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Millions more protected against disease – improved vaccinations


Millions more people will be protected against disease by improvements to the UK’s world class immunisation schedule, announced today, including three vaccination programmes to protect against flu, shingles and diarrhoea. All children aged two – around 650,000 in total – … Continue reading


To Jab Or Not This Winter?


Every winter there is a call to summon us to the doctor’s surgery for a flu injection.  Now I am the possessor of a bus pass I am automatically on the list and I have had to strenuously resist the … Continue reading


Swine Flu Vaccine Contracts Lacked ‘Get Out Clauses’


According to an independent review, the contracts negotiated by the UK government for a swine flu vaccine should have had get-out clauses to protect taxpayers’ money, experts say. More than 30m doses are thought to be left over after one … Continue reading