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5 Reasons Why a Diet May Fail to Cause Weight Loss


We live in a results-oriented world. Indeed, instant gratification is a part of the norm thanks to a myriad of tech innovations. However, some things still require lots of hard work and patience; weight loss is one of those things. … Continue reading


Getting a Bikini Body the Healthy Way



Whenever the slumber of winter ends, the goal on the tip of everyone’s tongue seems to be “bikini body.” In many ways, the idea of being “beach body ready” has got a bit out of control, with diets claiming to … Continue reading


First blog about my weight loss


I’ve had weight issues my entire life. I was born and grew up in South Africa where it seems everyone I grew up with was tanned, fit and slim. I was the pale, chubby ginger kid who would rather curl … Continue reading


New year, new diets and new exercise regimes at talkhealth


Are you exercising or dieting this January?

Practically everyone I speak to is on a diet or exercise regime of some sort! And probably most of you reading this are too! At talkhealth we are all either watching our weight or trying to get fit. At the … Continue reading


Diet Drinks and Weight Loss


Apparently new research to be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that if you will only swop your ‘normal’ drinks for the ‘sugar-free’ version you can lose up to 5 per cent of your body weight in just … Continue reading


Breaking the cycle of gaining and losing


How many times have you lost weight and then gained it? You know there was that wedding you lost weight for and looked fab in your wedding dress. Then there was the summer holiday bikini you managed to squeeze into. … Continue reading