Ganodex® an established treatment cream for sufferers of psoriasis in Norway, which is now being launched into the UK. GlycaNova is offering 200 tubes of Ganodex® (in 100ml sizes), which will be posted to the first 200 chosen after the closing date. Click below to request one.

Ganodex® is a unique, moisturising, skin cream originally developed and produced in Norway and is recommended by health care professionals. It is based on a natural active ingredient – a triple-helix beta-glucan, which is extremely effective against psoriasis symptoms, such as scaly, itchy and irritated skin.

Ganodex® was tested at the London Clinic of Dermatology. The beta glucan in Ganodex® is an immune-modifying ingredient that can reduce scaling, itchiness, and irritation of the skin. Daily application helps make the skin smoother and softer, with increased elasticity. Ganodex® should be applied liberally to areas of psoriasis and dry skin at least twice daily and always after showering or bathing. The cream can be used for as long as required. Psoriasis patients who apply Ganodex® 2-3 times daily have reported a vast improvement in their skin.

The cream has 100% natural ingredients. Ganodex® is a non-steroidal treatment and does not contain parabens. The cream is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy after application.

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