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What is snappichappi?

Made using non-toxic natural oils and advanced technology, snappichappi are mosquito repellent bands which have been designed to offer the best protection with the least amount of fuss.

Available in packs of four, snappichappi bands can be worn discreetly around a wrist or ankle, which automatically adjusts to its circumference. There are no overpowering smells or messy lotions and sprays to deal with, and they’re small enough to pack in your luggage.

How do they work?

The bands are made using Celessence™, the cutting-edge micro-encapsulation technology. This is where tiny amounts of natural mosquito repellent are surrounded by a soluble film to form small capsules within a uniform, micrometric wall.

The band needs to be activated to become effective, and will repel mosquitoes within a 60cm range.

How do I activate the band?

To activate, ‘snap’ or agitate the surface. This will break a portion of the capsules within the band and release the repellent, which will start to work immediately.

How long do they last?

snappichappi bands can last for up to one month, though it depends on use. Over-agitation will release excess repellent and will reduce the length of time the band will be fully effective.

Who are they suitable for?

Whether you’re off on holiday, embarking on a backpacking adventure or simply want protection against mosquitoes whilst playing sports, snappichappi bands are suitable for everyone. Children under ten can also use it with parental supervision.

There are many benefits of wearing a snappichappi band including:

  • Waterproof band means no post-swimming top-ups
  • Lasts the length of the average family holiday
  • Lightweight to wear and easy to take off

For more information, head on over to the snappichappi website.

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