Are you living with or caring for someone with eczema and have a hint, tip or story which you wish someone had shared with you earlier on and that you think others would find helpful? We are looking for some hints and tips as well as stories from our members to incorporate into our upcoming dry skin and eczema PSP's - you could see your story in print!  We're giving away 20 foot pamper packs - containing a pedicure foot file and an argan oil moisturising foot pack - to people chosen at random that submit a hint, tip or story.

Eczema is an extremely common skin condition which mainly affects children but also affects many adults too. Around 1 in 5 children in the UK alone have eczema. Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition and the main symptoms are itchy red patches of skin, inflammation (swelling) and dry skin.

We will soon be launching two support programmes on eczema, one for children and one for adults, and we need your help. Our patient support programmes have been developed to help increase your confidence in managing your condition. Running on average between 12 - 24 weeks, they provide direct weekly online support completely free!

If you have an eczema related story, hint or tip, please share with us today.

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