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Bee pollen is one of nature’s great gifts - a wonderfully natural nutrient-dense food containing proteins (including all 20 essential amino acids), carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals & enzymes - that have long been valued for a host of nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

While bee pollen is commonly taken simply as an excellent balanced daily nutritional supplement, people also take bee pollen for a variety of natural health reasons, including bolstering the immune system and fighting allergies such as hay fever.

Bee pollen & hay fever

Bee pollen does not offer immediate relief for the symptoms of hay fever. The aim of taking bee pollen regularly is to try and help the body to become less sensitive to an allergen (i.e. pollens) so that it reacts less violently when exposed to it later on. This is done by taking small amounts initially and gradually increasing these over weeks/months. Read more at www.apibal.com/hayfever.html

What’s different about Apibal™ Bee Pollen?

Raw bee pollen granules can be hard to fully digest, so Apibal™ uses a special freeze-cracking process to delicately break open the hard shells of the bee pollen grains. The cracked grains are then milled to a fine powder at a low temperature to avoid risking heat degradation to the nutrients. In this way, Apibal™ bee pollen releases and safeguards all the nutrients within its bee pollen, making it more bioavailable to ensure you get the best from your pollen.

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