruitful relationship with a swimming-toned body! Perhaps threatening to fecking drown a rather ‘splashy’ swimmer if they splashed … Continue reading





First of all I have to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you! Your support and love is amazing and I really do find it overwhelming and refreshing to know that there are lovely people out there…people who can see … Continue reading


17st lost with Slimming World…or should that be ‘Swimming’ World?!



Today has been immense! I am on a real high and feel absolutely fabulous! First of all, I got this… After last weeks ‘stay the same’ I really had no idea what the scales had in store for me. My … Continue reading





Enabling – this is a difficult subject really and one that I am unlikely to handle with the sensitivity it needs! Firstly, I am going to give some details surrounding the two ‘versions’ of enabling – one has a positive … Continue reading


Winter prep!



Winter prep for me doesn’t involve buying thick tights and a hooded coat…it’s all about the horses! Today has been spent fixing electric fencing, topping up water buckets and replacing one that had sprung a leak, thoroughly cleaning out the … Continue reading


Safe and Sound(ish!)



The neddies are all safe and sound in their new field…and I am safe and sound(ish) at home trying to warm up after a day spent on windy hillsides! I woke up early and a little apprehensive as a conversation … Continue reading





The gym – argh! Positivity – argh! My other half – argh! Optimism and positivity is something that I am keen on. At times it might seem that I am a little over-ambitious, or a little out of touch with … Continue reading


Baby talk…



As it’s Hallowe’en I thought that I would discuss the rather scary subject that my other half and I were taking about last night……babies! Obviously I am being a little facetious when I say that babies are scary…but there is … Continue reading


‘Understanding Male Eating Disorders’ – Places available for full day workshops


Following the success of the Men Get Eating Disorders Too Workshop Tour 2012/13, we are putting on three full day workshops.   Places are available for individuals who are seeking an increased insight and knowledge into eating disorders in males. The … Continue reading





This is going to be one of those ‘bee in bonnet’ posts I am afraid. Over the past few months I have seen people taking offence at things that have been written about the obese. Some of these things were … Continue reading


A Beginner’s Guide to Paleo


Non Paleo Food

So you’re new to Paleo? Here is Paleo Polly’s blueprint to turning paleo Ok, so, you have decided that you want to make a change to your health, your body and your lifestyle. You have made the mental commitment to … Continue reading


Back in the saddle!



First off…today at group was not the best. I threw a tantrum when the scales reported that I had ‘stayed the same’ and then later got all emotional and cried when talking about it in group! I felt so good … Continue reading


I made it…



…to the gym! Woohoo! I am now officially a gym-goer…although I am sure one session doesn’t cut it with the hardcore amongst you! I am still in some kind of shock I suppose that I made it really. This morning … Continue reading


Pampered Ponies and Tiny Tots!



I have had a great time today – in the wind, covered in horse hair, and standing in horse poop! I did warn you that I was more of a ‘Go Outdoors’ girl than a ‘Gucci’ one! The morning started … Continue reading


Princess Pony!



Today has blown some cobwebs away!I spent a lovely afternoon in a blustery and cold stable yard in Lincolnshire with my other half and my Mum. We were there to see our mare and find out how she was progressing … Continue reading


Paleo Goan Chicken Curry and Cauliflower Rice


Goan Chicken Curry

Aren’t curries are great. Not only are they bursting with flavour, but in order to achieve that deliciously complex and exotic flavour, therein contains a plethora of health promoting ingredients. Why not tantalise your taste-buds and give your immune system … Continue reading


HD ready WLB…and 70st man :-(



A bit of a random post tonight…as I am trying to get used to my new specs that are making my world all HD sparkly…and I keep typing the wrong keys – so please ignore the typos! Here are my … Continue reading


Never going to happen…



I am having a not so good day! Despite how great I feel now, it is so bloody tough at times to stay on track. It is even tougher when I know that I will never really end up where … Continue reading


Paleo Spanish Omelette (with a twist)


Paleo Spanish Omelette

Paleo Spanish Omelette This is a great dish to get tucked into for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make a big batch early in the week, and it serves as a great fast food dish, for when you’re in the rush … Continue reading


Losing my marbles…



…or beads in this case! Today, I updated my motivation jars… There are now 234 beads in the ‘lost’ jar, and 219.5 (okay, 220!) beads in the ‘to lose’ jar…I cannot describe how good it feels to see the ‘lost’ … Continue reading


16.5st lost with Slimming World



4.5lbs off today…not too shoddy…and neither was this… It feels like it took a long time to get this award, so it was rather nice to see a decent shift on the scales. In total I have now lost 16st … Continue reading


End of an era!



My relationship with Jack Bauer is now over! Season 8 has been watched and concluded today…and I was a plonker who cried at the end! What am I going to do with my evenings now…maybe Breaking Bad on Netflix? I … Continue reading





I have finally managed to find another food item that I really do not like the taste of…pickled eggs! Urgh! Eggs I love…but whoever decided that pickling an egg was a good idea really does need help. And the person … Continue reading


Remaining a Virgin ‘virgin’



Virgin Active have seriously taken a nose-dive for me today after booting out a collaboration with HOOP and Jessie Pavelka on the basis that it “doesn’t send the right message.”In a nutshell – Virgin told HOOP that Jessie Pavelka was … Continue reading


To my fabulous Slimming World Consultant!



