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  • Do you wake up in the morning with a ‘stuffy’ head?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you’ve got hayfever in the winter?

If you answer ‘YES’ to either of these questions, you might be allergic to Dust Mites, and once you know there’s lots you can do to minimise your exposure to them. Imutest’s Dust Mite Allergy Kit is a simple home test with an answer within 30 mins, and we are giving away 20 FREE kits in this talkhealth campaign.

But if you are unlucky and not picked as one of the 20 FREE kits, then please accept Imutest’s generous offer of a 50% discount valid until 31 Jan 2018 by using DISCOUNT CODE ‘TH50’ in Imutest’s web-shop.

More Imutest Allergy Test Kits:

Imutest also offer other allergy test kits including:

  • Airborne Allergy Screen kit (separate test lines for grass pollen, dust mite and cat … these three allergens account for 90-95% of all allergy symptoms in atopic allergy patients)
  • Individual kits for Milk and Egg (these are the most common food allergens, especially in children)
  • Allergy Check kit (this kit measures the total ‘allergy’ antibody present in the blood and is very useful for helping to differentiate between a genuine food allergy or other systemic problems like food intolerance, IBS, etc)

All of these are simple-to-do tests using a small finger prick sample of blood with results in 30 mins … results with Imutest correlate very well with results using the ‘gold-standard’ laboratory IgE method.

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