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Behaviour that might challenge


Behaviours that need special skills and understanding within the care home setting-Wandering The wandering resident needs specific understanding. The prevalence of wandering behaviour is difficult to assess but estimates suggest that it will occur in up to 25% of people … Continue reading


That nagging feeling


I visited my mother in her care home today and the nagging feeling of have we done enough resurfaced once again.  Whilst having lost the ability to speak for quite a while my mother does make sounds and grunts to … Continue reading


Turn of Mind


Alice LaPlante’s book ‘Turn of  Mind’ which drew on her experience from her mother’s condition of Alzheimers was the first fiction book to win the Wellcome Trust Book Prize, awarded for outstanding medical writing . It is this month’s Daily Mail book of … Continue reading


The inevitable….


Having had my mother diagnosed with dementia – you wonder what comes next…..she seems almost fine and as I’ve said before sounds almost the same and dresses almost the same – but clearly the key is in the word ‘almost’.  … Continue reading


No holds Barred – no more inhibitions…..


 My mother has always been a relatively forth right person and freely spoken her mind.  When realising that perhaps she might have over stepped the mark in voicing such opinions and causing offence she would quickly make light of the … Continue reading


Going for a song


My mother has always been quite sensible and philosophical about getting old which makes live much easier.  One thing that she was happy to do at quite an early stage was to sign power of attorney to myself and one … Continue reading


My first blog – vascular dementia


Hi – I’m Catriona and part of the talkhealth team……I’ve had Deborah on my case since we started getting serious about our talkhealth blog to share with you my experiences of having an elderly parent in the advanced stages of … Continue reading