My Slimming World consultant is pretty fabulous, so I thought that I would dedicate tonight’s post to her! As a serial rejoiner of Slimming World, she had had me in her groups a couple of times…but I always left pretty … Continue reading


Are you uncomfortable? Good!



There was a rather funny moment yesterday at university when I could clearly see that I had made someone feel uncomfortable… The room layout was such that we were sat around in a rectangle behind desks. At times, we had … Continue reading


I’m back!



University was fabulous! I felt like ‘me’ again…back with a vengeance!I am still on a bit of a high, so this might not be incredibly coherent I am afraid! Firstly, I am a crazy time-keeper freak. I had no sleep … Continue reading


Holiday Slimming World weigh in…



I have already been kicked up the bum for complaining…I lost 4.5lbs! I know that this is a good loss…but considering it is three weeks since my last weigh in, I was a bit disappointed really. I was so good … Continue reading


SuperFree or SuperExtra?!



Be warned…a little rant is due! I guess the title of the post kind of indicates that it will be about Superfree foods…so here goes! What is it about Superfree foods that some fellow losers do not understand? If you … Continue reading





Both the ponies and I have been having a right old day of it! I arrived at the field to find them all hidden in a hedge and shivering…so that was that…in they came to massive warm beds, fleecy rugs, … Continue reading


They’ve started already…



The holiday bloody blues have arrived! My dog looks depressed, my other half won’t utter more than a couple of words at a time, and I have started to surround myself with my holiday swag to cheer me up! It … Continue reading


Rolling, rolling, rolling…



So the day of my horsey driving finally arrived! After a two hour round trip to drop my other half off for his sea kayaking – I was back at the stables and raring to go! First of all though … Continue reading


Paleo Lara Bars- A Weekend Treat!


Lara Bars

I always have Nakd Bars in my desk for when I am feeling peckish, or am craving that bar of chocolate. Although Lara Bars shouldn’t be eaten every day, they are great for when you want a little portable treat. … Continue reading


Segway Adventures…



…not me, yet – next year I will definitely be joining in though! And me joining in next year has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the instructor was beautiful…an incredibly handsome Hungarian chap with a gorgeous … Continue reading


Rainbows and unicorns!



It has been another great day…full of rainbows, horses and unicorns! So many rainbows today – some hail, some sleet and a bit of snow too…with wind, lots of wind! I couldn’t get many rainbow pictures as I was driving, … Continue reading


Paleo Chocolate and Avocado Pud


Doesn't this look delicious

Fancy hosting a paleo dinner party? Stuck with what to serve for dessert? This is a delicious paleo dessert, promised to titillate the tastes of even the most un-paleo person! Test them at guessing the secret ingredient! They’ll never guess. … Continue reading





Well, the EuroMillions ticket is on…and I am dreaming about a win! I already know what good I could do, but then I am also having a little think about what I could do for me too! And after chatting … Continue reading


Mooching and pampering!



Today has been a day of mooching and pampering – just lovely! It started off not so good though, as there is ‘something’ in the loft running around and we can’t work out – or don’t want to work out … Continue reading


The parable of the double under


What I love about crossfit, as opposed to every other single type of exercise I’ve ever done in my 30 year weight battle, is that it is not about ‘exercise’, it’s about skill. It’s not about doing something until the … Continue reading


Sandy beaches and Colin McRae…



Well I am a bit pissed off today – and I shouldn’t be…but I am frustrated with myself. Today we drove to Ardnamurchan Point – the westerly tip of the British mainland. It is pretty remote, and the drive there … Continue reading


Fished out!



Another wonderful day in the Heelans (that’s ‘The Highlands’ to non Scots!)…there has been a bit of this… And a bit of this – this is my Mum…I was mistaken for her after posting a pic of her last night … Continue reading


Another big hill…



This time though, it was ascended and descended with the help of one of these… I did it – I finally managed to find a day when the cable cars were running! Although that picture was taken on the way … Continue reading


Does going Paleo have to cost a Bomb!?


Grow your own veg!

Recently a number of paleo  friends have said how turning paleo has made their shopping bills go through the roof. Whilst cutting out ‘filler foods’ from your diet such as pasta, rice and beans can mean your shopping bills increase; if … Continue reading


What’s the story?



Can you guess where I have been today?! Balamory…or Tobermory as it is called by everyone else apart from kids of a certain age! I am a bit tired today though as my dog was poorly in the night, so … Continue reading


Fish’n'Chip Rage!



Oooh – these bad boys were hard to resist! My other half sat next to me eating them in the harbour at Mallaig! However, I had already dealt with my fish’n’chip rage after some plonker stood right next to me … Continue reading


Does a yurt have a long neck?



