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Each month talkhealth runs a health-related survey asking for your feedback and opinions on a wide range of topics covering both specific and general health conditions.

The short survey will comprise no more than 20 questions with easy to pick answers, along with an opportunity to voice your opinion.

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Current survey

Survey on: Scar Survey

Survey closes: 25 November 2016

Everyone (unless you are extremely lucky) has lived with a scar at some point in their lives. Scars can range from mild (such as from a childhood graze or scrape) to something more life changing (such as a severe burn or injury).

Following the launch of talkscars, we want to capture both your experiences with scars (both big and small) and / or your views on scars and scarring. Whether you have one yourself, you care for someone with a scar, or even if you don’t have any, we’d like to know.  

Our latest talkhealth hub, will include an array of informative pieces around scars and wound care - such as our patient journey, plus articles, blogs & stories, along with a dedicated forum and the details of specialist centres, NHS Trusts, relevant charities and support groups.

Using your invaluable feedback from this survey ensures that we offer you the practical information that you feel should be available to everyone who has an interest in this topic. So please take a few minutes (about 4 to 5!) to complete our survey which is open till Friday 25th November.

Also please do pass on the link to this survey to any others that you feel might be interested to contribute and feedback their own experiences – as everyone’s views and experiences are very important to us.  Once the survey closes, all entrants who have completed the survey in its entirety will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win 1 of 10 great prizes, including 9 talkhealth skin care packs and a STAR PRIZE of an Amazon Fire Tablet.

We truly value and appreciate any assistance and feedback you can offer in the development and future of talkscars, and thank you for your help.


Recent survey results

Survey on: Bladder Survey

Survey closed 4 July 2016

In May 2016, talkhealth undertook an extensive survey on its membership around concerns and awareness of bladder issues.   It is estimated that bladder problems affect over 14 million people in the UK today. Despite bladder problems affecting so many of us, with people of all ages being at risk of developing a bladder issue, not just the elderly as so commonly thought, these problems are still not as openly discussed as they should be. As part of the development of our upcoming new bladder hub, we looked to our membership to help us understand better such concerns. 

In total, 1,205 people completed the survey. The vast majority were female (87%), and the most common age bracket they fell into was between 41 and 50.


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