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Auntie Mo's handmake dairy free and egg free baking mixes are suitable for those with allergies and Vegans. Auntie Mo's take the fuss out of baking as you just add wet ingredients for a perfect bake every time!

Auntie Mo's Fluffy Pancake Mix makes a soft and fluffy American style pancake. Just add your favourite toppings for a brilliant breakfast!

> Just add your favourite milk!
> Ready in 5 minutes, simply tip and mix

Auntie Mo's Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix makes a delicious vanilla cookie packed full of high quality chocolate chips. Bake them slightly under for chewy, or slightly over for crunchy - either way you will be in cookie heaven!

> Makes up to 12 cookies
> Ready in just 15 minutes, simply add vegetable margarine, cold water & oil
> High quality British chocolate, minimum of 53% cocoa solids

Auntie Mo's Soft & Gooey Double Chocolate Brownie Mix lets you bake a decadent double chocolate brownie made with 100% Cocoa Extract - perfect for chocolate lovers! In just four simple steps you will produce a delicious brownie that people won't believe was made without butter or eggs! Fuss free and fun to prepare - great for kids or those new to baking.

> Makes a full tray (26CM x 20CM) of brownies
> Ready in 25(Gooey) to 30 (Cake-like) minutes with just four simple steps - bake to your taste!
> Just add cold water & oil
> Cocoa Powder made from 100% Cocoa Extract

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