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Accidents Happen: Painless Pointers for Injured UK Workers


Accidents Happen

Anyone can have an accident and they can get hurt or seriously injured almost anywhere and under so many different circumstances, but getting hurt at work can be particularly distressing and sometimes avoidable all together. If you suffer an injury … Continue reading


Mid-Week Treats at talkhealth HQ



Here at talkhealth HQ, we’re beating the mid-week blues with a delicious breakfast of homemade fresh bread and jam. This lovely treat is all thanks to Catriona (and her shiny new breadmaker). When Catriona said she had some treats for us … Continue reading


5 Subtle Signs That Your Job Might Be Killing You


There’s no denying it: Stress can make you sick. According to one recent publication, which looked at more than 80 studies related to health and stress, there is a clear correlation between stress and physical health symptoms. And if you … Continue reading


The Critical Role of Line Managers


I am often asked what is the most important factor in helping people return to work after cancer. Clearly a lot depends on the diagnosis, the stage that the cancer is at, and the kind of work the individual does. … Continue reading