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Your guide to a dentally friendly Christmas stocking


Presents under Christmas tree

For many people, particularly children, the perfect Christmas stocking is one consisting of chocolate, sweets and other magnificent sugary treats. But while it may be tempting to cram in the selection boxes, it’s a ploy that could give their teeth … Continue reading


Head and Neck Cancer: Improving Early Diagnosis


Today in the UK, mouth cancer kills one person every five hours. Incidences of the disease have reached in excess of 7,500 people a year, doubling within the last decade and without early detection, half of these will not survive. … Continue reading


Summer foods vs good oral health – not always a breeze


By Dr Nigel Carter OBE As a nation, we might rejoice when the summer season comes around, yet millions of holiday-makers and picnic-goers could be putting their oral health at greater risk with their summer diet. Consuming too many acidic … Continue reading


Improving our oral health: the oral healthcare programme


Written by Louisa Rowntree Wrigley’s Extra is proud to, once again, be a Platinum sponsor of National Smile Month in 2013. Wrigley is committed to improving oral care understanding across the UK through its Oral Healthcare Programme which is why we work … Continue reading


How to keep your teeth for life


BDHF Dental Infographic

Dental Implants Elmsleigh have starting to increase the awareness of the general public with their new graphic, ‘How To Keep Your Teeth For Life’. It’s a straight forward guide to all things teeth, giving you facts and tips on things … Continue reading


Forget Wobbly Bits – What Brits Are Really Scared Of Flashing This Summer Is Their Smile!


Written by: Nadia Niazi Research released today by dental aligner brand Invisalign suggests Brits should ditch the summer diet plan and invest in a ‘smile’ plan. The National Smile Month sponsor discovered it’s not wobbly body parts gnawing at a … Continue reading


Millions in danger through illegal tooth whitening


Tooth Whitening Stats Table

20 million people in the UK are leaving themselves open to illegal and potentially harmful tooth- whitening. New survey data1 suggests more than one in four people (28 per cent) would not go to the dentist for their tooth whitening … Continue reading


What to do when you lose a tooth



Did you know that nearly three in every four adults in the UK have lost a tooth? And although on the odd occasion this can be as the result of a ‘freak’ accident (a sporting injury, or a particularly tough … Continue reading


School meals – why are they so important?


I remember when I was at school the content of my packed lunch wasn’t an issue. The only issue I had was getting more into it, and I’m not talking about apples, bananas or pears. I also remember the dinner … Continue reading


Surely people don’t die from a toothache?


Dental examination in Tanzania

Written by Mark Topley Dying from simple dental decay might seem impossible, but on the eve of World Oral Health Day Mark Topley points out that – in some parts of the world – it is all too common. I run … Continue reading


Men – Brush up to keep it up


Severe gum disease in men more than doubles their risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction, according to a new study. In the study more than half (53 per cent) of men had severe gum disease in the group with erectile … Continue reading