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How we wear our hair is very much about our personal style and identity. Hair loss is a difficult process that can affect our self-esteem and make us feel out of place. At Suburban Turban, we’re here to help women reconnect with a look they’ll love. We offer chemo head covers that are not only practical, but also stylish and versatile. Our hats and turbans are especially designed for the best fit and maximum comfort.

Suburban Turban offer a range of different styles especially designed for hair loss.
Whether you want a Baker Boy cap, a Bucket hat, Beanie hats or Cloche hats; we offer many different styles. Chose a style that will replicate your hair style; add soft volume with fabric folds, print or texture. Give your face a soft frame, just like you would with a hair style.

Headbands and scarves
Silk headband scarves can be a ‘grown-up’ way of managing thinner areas as they come and go.There is also more width to a scarf, which means it can be opened out to cover the crown of the head or the nape of the neck, or kept narrow to cover thinning hair at the temples. This really does work as a gorgeous, casual fashion accessory.

Chemotherapy hats for any occasion
We know women with hair loss will need to wear our hats regularly indoors – in the supermarket, office or school – we want our headwear to blend in with your lifestyle. Know what you are looking for when it comes to looks for covering hair loss: depth of style, fabric print/texture/volume and type of fabric. Whatever headwear you go for, you can make it your own with a little time, perseverance and practice.

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