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Each month talkhealth runs a health-related survey asking for your feedback and opinions on a wide range of topics covering both specific and general health conditions.

The short survey will comprise no more than 20 questions with easy to pick answers, along with an opportunity to voice your opinion.

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Current survey

Survey on: Erectile Dysfunction Survey - win £50 M&S vouchers

Survey closes: 3 November 2014

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to get and/or maintain an erection that is sufficient for satisfactory intercourse.  It is a very common condition particularly in older men. It is estimated that over half of all men aged been 40 and 70 years old will experience erectile dysfunction to some degree.

Whilst the condition can be embarrassing and lead to feelings of low self esteem, anxiety and depression, it is important to see a GP as there are a range of treatments and lifestyle changes that can lead to improvements both physically and mentally.

If you or your partner have experienced the effects of erectile dysfunction, we would value your thoughts and feedback in this month's survey particularly in terms of how the condition is/has impacted on your relationship, your confidence and your overall wellbeing.

In return for your feedback, we will choose one person at random to win a £50 M&S voucher once the survey closes on 3 November 2014.  YOU CAN COMPLETE THE SURVEY ANONYMOUSLY IF YOU PREFER but you would not be entered into the draw for the chance to win the voucher.

Dates for your diary - our Online Clinic on Men's Urology opens from 12-18 November 2014 and you can ask our panel of medical experts all your questions about all aspects of urology including erectile dysfunction.

Recent survey results

Survey on: Stress & Anxiety at Work

Survey closed 3 October 2014

During September 2014, we ran a survey to find out more about stress and anxiety at work. This survey was undertaken to coincide with our online clinic on stress & anxiety at work which runs from 15-21 October 2014. The survey reveals just how people feel about stress at work and how it affects their day to day lives. You can read some of the findings by clicking the 'view results' button below.

View results

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