rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Sylk Intimate and The Eve Appeal – raising awareness into the 5 gynae cancers


At #TeamEve we are very excited to announce a twelve month charitable partnership between Sylk Intimate and The Eve Appeal.  This partnership  will help to raise much-needed awareness into the 5 gynae cancers and funding for pioneering research into early … Continue reading


Hot Flushes – What Do They Say About Your Health?



Are you experiencing hot flushes? If so, then you could be experiencing some health problems. Hot flushes are something women expect to experience at some point in their lives, usually heralding menopause – but it’s not always menopause that causes … Continue reading


Another Menstruation Movie. Meet Nurse Jansen!


Here’s another film about getting your period! Meet brave Nurse Jansen, who speaks confidently about womanly changes. Watch melancholy Molly, a a girl named Barbara!!, and the other girls in the sad-looking class as they voice their questions. Hear the nurse’s … Continue reading


A Blast from Your Menstruation Past


And now, for your viewing pleasure, an old film! This film, produced by Disney in 1946 and underwritten by Kotex, was shown in elementary schools into the sixties in the U.S.  Listen to hear the wonders of becoming a woman … Continue reading


From the Other Side of the Kotex Box


I love these old Kotex ads!  They make me feel a part of the sisterhood of the ages even though I’m not having periods anymore. But I thought being finished would feel more joyful. Like winning a free trip to … Continue reading


The Red Sea (Yes, That one)


If you are squeamish or a man or so far beyond periods that you think they really are the dot at the end of a sentence, skip this post. But I wanted to say a word about the Red Sea … Continue reading