This was the question I was asked by my other half shortly before I almost drove off the road as I was choked with laughter and couldn’t breathe! Bless him! We were driving past Great Glen Yurts – which is … Continue reading


Paleo Spaghetti, with Kale Pesto


Paleo Pasta and Pesto

Paleo Pasta and Pesto Feeling hungry? Short of time? This is the easiest recipe in the world, and it tastes and looks spectacular. It is a great one for when you have a few random bits in the fridge and … Continue reading


Cable Cars!



My blog title was an optimistic one when I began writing at 7am this morning! The cable cars that I had planned on going on were closed due to high winds I have only just found this out though at … Continue reading


I climbed a fecking mountain!



Okay, so it was a mini-mountain…maybe a hill to the people in the know…all I know is that it was a fecking steep, hardwork, sweat-inducing, uphill something or other! Not bad for a fat lass, and certainly not bad considering … Continue reading


It’s Sunny!



Haha – my other half cannot stop going on about the fact that it is sunny in Scotland! He is doing a disservice to this great nation…although in fairness to him, it is usually grey up here at this time … Continue reading





…pubes! Well the time has come…grey pubes are on the horizon! I was plucking last night – eyebrows, chin and beard! – and I plucked a grey straggler from my brow! I am only 32 for goodness sakes…grey hairs should … Continue reading


Fitness Freak(ed) Out!



Okay, so here is my confession after a period of reflection following my time with Jessie Pavelka. Exercise is shite! Well actually, exercise is bloody fantastic…it is me that is shite at it. I was convinced that I was doing … Continue reading


Slimming World and ‘Loser’ tips!



I got a little bit of a mini-lecture off my other half last night…he said that I needed to do a ‘proper’ post instead of just rambling…so here goes! In February last year, I weighed in at 43st 5.5lbs…and never … Continue reading


Forager’s Elderberry & Blackberry Salad with Organic Chicken Livers



As some of you may know, I have been very much under the weather of late. Today, in order to lift my spirits, I decided to take a stroll outside my house to stretch my legs and take some of … Continue reading


Woohoo! 16st award – Slimming World!



I’ve done it – I have lost 16st with Slimming World…16st 1lb to be precise…225lbs of useless fat gone for good! I am just thrilled to be heading to Scotland 12st lighter than when I went up there last year…I … Continue reading


Holiday Excitement!



Considering that I have already bought and wrapped my Christmas presents, it will come as no surprise that I am the kind of person who likes to plan some stuff on her holidays! Yes, I have an itinerary! I am … Continue reading


What are you worth?



Following on from last nights blog post, I began to think about worth. Not so much in the Forbes Rich List sense, although I did give that some thought, but more so regarding your personal worth…how much you think of … Continue reading


Paleo Cottage Pie



Sometimes, comfort food is all you need, but comfort food (as a rule) can be naughty, containing large quantities of sinful carbs. One of my favourite childhood foods is the humble Cottage Pie.  It always seems to have the magical … Continue reading





Before you get all excited – and also have me committed – I have not signed up for a marathon! I am afraid that I am one of those people that see no point in running somewhere if you can … Continue reading





Losing weight is great – it really is. I cannot describe how much better I feel from a health and well-being perspective, and to see the numbers on the scale coming down is fabulous…especially as I feel like I have … Continue reading


Slug Burgers!



This little bugger ended up in my burgers today… I am not quite sure how it ended up there though! The grill pan was clean and had fresh foil put on it before cooking, and then the burgers were tipped … Continue reading


Chatty Nurse!



It’s been an interesting day today – good interesting – but I still feel a bit ‘meh’ for some reason. We all get like this though…no particular reason other than a case of the CBAs (can’t be arsed) and the … Continue reading


Paleo Super Green Juice


Paleo Super Juice

I love drinking fresh juice; it gives you a vitamin shot and energy boost which I find even bulletproof coffee can’t rival! You have to be quite careful that you juice the correct things, (i.e. more veg than fruit) or … Continue reading


Good Slimming World surprises!



4.5lbs off and Slimmer of the Week – quite a good haul on one of those weeks that I didn’t feel any different really! What is it about weight loss? There are those weeks when you work your balls off … Continue reading


Whole30, being Sick and a General Paleo Disaster….


Jumping in freezing cold water

Following Tough Mudder last week, I have been suffering with the dreaded lurgy; a combination of a tiresome cold, and my personal favourite illness, tonsillitis. (Perhaps throwing myself in dirty, iced water that weekend, wasn’t the most sensible idea.) Jumping … Continue reading


Swim Suit Woes…



My body resembles a lump of PlayDoh that has been squidged by a toddler…not expertly sculpted by Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit fame! I am losing weight well, but it isn’t coming off evenly. I have one leg bigger … Continue reading


Paleo Bacon and Avocado Sandwich


The most delicious snack of all time?

This is one of the best paleo finger food combos I have ever come across, ridiculously easy to make; a breakfast, starter, snack, canape- it is always a paleo crowd pleaser. It couldn’t be easier to make. Simply fry some … Continue reading


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