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All You Need to Know About High Cholesterol


High cholesterol is a disease that plagues worldwide (WHO, 2015). Every now and then, a new patient is diagnosed with high cholesterol, and asked to make major changes in life if he wants to live longer. Cholesterol: The Basics Cholesterol … Continue reading


Coronary Heart Disease – How we treat it in 2015


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Coronary heart disease, often called ischaemic heart disease is a serious condition and its symptoms include chest pain (angina), heart attacks and heart failure. Not every sufferer presents the same symptoms however, and some patients may not experience any symptoms … Continue reading


Statins ‘help prevent tooth loss’


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The article was released on the British Dental Health Foundation News section New research has discovered that people taking statins for general health problems were almost three times less likely to suffer from tooth loss compared to those not on … Continue reading


Mediterranean Diet – In A Capsule


Well, not really of course but Masquelier have produced a supplement that contains the key ingredients to help you and your heart stay healthy. My regular readers will know my feelings about statins by now, and a healthy alternative is … Continue reading