rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Herding cats – the challenges of probiotic research in IBS.


The dietary guidelines for IBS have been published. It has taken considerable work to produce these guidelines over the last 2 years at least and I was very pleased to be part of the development process with some very experienced … Continue reading


Why your wind smells of roses – The Life of Poo book review


Well now, a book all about poo, why would anyone want to read this you may ask, surely the grim subject of poo is not something to read about – certainly not in public or polite company, I imagine you … Continue reading


Food safety and gloves


When preparing food in your kitchen or restaurant it is essential that you take care when handling raw meat and other foodstuffs. According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), there are an estimated 5.5 million cases of food poisoning each … Continue reading


Antibiotics not a cure-all


Many people believe that using antibiotics will cure most illnesses including coughs and colds. However antibiotics don’t work on viruses which is what causes most respiratory tract infections. Whilst doctors state that antibiotics are not a cure-all they are still being over-prescribed. … Continue reading


Allergies could be reduced if infants were exposed to more bacteria


A new study from the University of Copenhagen has revealed that the risk of allergic disease could be reduced if infants were exposed to more bacteria. The research found that in the children observed those who had reduced diversity of … Continue reading


How clean is your fridge?


A new study has revealed that our fridges may contain up to 750 times the level of bacteria considered safe. Around a million cases of food related illnesses occur each year in the UK and it is believed that this is … Continue reading


Fish foot spas may spread disease


A new pedicure craze is sweeping the nation but is it safe? Fish foot spas are a nibbling treatment where dead skin is removed from the feet by fish. However Britain’s health protection agency have warned that this could be … Continue reading