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Survey on: Weight Management Survey - win M&S Vouchers

Survey closes: 6 January 2015

Weight issues and concerns are never out of the news... never more so than in January particularly when we say we are going to start that new diet .....  but how many of us keep to our New Year's resolutions... well most of us know the answer... very very few.

Our survey is open for everyone to answer - whether you feel yourself underweight, overweight or in fact you are at your correct weight for your height, age and build.  We are keen to learn more from you as to how you feel being the weight you are at and what impact positive and negative does this have on your emotional wellbeing.  Plus what works for you - what are you best tips? And have your weight issues been a life long battle, or just a recent one?... 

Our results will be published in time for our Weight Management Clinic running 15-21 January where we invite you to join us, NHS Choices, our charity partners and leading experts to help discuss any issues or concerns and advice that you would like.

Recent survey results

Survey on: Drink Awareness Survey

Survey closed 2 December 2014

Alcohol is still one of the most 'swept under the carpet' addictions within the UK, with many turning a blind eye to the dangers of over drinking and the affects that it can have on a someone's life. Plus it is not just the single affect to someone's own health, but the damaging repercussions it can have on family and work life. One way to help is to raise awareness of the problems that drinking too much alcohol can have and to understand that for many the problem is only really identified once damage is done. Raising awareness offers people the chance and choice to identfy the warning signs before the problems become too significant and damaging.  Read our results of our drink awareness survey - which challenges the legal limit for children drinking at home which is over 5 years of age...

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