rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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This week in health – 20/04/2018


Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up on the biggest news stories in the world of health. From medical breakthroughs to scorching weather conditions, this week’s round-up certainly has a wide breadth of topics to take on. So, without further … Continue reading


Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad?


Cool Refreshing Dark Amber Beer

What the UK Government defines as binge drinking might come as a shock to some. Binge drinking is defined as the intake of twice the recommended daily alcohol limit. For men that means eight units, the equivalent of four pints … Continue reading


One in four Brits unhappy with their smile


Smile and the world smiles with you as the saying goes, but for more than a quarter of Brits who are unhappy with their smiles this may not be the case. New research by the British Dental Health Foundation and … Continue reading


Lies, damned lies and statistics


We are always seeking ‘proof’ to guide our decisions, particularly when it comes to medical matters but that might be a mistake according to a new report. The largest comprehensive analysis of finds that clinical trials are falling short … Continue reading


It’s not all about suffering……….and imaginary conversations needs to be properly investigated


The admiral nurse pointed this out to me and it fits in so well with the person-centred approach to dementia. She was responding to my saying that S’s ‘conversations’ with the people she imagines are now quite often calm and … Continue reading


Thoughts on Eczema


Hi everyone Its blogging time again to which I must admit to putting aside, as I get on with all the other things that go with looking after the flare ups of eczema, running a home, business, writing an essay … Continue reading


Researchers Leave Out Important – And Damaging – Facts


I am always suspicious of clinical trials – I want to know who has funded them for a start as that will tend to influence the outcome.  It is a given of scientific theory that if you start out with … Continue reading