rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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The Perfect Retreat – freefrom cafe in Chesham, Bucks, UK


Wheat, gluten, soya, dairy and nut free cake! at the perfect retreat in Chesham, Bucks

The Perfect Retreat allergy friendly cafe in Chesham, Buckinghamshire is possibly my favourite cafe in the world EVER because you can get wheat, dairy, soya, egg and nut free cakes which taste amazing. Lucia, who runs this little cafe with … Continue reading


Will there be gluten free beer at the Great British Beer Festival?


Great British Beer Festival 2014

Great British Beer Festival 2014 – just ONE gluten free bottled beer available If you have coeliac disease or are allergic to wheat you will no doubt know that finding suitable beer is not easy, so you might not think … Continue reading


Where do you feel safe eating out? FreeFrom Eating out Awards 2014


FreeFrom Eating out Awards 2014

Dear Gluten-free and FreeFrom Bloggers and everyone out there with allergies, food intolerances, coeliac disease and food sensitivities – where do you go when you want to eat out safely? Who do you trust? The FreeFrom Eating out Awards wants … Continue reading


Copenhagen with allergies – holiday tips and eating out


FreeFrom food I take on holiday

Anyone with allergies or coeliac disease planning to visit Copenhagen or anywhere in Denmark should find it pleasantly surprising. There are quite a high number of people with allergies in Denmark and restaurants seemed very used to being asked to … Continue reading


Copenhagen with allergies


The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2014 (EAACI)

I am planning a trip to Copenhagen as I’m attending the EAACI Allergy conference in June and so, I have begun the intricate planning which will enable me to travel there safely. The European Academy of Allergy andClinical Immunology 2014 … Continue reading


Choosing a safe university for your allergic teenager


Helicopter parent of an allergic child

Thanks to Tiffany, we have an intimate insight into a parent’s worries and fears for their allergic child when they head off to university alone… Tiffany (aka helicopter parent) planning which university is best for her allergic son “I want … Continue reading


ilumi meals – ask your local pub to buy some


Vozars gluten free cafe, Brixton Village

This week I was lucky enough to get invited to an ilumi taste-off session at Vozars gluten free cafe in Brixton. Vozars gluten free cafe, Brixton Village There were a bunch of bloggers from gluten free and allergy to health … Continue reading


Only 17% of people with allergies/coeliacs trust waiting staff


FreeFrom eating out awards 2014

Damning results from a recent survey suggests that “Only 17% of allergy sufferers and coeliacs trust waiting staff to give them accurate information about allergens or gluten in the food they are serving.” A wake-up call to the food service … Continue reading


Always check labels – milk in Tyrells vegetable crisps


Tyrells Vegetable crisps with Rosemary and garlic contain cheese powder

You know when you go to parties and you either take your own food, eat before you go or speak to the host to check which foods might be suitable for you? Well the one thing I have always known … Continue reading


Cutting out processed foods to help eczema week three


Just a quick update on the processed food free experiment. It’s going well. Really well. My skin is pretty amazing. I would share a photo but I have a massive zit on my cheek! I never get spots! This is … Continue reading


When pubs panic about catering for allergies – Allergy diet cards


Ham, egg and chips: Cross contamination possible on the grill, the pan and chip fat fryer

Eating out with an allergy or coeliac disease is a challenge. If you have multiple allergies it becomes even trickier. Not only do you need to communicate the severity of your allergy, you also need to discover what risks might … Continue reading


Lower quality of life in children with peanut allergy


Having allergies can be scary but you grow to learn to live with them, to grasp control of your life and get your own processes and checks in place to make sure you stay safe when shopping, eating out, snacking … Continue reading


Another nterview with the Allergy Show Director and Free tickets!


The Allergy Show North Oct 2013

It’s that time fo year again, the Allergy Show North in Liverpool takes place on the 26th and 27th October so if you’re thinking of exploring please don’t forget to download free ticket, courtesy of What Allergy. Just call … Continue reading


Another Interview with Tom the Allergy Show Director and Free tickets!


The Allergy Show North Oct 2013

It’s that time fo year again, the Allergy Show North in Liverpool takes place on the 26th and 27th October so if you’re thinking of exploring please don’t forget to download free ticket, courtesy of What Allergy. Just call … Continue reading


Top 5 totally freefrom snack bars and treats


Totally freefrom Frank Bars

There are loads of cereal and snack bars out there but they nearly all contain one allergen or another. Most of the healthier ones contain nuts or nut warnings. The gluten and nut free ones are rarely free from dairy … Continue reading


Eggy genius bread with a dash of chilli flakes


Genius #GF eggy chilli bread with fried bacon

This month I have ilumi and my friends to thank for an amazing alfesco dining experience; I had ilumi cardamom chicken with brown rice and they had fajitas. Dee cooked the rice. All I had to do was snip open … Continue reading


Jake’s Cafe – gluten free menu and my first ever latte


Jake's gluten free cafe near Luton

Anyone living in Luton or nearby or even in Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties should pay a visit to this fantastic hidden gem. Jake’s Cafe is located at Woodside Animal Farm near Luton in Markyate so if you have kids there … Continue reading


Allergy Adventures story time and picnic in Wendover Woods – 31st August


Allergy Adventures

Summer is finally here so with true British optimism the next What Allergy? Allergy Support Group, brought to you with the support of The Anaphylaxis Campaign is going to be story time in Wendover Woods on Saturday 31st August. I’m … Continue reading


The Allergy Show – my top four funnys


Allergy Show 2013 goodies

Since returning from the Allergy Show life has been hectic with work and preparing for a talk at my local library about Food allergies and intolerances (10.30 – 11.30am on Thursday 13th June at Wendover library – more on that … Continue reading


Eating out with allergies


Eating out with allergies - eat with your eyes

This week is the first time in about a fortnight that I’ve begun to feel normal again. Why? you ask? Have you been ill? Well, yes I have been ill, but the reason for the poor health, sleepless nights and … Continue reading


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