rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Allergic to wheat? List of wheat free lager and real ale


I’m really doing this for myself as a reference because I have a wheat allergy and love of real ale – not always a good combination. I plan to contact the brewers to find out if their draft beer is … Continue reading


Another year of freefrom food awards judging


FreeFrom Food Awards 2014 judging sheet

You may be thinking that it’s the life of riley, swanning up to Foods Matters head quarters and tasting a bit of this and bit of that. Well you’d partly be right, it is one of the high lights of … Continue reading


Is calcium propionate safe for gluten free baked goods?



Calcium propionate can be found in many gluten free baked goods and it may be the cause of many of migraine headaches. So what’s it included for? Is it really needed? E282 – Calcium propionate Calcium propionate “Occurs naturally in … Continue reading


What did Paul Hollywood really say about coeliacs?


Paul Hollywood tweets about gluten free

The Twittersphere and social media gossip has been full of anger at comments made by Paul Hollywood in a recent interview that, Paul Hollywood tweets about gluten free he was “sceptical about the whole Coeliac thing”. He also said he … Continue reading