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7 in 10 people with liver disease in the UK don’t even know they have it


Nearly 75% percent with liver disease don’t know it, according to research published in the Lancet(1). For many, the first indication is following admission to Accident and Emergency when the disease is advanced and chance of survival is very low. … Continue reading


Just diagnosed with hep C? Ten things you should ask your doctor


Just diagnosed with hep C? Ten things you should ask your doctor

A diagnosis of hepatitis C can leave you experiencing a variety of emotions. You may feel shock, worry, anger, denial and even depression. Knowing as much about hep C as possible is one of the best things you can do to help you … Continue reading


A message that’s loud enough to hear from Las Vegas to Wall Street


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A Las Vegas judge ordered the medical insurance group UnitedHealth to pay $500 million in punitive damages after failing to oversee Dr Dipak Desai. Desai was implicated in infecting patients with hepatitis C through bad colonoscopy practices. Read more on the Hepatitis C News website: Photo by Dawn … Continue reading


If I could do it my friend, then surely you can do it too


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Written by Betty Vega For several years I had elevated liver enzymes but I was fine. During one exam, the doctor wanted to run a test that apparently no one has ever done before on me. I wasn’t sure why I needed this new … Continue reading


I’m Not Alone


This article sums up so much of the consequences that I see on a daily basis, and well worth a read. Think I will stick to my Pomegranate Juice!! Dr Smith-Laing, liver specialist, pulls no punches. ‘Until about 10 years ago, … Continue reading


Liver disease epidemic


North-East England has seen a rise in alcoholic liver disease among those in their early 30s. Hospital admissions for this have risen by 400% in the last 8 years. This compares to the national rise of 61%. There is a … Continue reading


Mum to be? Watch out for high street coffee!


Pregnant women, liver disease sufferers and children could be at risk from drinking coffee from some high street coffee shops. An analysis of espresso’s in 20 coffee shops found that the amount of caffeine varied greatly between shops. The strongest coffee … Continue reading