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Socks are a commonplace item of clothing that the majority pay little attention to, but for the 4.5 million people living with diabetes throughout the UK they can cause discomfort at best, and at worst can exacerbate symptoms and create further complications that can result in amputation in the most serious cases. Gentle Grip IOMO Footnurse Socks have reimagined the design process, eradicating the use of elastic that can create unnecessary complications for the estimated 9% of the adult population that have diabetes.

Though many people will be familiar with the dietary impacts of diabetes, the effects on the feet are less well publicised, despite an estimated 10% of diabetics experiencing foot ulcers at some point.

Gentle Grip IOMI Footnurse Socks have done away with elastic completely, thanks to the non-restrictive Honeycomb Top that holds secure, moulds to the natural contours of the ankle and calf and are made a soft-touch, breathable cotton that creates a healthy environment.

The finished product has been a sensation, with the Sockshop brand including the Gentle Grip IOMI Footnurse socks boasting worldwide with sales totalling over 30 million, helping diabetics put their best foot forward all day, every day.

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