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5 Nursing Specialties Worth Considering


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Nursing is not for everyone. Some people don’t have the compassion or empathy required to consider nursing as a career. Some faint at the site of blood, which is a no-no if you want to work as a nurse. If … Continue reading


Be a Better Nurse — Get Your BSN


If you’re in the process of earning your associate’s degree in nursing, you know it’s not an easy credential to get. Earning an ADN means two or three years of pre-requisites plus another two years for the nursing program itself. … Continue reading


How do Israeli nurses sustain high stress with low burnout?


Nursing is, by its very nature, an occupation subject to a high degree of stress. Every day a nurse confronts stark suffering, grief, and death as few other people do. Many tasks are mundane and unrewarding. Many are, by normal … Continue reading


Campaigners call for tax-funded National Care Service to solve crisis in care system


Britain’s biggest pensioner organisation, the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) will today (20 March) launch a new campaign for a tax-funded, National Care Service. The Fair Care Campaign follows numerous reports by a range of governmental and charitable organisations in the last … Continue reading


Nursing to become Graduate Entry


The Department of Health has announced that all new nurses in England from 2013 will have to spend at least three years being trained to degree level For more information read the full story here – What do you … Continue reading