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UK workers knock 4 years off lives due to poor lifestyle


A new study has revealed that bad lifestyle choices are costing British employees over four years off their lives, making them unhealthy and old before their time. The first Britain’s Healthiest Company Index*, run by PruHealth, the health insurer and … Continue reading


First blog about my weight loss


I’ve had weight issues my entire life. I was born and grew up in South Africa where it seems everyone I grew up with was tanned, fit and slim. I was the pale, chubby ginger kid who would rather curl … Continue reading


Another BMI Rant


To Deborah Mason – for encouragement: Would it surprise you to know that Venus Williams is 3kg off being classed as overweight?  Does this now make you rethink the current obesity epidemic hysteria in the media? For the three zillionth … Continue reading


An Explanation of BMI and its shortcomings


This is a really complex subject so I will try and break it down: BMI and the DSM The DSM threshold for anorexia nervosa is a BMI of 17.5.  Two points to notice.  The first is that a person with … Continue reading


Setting a Target Weight Range


Reproduced by kind permission of F.E.A.S.T. (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders) Setting Target Weight After an eating disorder diagnosis, it is important to determine whether the patient’s disordered eating behaviors have artificially changed body composition and … Continue reading


1 in 4 women in UK obese


British women are the most obese of all women in Europe. A new study has revealed that 23.9% off British women are obese. It was also found that 16.6% of 16-24 year old women in the UK are severely overweight. … Continue reading


It’s official


Well, I took the plunge today to do my BMI (via NHS Choices onsite app) – and I am officially sitting right in the middle of the over-weight section. Not that I needed proof of course, but it’s always good … Continue reading