We are looking for 200 adults and parents/carers of children with eczema to trial/review Atopic Piel Extreme Body Creams (150ml) along with one other product from the Atopic Piel range. We are also looking for those who receive the product to write a product review and to find 4 parents/carers (with a child up to the age of 14) to take part in a short testimonial video after trying the Atopic Piel Extreme Body Cream on their child. This would take place at the talkhealth offices during the working week, children are welcome to come along and also to be involved in the video if they like. Each chosen couple will receive the additional products from the Atopic Piel range along with a £50 voucher and expenses.

This product is specifically for those adults or children who are experiencing a flare up. This product does not replace any other treatment that you are taking and can be taken at the same time.

Extreme Body Cream

The Extreme Body Cream from Repavar offers you or your child quick relief during period outbreaks of eczema or Atopic Dermatitis. This product is part of a complete range of skin care for eczema, atopic and/or extremely dry skin and is specially formulated to restructure the skin barrier and decrease the itch intensity significantly.

The Atopic Piel range

This product is part of the Atopic Piel range of Repavar which is a complete range for atopic, extremely dry or eczema skin care, which, thanks to the combination of latest generation active ingredients with a high level of scientific evidence, has shown anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic and regenerating efficacy.

Proven efficacy Atopic Piel (referred to daily use products)

65% of Atopic individuals that used the products on a daily basis stopped itching after 21 days and 78% experienced an overall reduction of itch intensity. Also, after 21 days 79% showed significant reduction of severity of Atopic symptoms. These are the results of a clinical study with 40 individuals using 4 different daily use Atopic Piel SKUs: bath gel, body lotion, facial cream, and shampoo.

Safe for babies and children

This product is dermatologically tested on adults, children and babies (older than 1 month). The whole product line is very suitable to use on their skin.

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