rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Accommodating the ageing body!


Demented Editor

These observations are offered for the benefit of anyone of bus-pass age who is getting annoying aches and pains and is attributing them to ‘age’ or the onset of arthritis…. A year or so ago my right hip was starting to … Continue reading


What About You? The Girl is Mother of the Woman


Menopause often sends you back. Way back. To your girlhood. Since The Great Pause has set in, I’m spending more time reflecting on my early years. But now is good! I love writing this blog. More than any job or … Continue reading


A Mirror Fast! Could You? Would You?



The idea of mirror fasting has hit the blogosphere! Here’s an article in the New York Times giving you the reflective scoop: I probably need  a chocolate fast more than a mirror fast, but the concept of NOT looking … Continue reading


Cookie Aging Points and the World’s Easiest Cookie Recipe


Holiday Frosting

I’d be telling a lie, which is chancy this time of year with Santa watching and all, if I said I love getting old. Some say we’re supposed to not mind aging.  ”Age is just a number,” they tell us. But wrinkles … Continue reading


On Getting Old, Grandma-style


I have a feeling I worry more about getting old than the average woman. Hard to know for sure, but it seems that way from  conversations with friends. But I had a moment come over me like a voice from … Continue reading


Over-60s put off seeing GP


The Department of Health have discovered that people in their 60s are ignoring signs of ill health because they fear being dismissed as hypochondriacs or believe medical problems are a by-product of ageing. It was announced that almost a third … Continue reading


Ditch the Old Model? A Question to Consider


A few months ago, Cliff said, “I have something for you to consider.” That line always makes me nervous.  And although the question ended up being a generous one, it did reach deep into the OH NO WHAT SHOULD I … Continue reading


In the Middle of the (Sweaty) Night


January: This dampness was weird.  From middle of the night nowhere. “I’m all sweaty,” I said to Cliff. (We have the rule that if the other person seems to be awake, it’s okay to talk, even if it’s two a.m.) … Continue reading