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Stop suffering and start living with PMS



The symptoms of PMS can be debilitating and frustrating, and they are experienced by all women at some point or another when they are of childbearing age. With symptoms including headaches, tiredness, forgetfulness, bloating, cravings, anxiety and skin problems, PMS … Continue reading


8 months later


I am 8 months post total abdominal hysterectomy (tubes, cervix and womb removed) and bilateral oophorectomy (removal of ovaries) and I can honestly say that I am PMDD free! Wow, what a difference to the past. My mood is stable, … Continue reading


2 Key Reasons Why Young Women Need Bioidentical Hormones


It is a myth that only women at menopause need hormone balance. Younger women are as much in need of it for a variety of hormonal conditions that can often be related to oestrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency. Supplementing with … Continue reading




Well I don’t have cancer and the organs they removed from me were cancer free too which is the most fantastic news. So why do I feel a bit low and unhappy? Surgical menopause, that’s why. I had my ovaries … Continue reading


Premenstrual syndrome


I started my periods at 9 years old and overnight turned into a monster. I told lies, stole money, shoplifted, made up stories and experienced my first visit to psychology. Throughout the years I have seen doctors, psychiatrists, neurologists and … Continue reading


It’s My Ovaries Stupid!!!


Well, the ups and downs of my hormones over the last few weeks have given me alot of food for thought.  My ‘bible’ as such has to be the above book ‘it’s my ovaries stupid’ by Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD.  … Continue reading


Attack of the Venom Hormones


I had a fab time taking photos at the North Carolina State Fair this year.   Every new sight was a blog post possibility! But it was husband Cliff who first spotted Spider Girl.  “Take her!  You’ve got to take … Continue reading


Whirligig Menopause


Mr.  Whirligig stands on my porch. You never know when the wind will set his arms spinning. And that’s how I’ve found it to be with menopause. You never know when a symptom (a new one or an old one) … Continue reading


It’s Ok, Ovaries


I could feel an ovary trying to decide what to do.  One hour, I sensed the familiar and oh so annoying twinges that meant ovulation was on its way (followed by two weeks of PMS in her various forms). The … Continue reading