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ENTEROSGEL® - a breakthrough for gut health and more

ENTEROSGEL is a drug-free supportive treatment of gastrointestinal disorders associated with IBS-D, diarrhoea and allergies. Taken with water one hour before or after food this organic taste-free gel acts like a clever sponge to selectively soak up harmful substances in your gut, such as bacterial toxins, pathogens and allergens, helping towards expelling them from the body naturally. Beneficial substances like nutrients and vitamins are left untouched.

ENTEROSGEL® is an organic mineral gel with a unique porous structure and chemical formula that allows it to act like a “magic sponge”. It soaks up harmful substances in your gut, such as bacterial toxins, pathogens and allergens, and excretes them naturally, leaving behind all the good things. It simply “holds onto” the unwanted substances in your GUT and transports them out of the body naturally, via bowel emptying within 12 to 24 hours..

ENTEROSGEL® can either be taken by diluting in water or another liquid or alternatively can be taken off a spoon or sachet and washed down with a sufficient amount of water. It is composed of an organic mineral and water and is completely non-allergenic, free from preservatives, gluten, lactose, sugar, taste or colour.

Available over the counter in Pharmacies and Health Stores it contains no pharmaceutical ingredients, so can be taken along with any existing oral medications. Suitable for use in babies, children and adults.

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