10 x GOOD HEMP Hampers

Offer ends: 7 November 2017

To be in with a chance of winning one of 10 x GOOD HEMP Hampers (1 litre Original Good Hemp Dairy Free Milk, 1 x 500ml bottle Good Hemp Oil, 1 x 225g pouch Good Hemp Seed Hearts) click below to enter…

This offer ended 7 November 2017

GOOD HEMP, produce their delicious and nutritious hemp food and drink range at their farm in Devon. All GOOD HEMP products are made from natural hemp seeds, a true ‘Superfood’ with outstanding health benefits. The whole range, including GOOD HEMP Dairy Free Milk, HEMP Oil and HEMP SEED HEARTS is naturally high in healthy Omega 3 and easy to incorporate into your daily diet. They are especially good for the growing number of people with food allergies and intolerances.

GOOD Things

  • FREE FROM gluten
  • FREE FROM dairy
  • FREE FROM nuts
  • FREE FROM artificial colours, flavours and preservatives



GOOD FACT: Just one 250ml glass provides half your recommended daily intake of Omega 3.



GOOD FACT: 40% less saturated fat than olive oil and 25% more Omega 3.



GOOD FACT: 50% more protein than Chia

To find out more about the range visit GOOD HEMP today.

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