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Music Video Meltdown


This is my first blog post in 2 weeks! My apologies for the unexpected absence but I am definitely back now and alongside my return comes a little rant and rage – the culprit this time being certain departments of … Continue reading


The Lady Gaga Incident


I walk a lot. It’s my ‘me’ time, my thinking time, my blasting tunes and making up dance routines in my head time – it’s also my ‘plan my writing and rehearse in my head what I want to type … Continue reading


The Battle Between Head and Body


I’ve been thinking a lot over the past week about the connection between your head and your body – or to speak more accurately my head, my body – when it comes to food and eating and who I should … Continue reading


What I Learnt During Eating Disorders Awareness Week


I’m breathing a little sigh of relief today as it feels great to back in my normal blogging routine. As you may or may not have noticed, my slightly ambitious goal to post 7 days in a row for Eating … Continue reading


Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Day 1


This week is a rather important week. If you don’t know already it’s  Eating Disorder Awareness Week (Mon 24th Feb – Sun 2nd March 2014) and I’ve made a provisional goal with myself to at least aim to post on … Continue reading


Flash of Wrath


I had a little bit of wrath last week – or a flash of wrath as I like to call it. I’m not a particularly angry person, sure some things will piss me off but it’s only very certain subjects … Continue reading


Healthly self image


Healthly self image: Danielle’s story about living with eating disorders. Today I’m starting off with some great news as I’m delighted to say that I am officially a blogger for the talkhealth partnership! My blog is now accessible through their … Continue reading


Slip Ups


Today’s topic will be slip ups. Not that I’m wanting or intending to negate last weeks post about the beauty of freedom but the fact is that slip ups can happen, old behaviours can be returned to – however it’s … Continue reading




Since my last post landed on the same day of the week I’m aiming for a weekly Blogging Tuesday from now on. At the moment it’s the most reliable full day or afternoon off for me so I’m hoping to … Continue reading


I love this video. I love this speech. For me, it is one of the…


I love this video. I love this speech. For me, it is one of the most inspiring talks I have heard.    When I started my blog, wrote my first post and revealed it publicly, inside my head I kept … Continue reading




The article I posted earlier felt particularly relevant today as I had been thinking this week about that urge, break or snap that happens when we have vowed to be ‘good’ and not touch the food, alcohol, cigarettes, whatever that … Continue reading


Kindness vs. Self-Flagellation: How to Address Eating Disorder Recovery


Kindness vs. Self-Flagellation: How to Address Eating Disorder Recovery: Very relevant article on the power of being kind to yourself whilst in the midst of a cycle of negative behaviour. +662   


Thoughts on the Mannequin Debate


Tonight I finally had the chance to catch up on the recording of the members debate at the Scottish Parliament which took place yesterday. I’m sure Members Debate is the more official, professional sounding title, but for my own purposes … Continue reading


Call for larger fashion mannequins


Call for larger fashion mannequins: Today is potentially quite an interesting day on the topic of body image in Britain – I’m actually rather excited. An MSP by the name of Dennis Robertson is campaigning for a variety of different … Continue reading




This is my first post in over 2 weeks – a fact that I am all too aware of and it’s been playing on my mind. I know I can blame my absence on reasons such as working a lot … Continue reading


Talking Point: Good to talk | Holyrood Magazine


Talking Point: Good to talk | Holyrood Magazine: David Cameron joked about “the mental health lobby” with Andrew Marr at the Conservative conference. It was perhaps a reference to the storm on Twitter Here is the article I was talking … Continue reading


World Mental Health Day 2013


So it’s World Mental Health Day – a fact I only realised late into this afternoon which makes me wonder why. Is it my own ignorance or has their not been enough focus on this day in general? Whatever the … Continue reading


From committment-phobe from falling in love…


Today I trotted off to strength class, my absolutely favourite crossfit class because it doesn’t include a WOD and I can see myself getting stronger week by week. It’s actually only my third class but I can already see improvements. … Continue reading


Safe and Healthy Ways To Lose Weight


Losing weight is something many people struggle with over the years because they have a hard time finding a diet that works for them. Using the tips provided you should be able to get to a healthy weight you can … Continue reading


What every Eating Disorder clinician should know


No two eating diorder patients are the same If you are treating all eating disorder patients in the same way, you are doing something wrong.  Boys and girls are different. Each patient comes from a different creed, class, colour, country. … Continue reading


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