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High Cholesterol In Women Does Not Have The Not Same Heart Attack Risk As For Men


Women get protection from their hormones for reducing heart attack risk, and it is progesterone that makes the difference. It is something I have trying to tell doctors for years – sadly with little success – which is what Dr … Continue reading


2 Key Reasons Why Young Women Need Bioidentical Hormones


It is a myth that only women at menopause need hormone balance. Younger women are as much in need of it for a variety of hormonal conditions that can often be related to oestrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency. Supplementing with … Continue reading


Sorting Hormone Fact From Fiction


Hormone balance is every woman’s right, and there has been a growing interest in bioidentical natural hormone usage. What always goes along with that of course is that there is often a negative response that is not always informed but … Continue reading


Help For Hot Flushes


There is no doubt that one of the most aggravating, and sometimes annoyingly persistent, symptoms of menopause are those dratted hot flushes and night sweats. Every woman seems to respond differently and to have her own unique timetable for their … Continue reading